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Gaston Sirino for Bafana Bafana? ‘Rubbish!’ – Fans dismiss Jordaan’s idea for Mamelodi Sundowns forward

4:36 PM GMT 24/12/2022
Gaston Sirino, Mamelodi Sundowns, March 2022
The majority of the supporters are against the idea that the Uruguayan should play for South Africa

After Safa president Danny Jordaan hinted Gaston Sirino could play for Bafana Bafana, fans have dismissed the call as one that is not necessary.

On January 17, 2023, the Uruguayan would have been in South Africa for five years since he joined Mamelodi Sundowns in 2018, and this makes him eligible for South African citizenship.

Although the FA president hinted that the winger, 31, could be allowed to play for the national side, he affirmed that only coach Hugo Broos can make that decision.

Jordaan’s suggestion has divided fans right down the middle, with some arguing why the Masandawana star should consider switching allegiance while others say he would bring no substantial improvement for Bafana.

  • Gaston Sirino Themba Zwane


    Rubbish! We do have many Sirinos in this country. Jordaan must just revive the School of Excellence.

    You can only use players that want to be South Africans, but not approach them as if we don't have players in the country. - @Kgapu2

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns Marcelo Allende

    Get Sirino

    First World countries do it all the time, if the skill is missing from within, they hunt and do anything necessary to acquire such a skill.

    Safa just do the right thing, get Sirino in. - @JezzaMaqasa

  • Danny Jordaan, Safa, October 2022

    Jordaan running out of ideas

    Sirino is not even a dead starter for Sundowns, so in what universe is he good enough to play for Bafana Bafana? Danny Jordaan has run out of ideas, he should go into retirement. - @Porbosky_ZA

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Nothing special

    Nothing special about Sirino. He can play for Uruguay if there is something special about him - @kamo_Gelo93

  • Peter Shalulile, Mamelodi Sundowns, September 2022

    Consider Shalulile

    We must also lobby for Peter Shalulile's citizenship.

    We might just have a chance to qualify for the 2026 World Cup with these dynamic players. Our SA boys are too spoilt and need a challenge to show their hunger to play at the highest level. - @mmeshi

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Bad idea

    This will be absolutely bad for South African football. I understand we are already bad, but this will just be worse.

    When will it end? If we go this route, how many foreign players will we end up with on the national team? - @KAYG33_Tom_Pane

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Interesting debate

    The issue of Sirino is very interesting. The question is? Did Sirino feature at Uruguay U17 or U20? I don't think Laceleste know about Sirino.

    If Sirino is good player, why did [he] not play for a Nacional or Penarol, let alone Defensor? We do have better players than Sirino. - @AaronThemba2

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Old for Bafana

    Perhaps if Sirino were 23 then absolutely yes, he should play for Bafana Bafana, but he is 31.

    What good would that be for Bafana Bafana? I mean, surely, the coach should be building a team that would compete in the 2026 World Cup. - @zamani_kuzwayo

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Don’t drag legs

    I'd also support the idea of calling him, that's is modern football. We mustn't drag our legs, we are already behind.

    However, we have a lot of quality players overseas who must be given a chance as well, let's blend these qualities then we'll go top again. - @LukeNavy1

  • Gaston Sirino Mamelodi Sundowns.

    Bafana need all good players

    We've seen what African players have achieved for European countries.

    While we have political views about that, we mustn't allow shortsightedness to make us reject eligible players, be it Sirino or any other player. We need all the good players we can get. - @Setlago_Monare