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S. Holder
N. Danns
T. Boyd
P. Arriola
4 - 0
G. Zardes
3 - 0
T. Boyd
M. Bradley
2 - 0
P. Arriola
W. McKennie
1 - 0
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 United States USA United States 3 3 0 0 11 0 +11 9 W W W
2 Panama PAN Panama 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6 L W W
3 Guyana GUY Guyana 3 0 1 2 3 9 -6 1 D L L
4 Trinidad and Tobago TRI Trinidad and Tobago 3 0 1 2 1 9 -8 1 D L L




That's it for our live coverage of this Gold Cup match between the United States of America and Guyana! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
Next up, the United States will be out for revenge against Trinidad and Tobego, who ended the former's chance of making the 2018 World Cup, while Guyana will be hoping to get a result against Panama to keep their hopes of advancement alive.
After a slow first half, the United States turned up the pressure in the second half and wind up 4-0 winners. After just six minutes of the second half, Boyd scored to double the American's lead and really settle the match. From there, Zardes scored a header (55') and Boyd finished his second (81) to further ensure the win and all three points for their nation. The potential hamstring injury to Weston McKennie puts a bit of a damper on the celebrations but, all-in-all, this was a good performance and victory. As for Guyana, they got left behind after the break as legs tired and reinforcements meant a drop in quality. They should take pride in their performance today though and, with the chances they created, will likely be confident that they can score as they head into their next match.
90' + 3' FULL-TIME: United States 4-0 Guyana
90' + 2' Barring any late developments, this will be the biggest win recorded by the United States since the hiring of Berhalter.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
89' CHANCE! Zardes dribbles around the goalkeeper but is pulled wide by the touch. He finds Boyd who has the whole goal to aim at, only to hit the side netting rather than recording his hat-trick! How has he missed that one?
87' Zardes fouls Cox in his own third, and Guyana will have a free-kick.
S. Holder
N. Danns
85' Danns is taken off as Holder enters the fray for Guyana.
84' CHANCE! Arriola tries to repeat his first goal after a great ball in by Zimmerman, but the former drags the shot wide left of goal.
T. Boyd
81' GOOALLL!!!!! BOYD WITH A GREAT GOAL! Arriola was dragged wide left, played the ball to Boyd on the edge of the box, and the latter turned quickly and fired a shot into the top-right corner! No 'keeper was stopping that one! United States 4-0 Guyana
P. Arriola
81' Arriola has been terrific down the left for the United States today, and now picks up an assist after playing a pass back to Boyd who finished the move brilliantly.
79' Harriott tries his luck with a curling effort from outside the box that soars well above the goal and into the stand behind.
78' Clarke will continue for now, though the back-up 'keeper has begun to warm up vigorously.
77' Now Clarke, the Guyana goalkeeper, is down and grabbing his elbow.
D. Mihailovic
W. McKennie
74' The injured McKennie is replaced by Mihailovic.
74' McKennie lays on the ground gently reaching for his hamstring. Hard to tell if he's done any serious damage, but the US won't risk it and he will take no further part in this match.
73' Roldan blazes a shot way above the crossbar after running onto a loose ball in the box! He's scored those for Seattle before, but fails to do so here.
A. Jeffrey
K. Marsh-Brown
73' Jeffrey replaces Marsh-Brown for Guyana.
70' CHANCE! Marsh-Brown was played forward, took a touch outside the penalty area, and then launched a right-footed shot on target! Great effort, though it's parried away by Steffen.
67' Arriola beast his man down the left and crosses the ball in the direction of, well, no one, and it rolls out for another Guyana goal-kick.
65' It looked as though Boyd had sent in a fantastic cross from the byline, but apparently the ball had rolled behind first and it will be a goal-kick for Guyana.
C. Roldán
C. Pulisic
63' Pulisic missed a few chances in the first half, and is now withdrawn with Roldan the replacement.
