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The best kit bags for 2022: Boot bags, duffels and holdalls fit for training and matches

16:59 GMT 24/02/2022
best kit bags
Ever wondered how to stop your football kit from getting muddy? These kit bags for any budget will help keep your gear dry and organised

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Anyone whose ever been to the gym in the rain or been caught in a storm pitchside can tell you the value of a great kit bag.

These bags can take you from training to match-day and can even double up as handy bags for travelling with. Whether you prefer a professional backpack with all the bells and whistles or just a standard sturdy holdall, there is a perfect bag out there for you.

But with so many options available, how do you know which is the right choice for you? We’ve put together the best kit bags you can get on the market today, depending on what you want out of your routine.

The kit bags included in this article

Why do you need a kit bag?

You can use any bag of any size to transport your essentials to and from matchdays or workouts, but why would you not want one that is specifically designed to help shoulder the weight?

Your old school rucksack will only go so far, a briefcase would just be bizarre and though the bag for life from the local supermarket deserves credit for being functional, it won't boast a zipper to ensure your belongings remain tucked inside.

A kit bag not only carries your essentials - it protects them against the elements too, making it a vital accessory for anyone indulging in sports.

What makes a good kit bag?

Given the wear-and-tear most kit bags will face across the course of a season, and likely several more, they are built to be durable, long-lasting creations that won't let you down.

Insulation is often vital, in order to help cut down on dampness between sweaty clothes and sodden shoes, while several other bags now come crafted in materials to protect against the weather.

Lastly, a suitable size is vital too - and while kit bags come in all shapes, something that is simple to handle is likely a must for most users.

What is the difference between kit bags and holdalls?

The most obvious difference between the two is that kit bags are traditionally smaller than holdalls - though the pair do often cross over in sizes.

Kit bags too are more traditionally used for sporting purposes, while holdalls quite often double as suitcase alternatives given their volume and may even come with retractable handles and wheels for ease of convenience.

With that in mind, here are the best kit bags that you can find on the market right now.

Best overall kit bag: Evo Fitness Duffle Bag

With such a vast range to choose from, this Evo Fitness model stands out as the best currently available - it's spacious, it's durable, it's well-equiped and it comes at an affordable price too.

Its dual-strap structure also means that it can be used as a holdall or a backpack, giving it an edge over all rivals. You can choose how you want to haul it around with minimal fuss and it's got more than enough room to back your kit and a few extras in, no problem.

Get it from Amazon for £18.99

Best budget kit bag: Kipsta Kipocket Sports Bag

There's no need to blow your budget on a sports bag as you can get a quality one from Kipsta for less than the price of a return bus ticket.

Foldable to reduce space when not in use, it comes in an attractive blue and yellow pattern, with both carry and shoulder straps to allow you to choose how you'd best like to take it around - and at 20 litres, it'll have the space to get your essentials in too.

Get it from Decathlon for £3.99

Best kit bag for boots: Adidas 3-Stripe Shoe Bag

Sometimes, the old ways are the best and this traditional, three-stripe boot bag from Adidas brings together the brand's iconic logo with a durable, recycled construction that helps give back to the environment too.

A mesh insertion helps ventilate your shoes while inside, and a simple, effective full-width zipper allows easy access to pick up and put back its contents whenever it is time to get changed and ready for action.

Get it from Adidas for £17.00

Best kit bag for the gym: Kasibon Sports Gym Bag

Want to make sure your gym clothes don't get tangled up with the sweat patches left behind by your running shoes? This gym bag from Kasibon boasts a built-in compartment perfect for keeping your trainers or boots split from the rest of your attire.

Its rounded shape gives it a multi-purpose function but mostly means that it can take the wear-and-tear of frequent gym usage with little complaint, ensuring that you'll be able to stay on top of your routine with little worry about how your bag is holding up too.

Get it from Amazon for £22.99

Best kit bag for the style: Adidas 4ATHLTS Duffle Bag

This Adidas duffle bag - with a name it might be easier to spell than say out loud - carries its international appeal across its strap, where it says the brand name in a multitude of different languages.

Its peach-hued colour and small capacity, though still big enough to get what you need in, sets it apart from the primary colour and black crowd you normally see when it comes to kit bags. It'll brighten up your life and possibly even your workout.

Get it from JD Sports for £35.00

Best kit bag for light usage: Nike Extra Small Brasilia Bag

This extra small Brasilia bag from Nike might be a little misleading in its name - it's hardly minuscule - but as a light usage option for the gym, you won't find many kit bags to rival it for quality assurance and overall performance.

Its water-resistant bottom will prevent damp seeping in when you set it down on wet surfaces, and with multiple zip pockets, its compact design belies its increased functionality away from the main body. Plus, that familiar Swoosh logo always shows you mean business.

Get it from JD Sports for £23.00

Best kit bag for a full team: Mitre Sunday League Kit Bag

Got to make sure that the whole squad is ready for action when the big game rolls around at the weekend? You won't find many better options than this whopper of a Sunday League Kit Bag from Mitre.

With a significant 110-litre capacity, not only will you be able to fill it to the brim with the usual equipment, but you can throw in all the extras you'll want too, like balls and cones. An adjustable strap helps for transportation, though you might want to hand it to the player with the broadest shoulders.

Get it from Mitre for £20.00

Best kit bag for an old-school vibe: Gola Redford Messenger Sports Bag

Put a touch of classic attitude into your kit with this sports bag from Gola - an old-fashioned throwback to the past on the surface with all the functionality you'd want from a modern sports bag.

Topped with the iconic brand crest and with a wrap-around zipper, it's the perfect accessory to show your old-school style whether you're going to the game or the gym, and delivers a functional, tidy performance too.

Get it from Amazon for £30.77

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