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A. Long
6 - 0
P. Arriola
J. Morris
5 - 0
C. Pulisic
J. Morris
4 - 0
G. Zardes
C. Pulisic
3 - 0
G. Zardes
N. Lima
2 - 0
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 United States USA United States 3 3 0 0 11 0 +11 9 W W W
2 Panama PAN Panama 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6 L W W
3 Guyana GUY Guyana 3 0 1 2 3 9 -6 1 D L L
4 Trinidad and Tobago TRI Trinidad and Tobago 3 0 1 2 1 9 -8 1 D L L




That will do it for our live coverage of this Gold Cup match between the United States and Trinidad and Tobago! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
As for what's next for these sides, the United States will try to carry the momentum from today into their next match against Panama on Wednesday while Trinidad and Tobago will try to overturn Guyana and hope to at least exit the tournament with three points.
The United States headed into the break with the momentum of their late goal from Long (41') and they carried it right through the break and into the second half. Despite showing a fiery determination, the US wasted chance after chance until the 66th minute when Zardes scored from close range. From there, the floodgates opened with the Yanks punishing their guests with four more goals in the final 25 minutes (69', 73', 78', 90'). Some may view this win as a touch excessive but, for many American fans, they will be delighted that any potential lingering ghosts from the failure against Trinidad and Tobago in 2017 have been well and truly exorcised. As for the Trinidadians, they had bursts of involvement throughout the match, but did not have the legs to keep up with the US, especially as the game wore on, and will now be departing the tournament regardless of their final group stage result.
90' + 2' FULL-TIME: United States 6-0 Trinidad and Tobago
A. Long
90' GOOALLL!!!! That's a six-pack for the United States! McKennie had a shot from near the penalty spot parried up into the air by Philip which Long pounced on and headed into the back of an empty net! That's a brace from the central defender today! United States 6-0 Trinidad and Tobago
87' McKennie splits the defence with a pass again, this time to Cannon who tries to cut the ball back to Altidore who was waiting on the doorstep, but the ball is too close to the 'keeper and it's smothered by Philip.
J. Jones
Yellow Card
86' Jones throws his arm at the trailing Pulisic and is shown yellow for his act of aggression.
85' CHANCE! Arriola stretches his legs down the left, sits his defender on the floor with a cutback, dribbled into the box and unleashed a shot that hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced out! Oh, how close was that?!
R. Cannon
N. Lima
84' Lima, who performed well down the right today, is replaced by Cannon.
83' Jones lines up a free-kick from a dangerous position... and gets this one all wrong as it soars well above the crossbar and into the stand behind.
80' The United States have now recorded one more shot on target today (nine) than Trinidad and Tobago have managed total shots (eight).
P. Arriola
78' GOAAALLLL!!!! THE UNITED STATES SCORE THEIR FIFTH! Morris was played down the right and, much like his previous assist, played the ball across the front of goal, this time to Arriola, and the latter slotted his shot past Philip on the floor! The US have been absolutely dominant for the last 15 minutes. United States 5-0 Trinidad and Tobago
J. Morris
78' Morris picks up his second assist after being subbed on, and did so by getting to the byline before sliding his pass across the face of goal to Arriola for a tap-in at the back-post!
L. Peltier
L. Garcia
77' Peltier replaces Garcia for Trinidad and Tobago.
76' What a stretch that was with the United States scoring three goals in just 10 minutes!
J. Altidore
G. Zardes
74' No hat-trick for Zardes as he's replaced by Altidore up front.
J. Morris
73' Morris tried a shot rather than laying it off to Zardes on his right and, after his attempt was blocked, recovered the ball and poked it over to Pulisic who applied a cool finish!
C. Pulisic
73' GOOALLLL!!!! That's four of the finest for the United States! After a bit of sloppy play in the penalty area, Morris poked the ball over to Pulisic who took a deft first touch before passing the ball into the bottom-right corner! He definitely deserved a goal today, and there it is! United States 4-0 Trinidad and Tobago
71' DOUBLE SAVE! Zardes has two bites at his hat-trick after passes in from Arriola and Pulisic and the striker just couldn't find a way past Philip who refused to be beaten!
C. Pulisic
69' Pulisic drew the attention of the defence as he drifted in from the left wing, and then played a lovely reverse ball to Zardes in the box who pulled off a lovely finish!
G. Zardes
69' GOOOAAALLLL!!!! It's three for the United States! Zardes unleashes a devastating curling effort from just inside the box and buries it into the top-right corner past an outstretched Philip! Two goals in as many minutes from the Columbus Crew man! United States 3-0 Trinidad and Tobago
J. Jones
N. Lewis
68' Trinidad and Tobago make a change as Lewis is replaced by Jones.
