‘Guinea fowl beat Super Chickens’, ‘They were Super Pigeons today’, ‘Most useless team on the planet?’ - Nigeria vs Guinea-Bissau gets furious response

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Victor Osimhen & Samuel Chukwueze, Nigeria
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Nigeria fans didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after Friday’s defeat by Guinea-Bissau.
  1. Battle of the poultry

    Iyawo Bruno had us chuckling with this one: “Guinea fowl beat Super Chicken’.


  2. Super Pigeons?
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    Super Pigeons?

    Nwudu Austin doesn’t even think ‘Super Chickens’ was appropriate after that display…

    “I know how angry and disappointed Nigerians are, especially those that did betting,” they began. “To be frank with you, I stopped watching Super Chicken games long time ago.

    “But today, they flew up a bit, they were Super Pigeons today,” he continued. “They need more time to blend together.”

  3. Most useless on the planet

    @ToolzSmart didn’t hold back with their criticism: “Super Eagles abi Super Chicken are the most useless team on the planet,” they began, “I think NNF should not pay this set of players, when they get to their club side [they] play well if they feel they don't want for play for Nigeria, then we can use our homebased players.”

    Would an all-star NPFL team have performed better against Guinea-Bissau?

  4. Close to the bone

    This one from @KwekuSterling3 was a little close to the bone…

  5. I don’t want them to qualify

    @KopabariRN is even hoping Nigeria don’t make the Africa Cup of Nations, in order for the NFF to recognise their failings.

    “Keep giving Nigerians reasons to be pessimistic about this failing Super Chicken,” he began. “Always losing is now our pride.

    “I pray we even fail to qualify for Afcon, so the lame NFF can be ashamed for once.”

  6. Bye bye Peseiro?

    Fatunke Oludare was one of several supporters who believe that the defeat should spell the end for Jose Peseiro.

    “I think it’s high time this Super Eagles coach Peseiro gets fired,” he started. “The team played without any technicality just bunch of Super Chickens.”

  7. Turn to local coaches

    Turn to local coaches

    “This Peseiro guy is a joke!” exclaimed @SunnyIrums. “We have better homebased coaches here in Nigeria far better than this clown!”

    Could the cream of the NPFL have done a better job than the head coach?

  8. He just sacked himself

    He just sacked himself

    For @Yacham1, the Eagles’ loss surely spells the end for the head coach.

    “Peseiro has just sacked himself,” he observed. “He had 90 minutes to defend, he couldn't. He had 90 minutes to score against a lowly rated team but couldn't.

    “His highest point of the game is the referee, man can't even evaluate his team's performance.”

  9. NFF must move

    “This Peseiro is a mistake of a coach,” echoed @AbbeyShittu4. “He better be sacked before he finishes our football.

    “The same thing applies to the Super Falcons coach, these guys are just not good enough for our national teams.”

  10. Not getting the best out of Osimhen
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    Not getting the best out of Osimhen

    Nwachukwu Samuel believes that one of Peseiro’s greatest crimes is not setting up the Eagles in a way to get the best out of Victor Osimhen, who’s been in such sensational form for Napoli.

    “Someone has to let Nigeria coaches and their technical directors know that the use of two midfielders will make the back line suffer,” he wrote. “A 4-4-2 formation…why not make use of the 4-3-3 that would suit the striker Osimhen?”

    Does Osimhen deserve better than Peseiro and his current set-up?

  11. Midfield and pitch are to blame

    Midfield and pitch are to blame

    @Infonaija_247 has identified four players who—they believe—should never be invited to an international camp again, and opted to blame the pitch and the midfield, rather than the head coach or Osimhen.

    “Chukwueze, Francis Uzoho, Iheanacho and Ahmed Musa should not be called up to the Super Eagles again,” they began. “For those criticizing Victor Osimhen, please take a good look at the Nigerian midfield, it is nothing to write home about.

    “To make matters worse, the Abuja pitch is not up to par.”

  12. Abuja: Never again

    Numerous fans were in agreement that this should be the last game the Eagles ever play on the Abuja turf.

    “Why can’t we win, and visiting teams come to Abuja to beat us every time?” asked Isaac Akonmoyede. “Are we not supposed to understand the pitch better than opposing team since we train more on it?”

    @Ogchristophers was in complete agreement.

    “The pitch in Abuja is so bad, I thought they were playing on beach sand,” he wrote. “And na we be giants of Africa in football.”