Luis Rubiales sends video to FIFA appearing to show Jenni Hermoso joking with Spain team-mates about World Cup kiss amid investigation into his conduct

Jenni Hermoso RubialesGetty

Rubiales has been at the centre of a firestorm of controversy in Spain since the Women's World Cup final, which his country won 1-0.

After the victory over England, Rubiales grabbed and kissed Hermoso without her consent.

She said afterwards that she did not enjoy the kiss, while 81 players have since claimed that they will not play for Spain until Rubiales is dismissed. In a bizarre twist, his mother is now on hunger strike, demanding that Hermoso "tell the truth" about what happened.

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Rubiales has consistently claimed that the kiss was "consensual". An investigation into his conduct is ongoing.

Now, new footage has emerged from the Spanish team bus appearing to show Hermoso laughing at social media memes generated from the kiss. She seems to show off a screen grab of the infamous incident, alongside a picture of Iker Casillas kissing reporter Sara Carbonero after the La Roja men's team won the 2010 World Cup.

Rubiales was then filmed getting onto the bus, and the team seemed to sing the word 'beso', which means 'kiss'.

He has been suspended by FIFA but the president of the Spanish federation has now sent the video to the organisation as he seeks to defend himself, per El Espanol.

The story has dominated the news cycle in Spain, and it remains to be seen how FIFA will respond to Rubiales sending the video to them.