W. Trapp
M. Bradley
62' Michael Bradley, who set up the second goal, is withdrawn in favour of Wil Trapp.
61' Arriola goes down in the box after being contacted by Clarke who'd come off his line, but there's no penalty shout from the American and play continues.
S. Cox
B. Beresford
58' Guyana make their first substitution as Beresford is replaced by Cox.
G. Zardes
55' GOOALLLL!!!! The United States score their third! Zardes, who seemed to be caught unaware by the ball, headed it goalward and the redirection stranded Clarke, and the ball winds up in the net! The celebration is muted as Zardes holds his face, but he's scored nonetheless! United States 3-0 Guyana
54' That goal from Boyd is one for the history books, as it's the 1000th scored by the United States.
M. Bradley
51' Bradley dribbled through the midfield, picked his head up, and then played a ball forward to Boyd who finished the chance well!
T. Boyd
51' GOOALLLL!!!! Boyd, after a great vertical ball in from Bradley, dribbled into the box, cut to the outside of his defender and struck a right-footed effort across the goalkeeper and into the bottom-left corner of goal! Terrific goal that! United States 2-0 Guyana
48' CHANCE! Marsh-Brown is found in the box with an early cross in from Harriott and the former headed it... wide of goal. That's better from Guyana though!
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
It will be interesting to see how these sides adjust in the second half. The United States will likely leave things the way they are for now, but another striker could be brought on in order to try and capitalise on all of the chances being created at the moment. Guyana, on the other hand, would likely benefit from the addition of a midfielder which would help them retain the ball a bit better in the middle of the pitch.
The United States were certainly not at their best in the first half, but do head into the half with a 1-0 lead. After having loads of shots throughout the half, they eventually managed to break the deadlock through Arriola's lovely curled strike in the 28th. While the US haven't been able to take advantage of any chances after that, it's hard to imagine them ending this match with just the one goal. As for Guyana, they have given a solid account of themselves thus far and have taken just one fewer corner than their opponents. While they have not boasted the better chances, they'll be delighted to be just one goal down and still wholly in this match.
45' + 2' HALF-TIME: United States 1-0 Guyana
45' There will be two minutes of added time.
44' CHANCE! McKennie pulls out some tricks on the byline and plays it back to Pulisic who launches the ball at goal, but it's met by the gloves of Clarke rather than the back of the net!
42' Boyd dribbles down the right wing and then tries to beat the last defender with pace, only for his touch to be a heavy one and roll behind for a goal-kick.
40' Guyana play a ball forward with the intent of finding Welshman behind the defence, but Zimmerman gets to the ball first and plays it back to Steffen.
38' Arriola cuts off the run of Dover, and the former is called for the foul.
36' Boyd was in space on the right wing and, after being closed down, kicked the ball off of Gordon for a corner.
34' The United States are slowing things down with the defenders passing the ball amongst themselves at the moment.
32' The United States have already had 10 shots in this match while Guyana have managed just one.
30' CHANCE! Another counter-attack from the US and Altidore lays the ball off to Boyd who made a late run into the box, but his shot fizzes just wide of the left goalpost!
W. McKennie
28' McKennie dribbled down the left before playing Arriola into the box, and the latter finished the chance brilliantly!
P. Arriola
28' GOOALLLLL!!!! The United States take the lead! Arriola was played in by McKennie, and the former dribbled in-field before curling in a fantastic finish into the top-right corner of the goal! You can’t say it wasn’t coming! United States 1-0 Guyana
27' CHANCE! Pulisic dribbles into the box and fires a right-footed shot from close range, but the 'keeper stands tall and parries it away!
26' CHANCE! After a ball was played in behind the defence, a pass was played into Arriola who had a chance from close range but it was blocked before it could cause Clarke any issues.
24' Now Guyana hold the ball on the left flank as Harriott muscles off all challengers. They haven't had the ball much, but have been able to get into the final third with relative ease thus far.
21' The United States have the ball in the net... oh, but it's offside! Altidore was picked out with a fantastic ball over the top, but made his run too early and the goal is chalked off!
