BBC sex-noise culprit revealed! Notorious prankster claims responsibility for broadcasting porn audio on live TV before Liverpool FA Cup match

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BBC prank GFX
A YouTube prankster claimed he was behind the BBC accidentally broadcasting pornographic sex noises on live TV before an FA Cup match on Tuesday.
  • Goes by Jarvo69
  • Has criminal history with sporting pranks
  • Claimed responsibility in video

WHAT HAPPENED? Daniel Jarvis, who goes by Jarvo69 on social media, admitted he caused the TV controversy before Liverpool played Wolves in the FA Cup as the BBC pledged to undertake an investigation. He has more than 170,000 YouTube subscribers as of Tuesday night.

WARNING: Clip contains audio that some users may find offensive

AND WHAT'S MORE: BBC host Gary Lineker posted a picture of a device taped to the back of the set that may have produced the sex noises.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Jarvis was found guilty of criminal trespass last year after his invasion of an England cricket Test in 2021. He also has a history of making his way onto football pitches.

WHAT NEXT FOR JARVIS? He has promised a longer explanation of the prank on his social media channels. Meanwhile, it's unclear if he will face criminal investigation.