'Mudryk 007'd be a cheat code at Arsenal’, ‘100m to eat the bench’, 'Why's he not on the pitch?'

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Mykhailo Mudryk Chelsea 2022-23
Mykhailo Mudryk: Supporters believe the Ukraine wideman sums up Chelsea’s recent failures under Graham Potter.
  1. Potter needs to play him

    For supporter Darlington Chikwavira, Mudryk is one of several players who the beleaguered Potter needs to fast-track to his starting XI.

    “Potter needs to play Kante, Mudryk and Mendy to break his jinx,” he wrote. “Relegate Mount, Gallagher, Sterling and Ziyech to have a focused peace of mind.”

    Would this kind of reshuffle truly improve Chelsea’s fortunes?

  2. Mount in is disgusting

    Jadon Pholoana also opted to take aim at England international Mount.

    “Mount instead of Mudryk or Madueke,” he wrote. “Disgusting.”

    @ESGAFC agreed.

    “All these transitions and space,” he wrote, “why is Mudryk not on the pitch? Potter’s having a howler.”

    “Mount before Madueke and Mudryk,” wrote @TheBigChairman4, “Potter yeah, you have to go.”

  3. Game suits Mudryk

    He wasn’t the only supporter who believed that the London Derby—and Spurs’ advanced wing-backs—represented the perfect opportunity for Mudryk to demonstrate his class.

    “This game probably suits Mudryk the most,” wrote @IYIono, “with how much space is being left behind when Emerson pushes up.”

    The Ukraine wideman was eventually introduced in the 82nd minute, with Chelsea 2-0 down.

  4. 007 loading

    “10 minutes for Mudryk today,” wrote @harveyson_ “It means we’re getting closer to 007.”

    @Simply_A_Menace was also left disappointed with his late cameo.

    “They benched Mudryk so he doesn’t catch that ‘007’ heat,” he wrote.

  5. Is he too good for his teammates?

    “Mudryk and Felix are so skilful,” wrote Alan Sithole, “that some of their skills even dribble their teammates.”

    Maybe this is why Potter is reluctant to use him…!?

  6. Let him take on Royal

    Let him take on Royal

    Once Emerson Royal was booked, many Chelsea fans spotted that Potter was missing a major opportunity to make life tricky for the Brazilian wideman.

    “I’d love to see Mudryk coming on to take on Emerson Royal who’s on a yellow,” wrote Bongani Dlamini. “Disappointed that we are not pressing and not creating enough chances.”

  7. Arsenal should have signed him

    Arsenal should have signed him

    Will the Ukraine wideman regret choosing Chelsea ahead of Arsenal, who were also understood to be keen on his services?

    “Mudryk under Arteta would be the ultimate cheat mode,” wrote @jide_o.

    Hard to argue that the winger would be doing worse at the Emirates Stadium!

    “Mudryk should be playing for Mikel Arteta’s tricky reds,” added @Phaka_T.

  8. Questionable decision

    The sentiment was echoed by Thabang Ncube.

    “Poor Mudryk,” he wrote. “Must be wondering why he chose Chelsea.”

    Certainly, his decision comes under increasing scrutiny.

    “Mudryk was done dirty by the Chelsea move,” wrote @Kabiba_78. “The kid wanted Arsenal so bad.”

  9. 100m to eat the bench

    This comment from @UCTDropout went right to the heart of the frustration aimed at Mudryk.

    “100m for Mudryk to eat the bench?” he questioned. “This Chelsea demise gets better with time.”