20' Harriott dribbles into the box, dazzles Lima with some step-overs, and then wins the corner for his side.
18' Boyd tries a left-footed shot that lacked power, and misses wide left anyway. The United States are starting to take control of this match now.
16' Bradley tries a lofted pass to Boyd on the right wing that's overhit and bounces behind for a Guyana goal-kick.
14' Mild shouts for a hand-ball in the box after Pulisic drove into the opposing penalty area and tried to pass the ball in, but the referee says play on.
13' Arriola collects a long-ball and is rewarded with a heavy tackle from behind by Dover.
11' After some sloppy play in the midfield, it's the United States turn to try a corner... and their attempt won't count either as a foul is called in the box.
9' Guyana try a short corner, but the return pass caused the flag to go up ending any potential move in its tracks.
7' Lima gets called for a foul on Danns, and Guyana have a free-kick.
5' A lofted pass is hit just a touch too hard and runs away from Arriola on the left. Goal-kick to Guyana.
3' Boyd launches down the right channel and tries to chip a cross to the back post, but fails to find a team-mate.
2' For those interested, the United States are wearing all red, while Guyana don an all-yellow strip.
1' Referee Ivan Arcides Barton Cisneros blows his whistle, and this match is underway!
Both nations are out on the pitch now as the national anthems ring around Allianz Field. Not long to go until kick-off now!
Guyana lost to Haiti 3-1 last time out, and will be hoping to turn things around against the United States today. Leading the line for Golden Jaguars is former MLS and USL striker Emery Welshman, who has scored four goals in the last five matches for his country. He’s not the only Guyanese player that has played in the United States though, as Dover (Pittsburgh) and Beresford (Peach Tree City) both currently ply their trade in USL leagues. Time will tell if these three, or any other players for Guyana can score today, but the odds aren’t exactly stacked against them as the Yanks have failed to keep a clean sheet in any of their last three matches.
The United States make three changes from their disappointing 3-0 loss to Venezuela in their final Gold Cup tune-up match. Miazga, Trapp, and Roldan all drop to the bench while Bradley, Zimmerman, and Pulisic step into the starting side. The latter is, of course, the key player for the US and one of the best talents to come out of the country. Despite being just 20 years old, Pulisic is currently just a goal shy of being top-20 in all-time goals scored for the United States, and will surely be hoping to do so in today’s match.
Guyana substitutes: Pernell Schultz, Kadell Daniel, Torell Ondaan, Sheldon Holder, Kevin Layne, Quillan Roberts, Anthony Jeffrey, Samuel Cox, Daniel Wilson, Alex Murray, Ronayne Marsh-Brown, Stephen Duke-McKenna.
Guyana (4-2-3-1): Akel Clarke; Jordan Dover, Terence Vancooten, Liam Gordon, Matthew Briggs; Elliott Bonds, Keanu Marsh-Brown; Callum Harriott, Neil Danns, Brandon Beresford; Emery Welshman.
United States substitutes: Jozy Altidore, Wil Trapp, Sean Johnson, Matt Miazga, Daniel Lovitz, Jonathan Lewis, Omar Gonzalez, Cristian Roldan, Reggie Cannon, Jordan Morris, Tyler Miller, Djordje Mihailovic.
United States (4–1-4-1): Zack Steffen; Nick Lima, Aaron Long, Tim Ream, Walker Zimmerman; Michael Bradley; Christian Pulisic, Tyler Boyd, Weston McKennie, Paul Arriola; Gyasi Zardes.
Now, let’s take a look at the team news!
Guyana are making their Gold Cup debut against the United States today, which has not typically gone well for sides considering the last five nations to face the USA in their first match at this competition all lost (Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada and Belize).
Despite not being in the best of form, the United States have cause for confidence today considering they have lost just one of their 37 group stage matches at the Gold Cup.
Hello, and welcome to this Gold Cup match between the United States of America and Guyana!