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'Firmino omission from Brazil squad big mistake, World Cup not for boys' - Fans

10:45 AM GMT 09/11/2022
Roberto Firmino frustrated Brazil
The 31-year-old forward was overlooked by the coach for the global competition set for the Gulf nation from November 20

Supporters in Africa have predicted Brazil coach Tite will regret his decision to snub Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino for the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

While naming his squad, Tite overlooked the 31-year-old Firmino, who has been part of the Selecao squad for four years and preferred among others Richarlison, Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus, Raphinha and Rodrygo.

Below is how fans reacted on social media following the decision by the 61-year-old Tite.

  • Tite Brazil 2022

    Tite will regret

    Yes!!!!!!!!. Bobby Firmino's exclusion from the squad is a big mistake, Tite will regret it. - Isiaq Ade Hassan. - Isiaq Ade Hassan

    The coach will definitely regret it. The World Cup is not for small boys. Experience matters more at the Fifa World Cup. It's not U21 where vigour and talents only count. - SaintKing Agbo

  • Gabriel Jesus Arsenal 2022-23

    Jesus better than Firmino

    No one carries a squad based on current form. They carry a proven squad that has chemistry... by the way what special thing has he [Firmino] done? Gabriel Jesus is currently better than him and Richarlison played more qualifiers and scored more for Brazil than him... - Nyam Fidelis

  • Roberto Firmino Brazil react

    Firmino deserved to go

    Richarlison or whoever was not to go ahead of Firmino. Firmino gives you what Tottenham's outside striker can't. The only thing he is above Firmino is outsides. He knows how to be outside always. - Amb Kerkulah P Nyeleker

  • Roberto Firmino Liverpool Leeds 2022-23

    Firmino absence will impact Brazil

    Bobby not being in the squad for Brazil may have an effect on the team. Bobby isn't a real goal-threat but can be a game changer for you, he will surely drop behind and let the rest of the team play their game. He is a player every team/country needs. - Abdul Mujeeb

  • Raphinha Brazil Paraguay 2022

    What has Raphinha done?

    Why don't we question Raphinha selection? What has Raphinha done to deserve the call up? He should have been dropped for Bobby. If stats are anything to go by, I see no reason why Bobby should be left out. - Abbas Nasiru

  • Neymar Tunisia Brazil 2022

    Brazil not ready for World Cup

    Brazil just don't want to win this World Cup, personalities will show in this World Cup, players with bigger egos will show it, I just feel for Bobby, he deserved to be called up. - Benedict Raphael

  • Richarlison Brazil Olympics

    Firmino better than Richarlison

    No doubt about Martinelli but Firmino is better than Richarlison and Antony when it comes to creating good chances and excellent schemes in the box to produce results. Everyone knows Roberto Firmino is ahead of both. - Vincent Onemu Andrew

  • Gabriel Martinelli brazil

    Tite was right

    Tite is a wise guy because the understand of Martinelli and Jesus playing in the same club is a big advantage not just goals! Every coach need a team that read their team mates quickly, and such opportunities in a national level is rarely seen where two attackers in club level found themselves in the same country! Is really a big advantage. So that's the right decision. - Linus Daniel

    Check Bobby’s record for Brazil and you will know Tite is right. - Olumide Abiodun Akinyemi

  • Antony Brazil 2021

    Antony should have missed out

    I'm a Liverpool fan but I think Martinelli inclusion is justified, he has been playing well just like Bobby... the obvious person to have missed out based on club form is Richarlison but I understand Tite wasn't sure about that because Richarlison has been scoring for Brazil in recent matches.

    So since Firmino has done better than all the three in club level and better than Antony for Brazil and Martinelli is doing better than Antony in club level... Antony should have been the one to rightly miss out. - Matt Daniel

  • Tite convoca o Brasil para a Copa do Mundo 2022, 07112022

    Tite can't take all players!

    The coach won't take all the players, Brazil 🇧🇷 has abundance of talent, some of us are all talking about Firmino because we watch and see him week in and week out in the EPL, believe me that there are so many other Brazilian players better than him who are not as opportune as he is to be exposed to the World, so in this aspect his luck didn't shine, the coach won't have anything to regret.

    That he is playing for Liverpool or scoring goals recently does make him better than others, this is the national team and some players do well in their club than their national teams... - Smart Eric