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T. Kroos
0 - 1
Yellow Card
L. Modrić
Yellow Card
R. Varane
Yellow Card
Joaquín Fernández
Yellow Card
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Real Madrid RMA Real Madrid 38 26 9 3 70 25 +45 87 D W W W W
2 Barcelona BAR Barcelona 38 25 7 6 86 38 +48 82 W L W W W
3 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 38 18 16 4 51 27 +24 70 D W W D W
4 Sevilla SEV Sevilla 38 19 13 6 54 34 +20 70 W D W W W
5 Villarreal VIL Villarreal 38 18 6 14 63 49 +14 60 W L L W L
6 Real Sociedad RSO Real Sociedad 38 16 8 14 56 48 +8 56 D D W L D
7 Granada GRA Granada 38 16 8 14 52 45 +7 56 W W L W D
8 Getafe GET Getafe 38 14 12 12 43 37 +6 54 L L D L D
9 Valencia VAL Valencia 38 14 11 13 46 53 -7 53 L W L W D
10 Osasuna OSA Osasuna 38 13 13 12 46 54 -8 52 D W W L D
11 Athletic Club ATH Athletic Club 38 13 12 13 41 38 +3 51 L L W L L
12 Levante LEV Levante 38 14 7 17 47 53 -6 49 W W L L D
13 Real Valladolid VLD Real Valladolid 38 9 15 14 32 43 -11 42 W L L L W
14 Eibar EIB Eibar 38 11 9 18 39 56 -17 42 L W W D L
15 Real Betis BET Real Betis 38 10 11 17 48 60 -12 41 L L L W D
16 Deportivo Alavés ALA Deportivo Alavés 38 10 9 19 34 59 -25 39 L W D L L
17 Celta de Vigo CEL Celta de Vigo 38 7 16 15 37 49 -12 37 D L L D D
18 Leganés LEG Leganés 38 8 12 18 30 51 -21 36 D W W D W
19 Mallorca MLL Mallorca 38 9 6 23 40 65 -25 33 D L L W L
20 Espanyol ESP Espanyol 38 5 10 23 27 58 -31 25 D L L L L


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This concludes our commentary of the LaLiga fixture between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid, we hope you enjoyed it!
Real Valladolid are back in action on Saturday, when they travel to Mallorca. Real Madrid face Real Zaragoza midweek in the cup, before hosting Atletico Madrid in the derby on Saturday.
Though they weren’t at their attacking best, Real Madrid come away with the three points - beating Real Valladolid 1-0. Though the visitors absolutely dominated possession, they were wholly ineffective in breaking down the opposing midfield, which did well to hold and protect the backline for much of the game. The hosts offered precious little going forward which allowed increased numbers to get forward and attack as the game wore on, much to Ramos and Varane's delight. Guardiola managed to put the ball past Courtois with three minutes remaining in what looked like a point-saving goal, but it would be wiped off for offside - just as Casemiro’s had been in the first half. The loss sees Valladolid slip to 16th, while Zidane’s side jump Barcelona and take sole possession of first.
L. Jović
90' + 3' With little time remaining, Zidane allows Jovic to stretch his legs - withdrawing Rodrygo.
90' The fourth official indicates three additional minutes will be added for stoppages.
F. Valverde
L. Modrić
88' Zidane calls upon the fresh legs of Valverde, who will enter the match in place of Modric.
87' GUARDIOLA’S GOAL IS RULED OUT! Valladolid have a corner which is aimed towards Salisu, but the defender's headed flick to Guardiola catches him in an offside position, just as he runs onto the ball and turns it past Courtois! It remains 1-0 Madrid!
85' CLOSE! After a cleared cross from the left, Modric is caught in possession by Fernandez ahead of his own penalty area. After winning the ball, he attempts to curl an audacious shot towards the bottom-right corner of Courtois' goal- but it misses the target narrowly!
83' Real Madrid have only conceded 13 goals in 20 games played in LaLiga this season, their lowest figure at this stage in the top-flight since 1987/88 (12).
Miguel de la Fuente
81' Immediately after going behind, Real Valladolid replace San Emeterio with De La Fuente.
T. Kroos
78' Though his first delivery may not have been great, Kroos certainly made amends with his second effort, finding Nacho for the assist.
