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Colombian forward killed in gun attack

18:26 BST 01/06/2018
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Two footballers were amongst a group who were shot at during a gathering on Friday, with the attack described as a 'crime of passion' by local police

Twenty-four-year-old forward Alejandro Penaranda has been confirmed dead following a gun attack in Cali, Colombia, while club-mate Heissen Izquierdo was also injured in the attack.

The Cortulua player, who was on loan from America de Cali, was reported to have been at the home of  former team-mate Cristian Alexis Borja at the time of the shooting.

Izquierdo, also of Cortulua, was injured and taken to hospital in an attack which has been described as 'a crime of passion' by local police.

"The incident took place at 12:40 local time on Friday morning, there was a party with various footballers," Metropolitan Police Commander Hugo Casos stated.

"A man came to the place asking for a woman and seconds later jumped over the wall and began to shoot the young men, leaving one dead and one injured with gunshot wounds.

"We are working on the case with the general police, seeing as it is a challenge for us to locate the motives of this killing.

"According to our preliminary investigations, the attack was aimed at Alejandro and Heissen, although the first hypothesis that we have is that a woman is involved who should have been at the party, but wasn't.

"We believe it is a crime of passion."

Penaranda began his career at Atletico Nacional before leaving for America de Cali in 2014, and eventually spending time on loan to Colombian Serie B side Cortulua.