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90' + 5'
P. Cissé
B. Dia
K. Koulibaly
1 - 2
M. Caicedo
F. Torres
1 - 1
I. Gueye
Yellow Card
I. Sarr
Penalty Goal
0 - 1

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 434 267
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Netherlands NED Netherlands 3 2 1 0 5 1 +4 7 W D W
2 Senegal SEN Senegal 3 2 0 1 5 4 +1 6 W W L
3 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4 L D W
4 Qatar QAT Qatar 3 0 0 3 1 7 -6 0 L L L


8th Finals


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Netherlands beat Qatar 2-0 in the other group game, so Senegal finish second in Group A. They'll face the winner of Group B in the round of 16 on Sunday, and they'll find out their opponents later on today. Ecuador couldn't find the equaliser they needed and are knocked out of the World Cup.
Senegal are through to the knockout stages for the first time since 2002 with a 2-1 win over Ecuador. Sarr won a penalty just before the break when Hincapie crashed into him, and he coolly stepped up to slot it home. Ecuador pushed after the break and equalised from a corner when Caicedo tapped in from close range, but just two and a half minutes later, Senegal took the lead again. Idrissa Gueye's free-kick deflected to Koulibaly and the captain volleyed in the winner to send his side through.
90' + 7' Last chance for Ecuador to put it in the box as Plata goes long. Porozo is winding up for an overhead kick at the far post, but he catches Sabaly in the process. Senegal have a free-kick, and that should do it for Aliou Cisse's side.
P. Cissé
B. Dia
90' + 5' Senegal are bringing on a defender to help them see out this win. Dia is being helped off the field quicker by Caicedo, as Cisse comes on in his place.
90' + 5' Sarmiento whips another dangerous cross in from the left, and Porozo glances it on, but it bounces wide of the far post. Three Ecuador players end up on the ground, but the referee isn't convinced by any of those claims.
90' + 3' Galindez looks to the bench when Ecuador win a corner, but he's told to stay back for now. Sarmiento swings it into the far post and Mendy scrambles to push it wide instead of holding onto it.
90' + 1' There are six minutes of added time here. Ecuador are still pushing for the equaliser that would take them into the last 16, but they just can't pick out a good pass into the box.
89' Estupinan gets a yard on Sabaly again and this time, he picks out Sarmiento in the middle of the box. He helps it on, but his header is straight down the middle at Edouard Mendy.
87' Valencia makes a good run down the right before knocking it through for Plata. He hooks it back towards the middle, but it's behind his three team-mates in the box and Koulibaly comfortably clears his lines.
J. Porozo
A. Preciado
85' Fourth change for Ecuador now as Preciado is replaced by Porozo.
84' Caicedo is the youngest player to score for Ecuador in a World Cup match (21y 27d).
82' CLOSE! A loose touch from Hincapie bounces kindly for Dieng, and he spins away from Torres before whipping a shot towards the near post. It's always curling away though and it flies wide.
81' Ecuador finally manage to string enough passes together to get out of their own half and Estupinan loops an early cross in. It's too high for Reasco though and Koulibaly clears it behind him.
79' Senegal are taking their time over every throw-in and set-piece that they win now as they attempt to see out this win. They win another corner, which Jakobs whips in, but it's too deep.
77' SAVE! It's a clever bit of play from Sarmiento as he dribbles past two defenders on the right to clip it into the far post. Preciado nods it into Plata, who gets it out of his feet before drilling it straight at Mendy.
B. Dieng
I. Ndiaye
75' And Ndiaye also goes off, with Bamba Dieng replacing him.
N. Mendy
P. Ciss
74' There's a double change for Senegal now. Ciss is the first to make way, with Nampalys Mendy on in his place.
72' Sabaly and Estupinan are both down after a clash of heads and need treatment. They're back on their feet quickly though, and will be able to carry on.
K. Koulibaly
70' KOULIBALY SCORES! And just like that, Senegal are back in front! Idrissa Gueye steps up to the free-kick he won and swings a wonderful delivery into the box. It bounces off Torres' shoulder and straight to Koulibaly. He's unmarked and fires a wonderful volley straight past Galindez. 2-1 Senegal!
69' As things stand, Senegal are on their way out of the tournament, and they know it as they push forward with purpose. Idrissa Gueye bursts down the right and wins a free-kick.
F. Torres
67' Torres has a quick glance at his defender before darting in front of him to get the flick-on to Caicedo.
M. Caicedo
67' CAICEDO EQUALISES! It's a huge goal for Ecuador! It's a great delivery from Plata on the corner and Torres rises highest to flick it on in the middle of the crowded box. Caicedo is unmarked at the far post, and is being played onside by the man on the line, and he slots it into the back of the net. 1-1!
I. Gueye
Yellow Card
66' Idrissa Gueye clumsily crashes into Preciado, and it's a costly challenge as it results in a booking that will see him miss the next game if Senegal get through.