N. Lima
66' Lima was picked out in stride by Bradley as he surged into the box and hit it over to Zardes who was standing in front of the goal mouth, and finished with ease!
G. Zardes
66' GOOALLLL!!!! The United States double their lead! Bradley chipped a ball to Lima at the back post who played it across the line to Zardes who was never going to miss from that close! Some were calling for Zardes to be dropped heading into this tournament, but all he's done is score two goals in two games! United States 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago
64' CHANCE! Arriola hits the ball from about three yards out and Philip somehow manages to flap a hand at it to keep it out! Fantastic keeping at both ends of late!
63' CHANCE! Molino received the ball on the edge of the box, turned onto his right foot, and unleashed a shot with equal parts power and curve that forced a diving save from Steffen! That was a great chance for Trinidad and Tobago!
J. Morris
T. Boyd
61' Boyd, who has been bright but not as effective today, is replaced by Morris in attack.
60' CHANCE! Garcia had loads of space to run into and was picked out by Cato! He runs into the box and unleashes a left-footed shot that slices just a bit and misses the target!
D. Cyrus
Yellow Card
58' Cyrus is shown yellow for his involvement in the altercation as well.
W. McKennie
Yellow Card
58' McKennie picks up a yellow card for his role in the infraction with Cyrus.
57' A bit of a dust-up on the near byline and a Trinidadian player is down on the pitch. Mckennie and Cyrus seemed to be in the middle of things and Zardes was shoving a bit as well.
55' CHANCE! Boyd picks the ball up in the right channel, drifts to the left, and attempts a curling effort that just misses the top-left corner of goal! The United States are knocking on the door now.
54' Boyd takes a corner that soars past everyone and Zardes has to sprint out to the byline to keep it in.
52' CHANCE! McKennie plays a brilliant ball through the defence and into the path of Arriola in the box and the latter skews his shot just wide right of goal! Zardes was trailing the play and was in space had the winger seen him!
51' Cyrus easily cuts off Boyd who had surged down the left and into the final third, and the move ends for the United States.
49' After a corner, Hackshaw tries a shot from outside the box that was always heading left of goal and never troubled Steffen.
48' Pulisic is pulled back in midfield and advantage is played as Arriola attacks down the left, but he misplaces a pass that was intended for Zardes, and the defence clears.
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
It will be interesting to see what changes are made for the second half. The United States, despite scoring, are reportedly planning on getting striker Jozy Altidore some minutes, but is it worth disrupting the current flow of the attack to bring him on? As for Trinidad and Tobago, they may be better served in the second half by sitting back, absorbing pressure, and trying to hit the US on the counter rather than trying to expand themselves.
The United States weren't exactly consistent throughout the first half, but head into break with both the momentum and the lead. After a hot start, Trinidad and Tobago got back into the match for about 20 minutes before Long scored his first ever international goal which put the US a goal up. From there until the end of the half, the Yanks pushed forward with a determination and creativity that has not been seen from the side in some time. As for the visitors, Trinidad and Tobago held their own for a good chunk of the half and had a decent chance from Hyland, but he then left injured and their possession afterward was less threatening despite being more prevalent. If they can't manage to provide more of a threat in attack, things could quickly get ugly at the other end of the pitch.
45' + 2' HALF-TIME: United States 1-0 Trinidad and Tobago
45' + 2' Lima dribbled into space in the right channel and, after no one bothered to close him down, tried his luck from distance. The ensuing effort made it quite clear why the defence allowed him to shoot from there.
45' There will be two minutes of added time.
43' The United States are surging forward now, clearly buoyed by the goal. The movement of Boyd, Pulisic, and Arriola is causing all kinds of issues for the opposing defence.
C. Pulisic
41' Pulisic's free-kick attempt was poor, but McKennie kept the ball, fed it back to the former, and this time the soon-to-be Chelsea man found Long at the back-post!
A. Long
41' GOOALLLLL!!!! The United States take the lead! Long was waiting at the back post after the free-kick and, after the initial ball in failed to make it into the box, Pulisic whipped it into the defender who finished with a picturesque diving header into the bottom-right corner! United States 1-0 Trinidad and Tobago
A. Jones
Yellow Card
39' Jones drags Pulisic back on the edge of the penalty area, and is shown yellow. The free-kick will be taken from a near perfect spot.
37' McKennie goes on a long, mazy run through the midfield before chipping the ball towards Zardes who'd had to hold his run or risk being offside. Didn't quite come off, but that's better from the States.
36' The United States players are starting to get visibly frustrated with the referee after a string of minor calls have gone against them.
34' Zardes headed a pass to Arriola that was just a little too close to the 'keeper, and Philip dove to cut out the ball and smother the chance.
