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Nasser Al Khater - Perceptions about Qatar will change after 2022 World Cup

16:43 BST 30/03/2022
Nasser Al Khater; Qatar
The high-ranking Qatar official has welcomed fans from all backgrounds to Qatar during the World Cup...

The excitement for the 2022 World Cup is building steadily all over the world, especially with the official draw for the tournament set to be held in Doha on April 1.

After the likes of Senegal and Portugal sealed their berths in the 2022 World Cup on Tuesday, 27 out of the 32 spots have been filled.

And Nasser Al Khater, CEO of the 2022 World Cup, is looking forward to the draw that will determine the groups and the knockout round paths for the World Cup.

"You look at how the city looks right now. People are excited about the draw on April 1. National team representatives are beginning to arrive. There is a lot of excitement. This is just a small taste of what people can expect at the World Cup," he told Reuters.

"I don’t like to check how many days we have left for the World Cup. We still have a lot of work to do but I’d like to assure everybody that we are on track," Al Khater asserted.

With fans from all over the world expected to pour into Qatar, Al Khater feels that the World Cup is a great opportunity to give them a taste of what Qatar is all about. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) official feels that world's opinion about Qatar will change for the better after the World Cup.

"I believe so (perceptions will change). I think the perceptions about this region are a little bit skewed. I’m sure those perceptions will change the minute people visit the country."

Al Khater was also confident that fans from even Europe's coldest countries will find Qatar enjoyable during November and December when the World Cup will be held. He feels Qatar has a lot to offer fans from all over the world.

"I expect fans that are travelling here for the first time, especially from the cold countries in western and northern Europe, will enjoy the weather here in November and December. People will also enjoy the different things we have on offer - nice beaches, good food, a lot of entertainment," he stated.

Al Khater also stressed on the fact that Qatar is a safe country that will welcome fans from all backgrounds during the World Cup.

"I know there’s a lot of apprehension but there’s no need for that. Qatar is the safest country in the middle-east and the second safest in the world. There’s a reason for that. We want fans to feel comfortable here, we welcome all fans and we are excited about the World Cup."