Jose Mourinho is a 'f*cking disgrace'! Reckless Roma coach is responsible for disgusting abuse of referee Anthony Taylor

Jose Mourinho Roma Europa League final HIC 16:9Getty

In scenes more reminiscent of WWE than football, Jose Mourinho waited around in the car park at the Puskas Arena on Wednesday night to verbally attack Anthony Taylor, with the Portuguese - who is 60 years of age - labelling the referee and his assistants "f*cking crooks", and their handling of Roma's Europa League final loss to Sevilla a "f*cking disgrace".

The following day, Taylor and his visibly terrified family were angrily confronted by Roma fans while trying to board a flight out of Hungary. Those supporters are obviously as ignorant as they are pathetic, and each and every single one of them should be held accountable for their actions.

But so too should Mourinho. The fans were obviously operating over their own free will but there is simply no denying that they were mirroring the behaviour of Roma's manager, coaching staff and players the night before - and over the past two years.

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