D. Reasco
M. Estrada
64' Estrada has struggled to have any sort of impact on this game, and he's replaced by Reasco.
62' Ecuador just can't get hold of the ball at the moment and Sarr wins another free-kick to ease the pressure on his team-mates. It's a poor delivery from Pape Gueye though and Ecuador clear their lines.
60' Mendy goes long with a free-kick and Sarr wins another one after being tripped by Preciado. Jakobs swings another good cross into the middle, but Hincapie heads it away.
58' CHANCE! Estupinan is pushing higher upfield and he lifts a great cross onto the penalty spot from the left. Estrada stoops to get his head to it, but can't direct it on target as it bounces wide.
56' Ecuador are moving the ball around much quicker than in the first half, but they're still struggling to get it into the box. Sarmiento goes for the big switch out to Preciado, but Jakobs is there to cut it out.
54' Senegal have had four different scorers at the 2022 World Cup, their joint-most in a single edition of the tournament along with 2002 (Papa Bouba Diop, Henri Camara, Khalilou Fadiga and Salif Diao).
52' Senegal attempt to break on the counter, with Sarr breaking down the left again. Torres tracks him all the way though and is able to cut out his run.
50' Ecuador win another free-kick, this time down the left, and Preciado swings a deep cross into the box. It's over everyone in the middle though, and it bounces harmlessly wide.
48' Ecuador have made a bright start to the second half, and they're keeping Senegal penned back in their own half. Cifuentes finds a pocket of space on the edge of the box, but his low shot is straight at Mendy.
46' Senegal get us back underway for the second half!
J. Cifuentes
C. Gruezo
46' And Gruezo is also taken off, with Cifuentes replacing him.
J. Sarmiento
A. Franco
46' There's a double change for Ecuador at the start of the second half as they look to get back into the game. Franco is the first to make way, with Sarmiento on for him.
As things stand, Senegal are through to the round of 16 as group runners-up, with Netherlands currently beating Qatar 1-0 in the other group game. Cisse will be looking for a compact performance after the break to see this through. Ecuador can't sit back now though, as they need a goal to give themselves a chance of progressing.
Sarr's penalty gives Senegal a 1-0 lead over Ecuador at half-time. It's a deserved lead for the African side, who pushed for a goal from the first whistle. Idrissa Gueye and Ndiaye both sent chances wide before Senegal were awarded a late penalty when Hincapie crashed into Sarr. He stepped up to take the resulting spot-kick and coolly slotted it home.
45' + 5' Valencia's frustration gets the better of him as he goes across to push Sabaly, who was trying to keep the ball in play. Valencia then goes down holding his knee, but there was no contact from the right-back and it's a strange decision from the Ecuador captain to go down and waste time.
45' + 3' Senegal break quickly on the counter and it's another greatd delivery from Jakobs on the left. Ndiaye brings it down with a great first touch, but Torres flies forward to block his shot.
45' + 1' Into the first of six added minutes here, and Ecuador are pushing upfield straight from the kick-off. They're sloppy on the ball though, and Gruezo's throughball is straight at Idrissa Gueye.
I. Sarr
Penalty Goal
44' SARR SCORES! It's cool as you like from the man that won the penalty! He takes a slow run-up to the spot, stuttering it as he stares down the goalkeeper. He coolly slots it into the bottom right corner, leaving Galindez static in the middle of his line. 1-0 Senegal!
42' PENALTY TO SENEGAL! Preciado is beaten by the bounce and Sarr is chasing the ball into the box. He knocks it on with a clever first touch and Hincapie crashes into him with a late challenge. The referee has no doubts as he points straight to the spot.
40' Sarr stretches to keep hold of the ball and just catches Caicedo's foot in the process. The midfielder stayed down to receive treatment, but he's able to carry on.
38' It's lovely link-up play from Senegal in the box as Sarr plays a one-two with Dia to try and open up space. Hincapie reads it well though and he makes a vital block.
36' Senegal win a free-kick down the right and Jakobs swings another dangerous cross into the box. Ciss rises highest to flick a header on, but it loops onto the roof of the net.
34' Senegal are still struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment. Valencia tries to take it around Koulibaly down the left, but it's a perfectly-timed tackle from the defender to stop him.
32' Ecuador are happy to just keep possession in front of Senegal. They're in no hurry to push upfield and are coping well with Senegal's press.
30' There's news coming in from the other game that Netherlands have taken the lead against Qatar. If things stay like that, it means that Senegal definitely have to win to reach the last 16.
28' It's more good play from Senegal down their left as Sarr curls another dangerous cross into the middle. Ndiaye sticks out a leg but can't make contact and it bounces through to Galindez.
26' The game has settled after a slightly frantic start, and Ecuador are patiently trying to work it out from the back. Senegal are staying compact to stop them from getting into the box.