32' Hackshaw is on the receiving end of an elbow as Boyd tried to cut in front of him to retrieve the ball, and Trinidad and Tobago will have a free-kick from their own penalty area.
30' Pulisic stands over a free-kick in the final third, sends it in, and hits the first defender. Wasted opportunity that.
28' End-to-end action at the moment as both sides forgo the midfield, choosing to rather launch long balls and try to beat the other side with pace.
27' Zardes and Pulisic try to break on the counter, but the latter is pulled back and the United States will have a free-kick in their own half.
25' Trinidad and Tobago are having a nice spell of play here. Can they take advantage before the tide turns once more?
23' Molino is played in down the left from a free-kick and has his cross deflected behind for a Trinidad and Tobago corner.
21' Arriola gets bulldozed by two opponents in the midfield, and the US will have another free-kick in Trinidad and Tobago's half.
19' Zardes is fouled from behind while trying to hold up play in the midfield, and the United States will have a free-kick.
K. Molino
K. Hyland
17' Molino replaces the injured Hyland for Trinidad and Tobago.
17' After the shot, Hyland goes down again, and it looks like he won't be able to continue.
16' Boyd takes a shot across his body from outside the box and hit it right into the waiting arms of Philip.
13' The United States break quickly through Boyd and Arriola with the former getting to the byline and passing it in towards the latter who just misses at the near post... but a foul is called and it wouldn't have counted anyway.
11' After his attempted strike, Hyland has limped off the pitch and is receiving a heavy dose of magic spray.
10' SAVE! Cato played the ball all the way across the box to Hyland who was trailing the play, and the latter fired his shot at Steffen who did well to get his body behind it!
8' Jones takes a free-kick from distance, having gone for goal, his attempt blazes just above the crossbar leaving Steffen scrambling. That was close!
6' Long switch out left to Cato who passed then played it in to Garcia, but the latter can't control it and the US take possession.
4' CHANCE! McKennie gets into the box, controls the ball well and cuts it back to Boyd who fizzes a shot just past the right post! Bright start here from the Yanks!
2' For those interested, the United States wear all white, while Trinidad and Tobago wear red shirts and socks, with black shorts.
1' Referee Hector Said Martinez blows his whistle, and this match is underway!
The teams are walking out on the pitch now. We're just some anthems and handshakes away from the start of this match!
Three changes from Trinidad and Tobago after their 2-0 loss to Panama in their first match against Panama. Hackshaw, Cato, and Paul come into the starting line-up while Mekeil Williams, Jamal Williams, and Molino drop to the bench. If you look at their recent matches, it becomes quite clear that goals have been the main issue for Trinidad and Tobago. In their last seven matches, the Soca Warriors have lost, and failed to score in six of them. Can they find their scoring boots today or will they go down without a whimper yet again?
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the United States make no changes from their 4-0 win against Guyana in their last match. While everyone expected Pulisic to be the focus of the attack in that match, it was the front three who got the job done with all four goals coming from Arriola, Zardes, and Boyd. Also, some good news for coach Greg Berhalter as Weston McKennie, who limped off from the last match gripping his hamstring, has seemingly escaped serious injury and starts. Can these players accomplish what they could not in 2017, and beat Trinidad and Tobago today?
Trinidad and Tobago substitutes: Duane Muckette, Greg Ranjitsingh, Shahdon Winchester, Kevin Molino, Lester Peltier, Akeem Humphrey, Jomal Williams, Mekeil Williams, Joevin Jones, Curtis Gonzales, Carlyle Mitchell, Adrian Foncette.
Trinidad and Tobago (4-2-3-1): Marvin Phillip; Alvin Jones, Daneil Cyrus, Aubrey David, Neveal Hackshaw; Khaleem Hyland, Kevan George; Nathan Lewis, Cordell Cato, Leston Paul; Levi Garcia.
United States substitutes: Djordje Mihailovic, Cristian Roldan, Daniel Lovitz, Sean Johnson, Omar Gonzalez, Jonathan Lewis, Tyler Miller, Jordan Morris, Matt Miazga, Jozy Altidore, Reggie Cannon, Wil Trapp.
United States (4-3-3): Zack Steffen; Nick Lima, Walker Zimmerman, Aaron Long, Tim Ream; Weston McKennie, Michael Bradley, Christian Pulisic; Tyler Boyd, Gyasi Zardes, Paul Arriola.
Now, let’s take a look at the team news!
Trinidad and Tobago do have the bragging rights from the CONCACAF qualifying win in 2017, but they have fared far worse against the United States in this competition, losing all three matches against the Yanks.
The United States will certainly be out for revenge against Trinidad and Tobago considering the latter’s 2-1 win in October 2017 caused the US to miss the World Cup in Russia.
Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of this Gold Cup match between the United States and Trinidad and Tobago!