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21 of the best football gifts under £10

11:44 BST 29/03/2022
football gifts under 10
Looking for the perfect football gift on a budget? From bargain memorabilia to best selling books, these are the top options available.

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Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, festival, or any other occasion to buy a gift, it can be challenging to know where to look for the perfect football present for someone in your life - this is especially true when you're working on a tight budget.

The total price when shopping for gifts can add up pretty quickly, but luckily, plenty of brilliant football-related items are available at a low price.

There's memorabilia to show a love for the game, football stories that will inspire curious minds, and games to bring out a competitive streak. So, whether you're looking for a birthday gift for a parent, a present for a niece or nephew, or maybe even a treat for yourself, here are 21 of the best quirky and unique gifts available for under £10.

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Best gifts for children

1. The Most Incredible True Football Stories by Matt Oldfield

The Most Incredible True Football Stories, awarded The Telegraph's Children's Book Of The Year, is a fantastic collection of football stories. Illustrations accompany each story, with fun and fascinating tales, including the psychic octopus who could predict World Cup winners.

Get it from Amazon for £5.94


This game is excellent for any child aged six and upwards; however, it's also been designed so that the whole family can get involved. The aim is to complete your team's formation before your opponent completes theirs. This easy to learn game is perfect for weekends, and its portable nature makes it ideal for travelling.

Get it from Amazon for £7.00

3. World Football Stars Top Trumps

This version of Top Trumps features some of the biggest and most well-known faces in men's football right now - including Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Raheem Sterling and many more. Custom bios with quality player images tell you everything you need to know about the stars before battling it out with an opponent for the Top Trump title.

Get it from Amazon for £7.06

4. Mitre Scribal

The great thing about the Mitre Scriball is that it's two activities wrapped in one. First, children can colour the design on the ball with the provided pens. Once their custom design is complete, they can take the masterpiece out for a kick-about. Mitre also provides you with a pump, so you don't have to worry about sifting through your shed for one.

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

5. Orchard Toys football-themed snakes and ladders

Want a fun take on snakes and ladders? Orchard Toys gives the classic game a football twist with an excellent version that's perfect for getting the young ones and the whole family involved. Whoever scores the first goal wins, and the game can accommodate 2-4 players at a time.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

6. England Red Bear

This red England bear is perfect for the upcoming winter World Cup. It's also the perfect little partner to watch football games with when the Three Lions grace the screens. It's a light and soft toy that will make any young football fan happy.

Get it from FOCO for £8.00

7. World at your Feet by Rob Parker

Graphic artist Lawerta has charmingly illustrated this football picture book. It educates kids aged 3-10 years about 16 of football history's most important and iconic goals. The fun rhymes are enjoyable for adults, too, and it makes for perfect bedtime reading.

Get it from Amazon for £6.99

Best gifts for teenagers

8. Personalised water bottle

This customisable water bottle is the perfect gift for anyone who takes part in after-school football training or frequent trips to the park for a kick-about. You can pick the colour, font type and personalise a name on this BPA free bottle, which holds 700ml of liquid.

Get it from Etsy for £8.00

9. Football trainer belt

If you know a teenager who is starting to take football seriously and wants to refine their skills, this is the perfect piece of kit to do just that. It's an adjustable training football belt worn around the waist to practise control of the ball. It's made from a durable wetsuit material and can be used with any size 3-5 football.

Get it at Amazon for £8.99

10. You Are a Champion by Marcus Rashford

After successfully campaigning for food vouchers for school children during the coronavirus pandemic, Marcus Rashford became a household name and inspiration for many people. This book is an upbeat guide to achieving your dreams and being the best version of yourself you can be. Perfect for teenagers who love football.

Get it from Amazon for £4.99

11. Football Stars Picture Game

Football Stars is a fun picture game to test your knowledge of football players worldwide. With a 100 card player list, it's enough to keep you busy on a lazy Sunday or during long journeys. Each card has jumbled up letters that make up the player's name, and after you've made your guess, you can slide open the answer to see if it was correct.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

12. Bootclaw

There's nothing more annoying than having a football shoe full of mud and dirt after a kick-about with your friends. The easy to use Bootclaw helps to dislodge mud from the outsole and studs to keep your boots in good working order for the next game.

Get it from Amazon for £5.97

13. Heilemann milk chocolate football set

These Heilemann milk chocolate treats come in shapes that are all things football-related. A referee's whistle, football shirt, boots, a ball, and a player make up the collection which will undoubtedly go down as a hit present for football and chocolate lovers alike.

Get it from Amazon for £7.18

14. Kicking Off: Dick, Kerr Girls by Eve Ainsworth

Kicking Off: Dick, Kerr Girls is a brilliant book that helps teenagers understand the forgotten legends of the earliest women's Football Association team. It's a fictional tale about a teen who signs up to work at the munitions factory, Dick, Kerr and Co. Soon after, she finds that her life changes through football.

Get it from Amazon for £6.55

Best gifts for Adults

15. Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

Have you ever wondered about the history of the technical aspects of football and the origins of how your team's formation came about? If you have, then this book is for you. It's a great book about the history of now well-known football tactics and how they were introduced to football by some of its top managers.

Get it from Amazon for £7.80

16. PenalTea mug

Most of us love a cup of tea or coffee, so why not combine it with a passion for football with this fun little mug. It comes with a built-in goal and a mini football to practice your shooting and penalty kicks - albeit with your fingers as your feet.

Get it from Amazon for £9.55

17. Custom stadium print

Do you need to make your Zoom background snazzier for work calls or want to add a touch of your favourite sport to the home decor? If so, then these custom prints of football stadiums will do the job brilliantly. The minimalist style will blend into any wall, and the A4 size costs less than £10.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £9.95

18. The Football Quiz, Fact and Puzzle Book

The Football Quiz, Fact and Puzzle Book is a great three in one book. Whether you want a brain teaser with football puzzles, test your knowledge with a quiz or get to know some interesting facts - this book has it all. It's great for a quick break away from your desk or when you're simply looking to immerse yourself in all things football-related.

Get it from Amazon for £7.99

19. Original Chocolate Footballs retro sweets

These chocolate football sweets will be a real throwback to many people's childhoods. Now you can buy a whole jar of them made by a traditional sweet factory in Lancashire. It's the perfect treat for someone who has a sweet tooth and is a football fan.

Get them from Amazon for £8.99

20. Graphic football stadium coasters

Make your office desk or dining room table more vibrant with these custom football stadium coasters. You can customise them by simply requesting a particular stadium or naming the football club you support. The simple illustration style will be a bright reminder of the team you love.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £6.00

21. The Age of Football by David Goldblatt

Sports historian David Goldblatt's book explores how football has taken over the world. His investigation doesn't stop at elite clubs; he studies the politics driving the global game, football in Ugandan prisons, amputee football in Angola, and tackles the FIFA corruption scandal.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

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