'It was a wall' - Tottenham boss Conte blasts Covid-19 meeting with Premier League

The Spurs boss felt the league had no interest in hearing concerns from its managers

Antonio Conte has slammed the Premier League's meeting with its managers over Covid-19 concerns, saying it felt like he and other head coaches were talking to a wall.

Amid an ongoing surge of cases fuelled by the Omicron variant, the league sat down with managers on Thursday to discuss the situation.

But, after the Premier League decided against a pause in fixtures earlier in the week, Conte said the meeting was a waste of time.

What was said?

“Some coaches tried to speak to ask about solutions but I think everything was decided and yesterday was a wall," Tottenham manager Conte told reporters on Friday.

“For this reason also, I prefer not to go into the discussion or conversation.”

When asked if the meeting was a waste of time, Conte replied: “I think so.

“Because as I said before, when you have a wall in front of you, you can speak or ask what you want. But every decision was [already] taken.”

The current Covid-19 crisis

To date, there have been 13 Premier League fixtures that have been postponed in the past two weeks amid outbreaks among several teams.

Most recently, the league's Boxing Day fixture list was reduced by three matches, with Liverpool vs Leeds, Wolves vs Watford and Burnley vs Everton all called off.

Conte's Tottenham side saw two games postponed in recent weeks as an outbreak hit their dressing room, but their Boxing Day match against Crystal Palace is set to proceed.

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