Amina insists Kenya will not dance to Fifa's tune until 'house is put in order'

3:38 PM GMT 26/02/2022
Sports CS Amina Mohamed.
The Sports CS has hit out at the world football governing body for not helping the situation in the country when they were contacted

The Minister of Sports Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohamed has hit out at Fifa for disregarding government efforts to cleanse football in Kenya, stating the former Football Kenya Federation led by Nick Mwendwa had negatively impacted the game.

The world football governing body, on Thursday, announced Kenya had been suspended after what they described as "government interference."

Fifa then went on to ask the government to reinstate the ousted office for the suspension to be lifted.

However, Amina has said that is not happening until football in Kenya has been put in order.

Why did Kenya disband FKF?

"The decision by the Government of Kenya on November 11, 2021, to disband FKF fully adhered to the Laws of Kenya; it followed a legally prescribed process and had a defined roadmap," Amina said in a statement obtained by GOAL.

"The decision was taken after it became crystal clear that the manner in which FKF was managing Kenya’s football growth and development was unsustainable and untenable. The lack of accountability for monies entrusted to it by the government and people of Kenya was raised with FKF on many occasions to no avail.

"We tried on many occasions to bring the matter which had festered for long to the attention of Fifa with no success as well. It seemed to us at times that Fifa and FKF were reading from the same book."

Football in Kenya had deteriorated at all levels in recent times, which led to a public outcry.

"The approach taken by FKF to become a law unto themselves and ignore its stakeholders, discourage our youth and make it clear that they had neither talent nor a future in football, firing and hiring of coaches in total disregard for signed contracts and the inherent conflict of interest that was always present, demanded action from somewhere and the Registrar took action anchored on our laws," she continued.

Fifa considers governments as a nuisance

The CS has further criticised Fifa for not considering governments as stakeholders and went on to insist the installed Caretaker Committee will continue with their work of restructuring football in the country.

"Apparently, Fifa does not relate to governments and stakeholders. It considers them a nuisance. Fifa however, still expects the same governments and stakeholders to fund football with no transparency and/or accountability in total disregard for national laws, institutions, values and practices," Amina continued.

"The government tried unsuccessfully to communicate with Fifa even with respect to resources that Fifa and Caf quietly give federations and which we suspected were not used as intended to no avail. It is now even suspected that in some cases there was double payment. We paid for activities and services that had already been paid for by Caf.

"We will continue cleaning up, putting systems of accountability in place as well as a draft constitution that is fully aligned to the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the FIFA statute and to good order and globally recognized values."