24' CHANCE! It's great work from Sarr to keep the ball in play after leaving Preciado on the floor, and he cuts inside from the left before having a go. He curls it towards the far top corner, but a deflection helps it wide.
22' Again, Ecuador look to their right side to make something happen and Plata tries to tee up Valencia through the middle. He has two Senegal defenders around him though, and it's cleared away.
20' It's a heavy tackle from Sarr on Preciado, and the right-back has stayed down. He needs treatment after twisting his knee during the collision, but he'll be carrying on for now.
18' Idrissa Gueye's persistence manages to win Senegal a corner and Jakobs goes across to swing it in. It's too close to Galindez though and he gets good distance on his punch.
16' Senegal have won both of their previous meetings with Ecuador in all competitions, winning friendly matches in May 2002 (1-0) and December 2005 (2-1).
14' Franco finds himself in a pocket of space down the right, but his cross deflects off Jakobs on the way into the box. Valencia wants it more and gets to it in front of Koulibaly, but a heavy touch gifts it to Mendy.
12' CLOSE! Ecuador are caught out again here and Senegal are getting a lot of joy down their right side. Ndiaye cuts inside, leaving Estupinan behind and he tries to curl his shot into the far top corner, but it's just wide.
10' Ecuador win a free-kick in midfield, and it's a long way out, but Valencia is shaping to shoot. He keeps it low, drilling it under the wall, but it pinballs through the crowd on the edge of the box and Diallo clears.
9' CHANCE! Senegal have made a really bright start and Sabaly intercepts a clearance before cutting inside from the right before sliding it to Dia on the penalty spot. He drags at the shot though, sending it wide of the far post.
7' Galindez goes long to Estrada and Diallo's attempted clearance hits the back of the forward's head and bounces into the box. Valencia was caught on his heels though and couldn't reach it in time.
5' Senegal are on the charge down the left again, but this time, Galindez rushes out to close down Sarr. He just gets there before the winger knocks it round him and hooks it out of play so he can get back to his line.
3' GREAT CHANCE! Jakobs gets in front of Preciado before squaring it across the box to the far post. Idrissa Gueye is unmarked as he runs onto it, but he fires his first-time shot wide.
2' Ecuador are trying to make a quick start as they push upfield and Gruezo looks for Valencia through the middle. There's not enough on it though and Koulibaly cuts it out.
1' Estrada gets the game underway for Ecuador!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
If they avoid defeat, Ecuador will qualify for the knockout stages of the World Cup for just the second time in their history, also doing so in 2006. It would also be the first time they've gone through an entire group stage unbeaten.
Aliou Cisse makes three changes to the side that beat Qatar last time out. Ciss, Pape Gueye and Ndiaye are all brought in, and Sarr makes his 50th appearance for Senegal. Nampalys Mendy, Diatta and Diedhiou start on the bench.
Gustavo Alfaro makes just two changes from the draw with Netherlands on Friday, and the big news is that their star man, Valencia, is fit to start after being stretchered off in that game. Franco and Gruezo both come in. Porozo drops to the bench, while Sebas Mendez is suspended.
SENEGAL SUBS: Seny Dieng, N'Diaye Moussa, Mamadou Loum, Famara Diedhiou, Formose Mendy, Nicolas Jackson, Krepin Diatta, Alfred Gomis, Fode Ballo-Toure, Moustapha Name, Nampalys Mendy, Pape Sarr, Pape Abou Cisse, Bamba Dieng.
SENEGAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Edouard Mendy; Youssouf Sabaly, Kalidou Koulibaly, Ismail Jakobs, Abdou Diallo; Pathe Ciss, Pape Gueye; Iliman Ndiaye, Idrissa Gueye, Ismaila Sarr; Boulaye Dia.
ECUADOR SUBS: Robert Arboleda, Jeremy Sarmiento, Jackson Porozo, Djorkaeff Reasco, Angel Mena, William Pacho, Jose Cifuentes, Ayrton Preciado, Alexander Dominguez, Romario Ibarra, Xavier Arreaga, Wellington Ramirez, Kevin Rodriguez, Diego Palacios.
ECUADOR STARTING XI (4-3-3): Hernan Galindez; Angelo Preciado, Felix Torres, Piero Hincapie, Pervis Estupinan; Alan Franco, Carlos Gruezo, Moises Caicedo; Gonzalo Plata, Michael Estrada, Enner Valencia.
Both teams are still in with a chance of qualifying for the last 16. Ecuador will go through if they avoid defeat here today after comfortably beating Qatar before drawing with Netherlands last time out. They can top the group with a win, assuming it's by a greater margin than a Netherlands victory against Qatar in the other group game. As for Senegal, they bounced back after losing their opening game with a 3-1 win over the hosts. They must win to progress, though a draw could be enough if the Dutch lose to Qatar by three goals or more.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Group A meeting between Ecuador and Senegal at the Khalifa International Stadium!