'They're invading our sacred moment!' - Unai Simon rages against TV cameras in dressing rooms in La Liga this season

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  • La Liga introduces dressing room cameras
  • Unai Simon unhappy
  • Calls it uncomfortable

WHAT HAPPENED? The start of the new football season has been marked by certain changes in the way matches are televised on television in La Liga. One of the most talked-about has been the installation of cameras in the locker rooms of teams that requested it in exchange for financial compensation. Bilbao is one of them, and Simon was not pleased with the change calling it an invasion of players' preparations.

WHAT THEY SAID: "I have always experienced the locker room as something personal, private, for us. When you go out to a game, you need rituals, concentration, and people you feel comfortable with. Seeing cameras that are recording how you wear the shin guards or tie the boots, maybe you don't want anyone to find out. Or you're praying to a saint, I don't know!"

"I don't like it, I don't feel comfortable. It seems to me that it is our sacred moment and I feel that someone is invading it." "The players have many hobbies that we don't want to come to light," he suggested.

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: While Simon is unhappy with the change, his club has already signed on with La Liga to grant them access to the dressing room in exchange for financial compensation of €13 million. In the league, only Real Madrid have denied the opportunity from La Liga.


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WHAT NEXT? Simon's Athletic Club will next face off against Osasuna in their second game of the season having lost the opener to Real Madrid at home.