78' NACHO’S DIPPING HEADER PUTS MADRID IN THE LEAD! Kroos’ corner is beaten away by a Valladolid head, but it’s delivered back to the midfielder, whose second effort finds the head of his right-back at the edge of the six-yard box! It's a nifty finish into the back post - evading centre-back and goalkeeper in the process!
Óscar Plano
E. Ünal
76' Plano comes on for Unal as we enter the final 15 minutes of the match.
Yellow Card
76' Following the breakdown in Madrid’s attack, Valladolid get it forward through the Villa. Just as the substitute looks to get into midfield, Nacho drags him down cynically, earning a yellow card.
75' Real Madrid have 10 men inside Valladolid’s half as they launch another attack, but Rodrygo’s poor cross is beaten away by the head of Olivas who steps across Benzema easily.
Lucas Vázquez
73' Real Madrid’s first change sees Isco replaced by Vazquez.
71' Benzema is forced to drop deep in order to link-up play and provide options, but neither Modric nor Nacho are able to create anything meaningful as it’s forced backwards before coming forward again.
69' Varane steps up to Valladolid’s penalty area as he looks to slide a pass through for Benzema, but Salisu and Olivas are once again on the scene to stifle proceedings. The centre-back nearly loses possession a long way from his natural position - but a quick slip to Isco keeps Madrid on the ball.
67' Madrid are forced to pass around a packed Valladolid midfield, as no options are forthcoming through the crowded middle. More than an hour has passed, but the visitors still struggle to find a way through Sergio’s drilled defenders.
65' Real Valladolid’s Guardiola has been involved in one goal in each of his two LaLiga games against Real Madrid (one goal and one assist).
63' WIDE! Isco takes a hop before clipping the free-kick around the wall looking for the top right-hand corner. It clears the defenders, but fails to curl back into the frame of the goal - flying just past the post!
61' Rodrygo jumps to flick the ball into the penalty area for Benzema, going over the outstretched legs of Salisu and winning a free-kick in the process. It’s dead centre on the line of the 18 - and Isco stands over it.
59' CHANCE! A cross finally falls for Madrid as Mendy’s delivery from the left is whacked towards goal somewhat unconvincingly by Benzema. It’s a good chance, but the shot doesn’t trouble Masip.
Toni Villa
58' Michel is replaced by Villa with just over 30 minutes remaining as Real Valladolid make their first change.
L. Modrić
Yellow Card
57' Modric is pushed off the ball in midfield, but a free-kick is not awarded as play is allowed to continue. The non-call infuriates the midfielder, who says something to the fourth official; words worthy of a yellow card.
55' Fernandez wins the ball back in midfield after re-entering the pitch, but his wayward pass forces Unal into a difficult sliding pass for Guardiola, who is promptly squeezed out of possession. The hosts have had the ball less in the second than they did in the first, and are not using it effectively when they have the ball.
53' Casemiro has become something more than a traditional holding midfielder for Madrid, with his surging runs often dragging his team-mates up along with him. Powerful in stride with a cannon of a right foot, it’s a difficult task to stop the versatile Brazil international.
51' SAVE! Rodrygo curls a shot from the edge of the penalty area after Casemiro’s mazy run, but it’s saved well by a diving Masip. Fernandez seems to have injured himself during his attempt to close down Casemiro, as he’s hobbling off for some treatment.
48' Both coaches have opted against making changes at half-time, but Zidane has sent a part of his bench to go through their warm-ups: Vazquez and Valverde. With the start of the second looking rather the same as the first ended, it will be interesting to see how long until a switch is made.
46' Real Valladolid get the match restarted from the kick-off!
After holding Real Madrid for 45 minutes, Sergio must be pleased with his side’s prospects in the second half. Isco’s inability to link up with Benzema has made the attack somewhat one dimensional and reliant on the full-backs - whose deliveries haven’t been of the required standard. With Vazquez, Jovic and James on the bench, Zidane has options to change the system, should their inability to score continue to plague them in the second half.
The two sides enter half-time level at 0-0, though it looked as though Real Madrid had broken the deadlock in the 12th minute, but Casemiro’s headed goal was ruled off after VAR had deemed there to be offside in the build-up. The visitors dominated proceedings, keeping most of the ball and never really worried about conceding, though their ascendancy was not punctuated by any real chances at the other end, as the Merengues failed to manage a single shot on target. Benzema was often an isolated figure as the Madrid midfield toiled to find space, which should open up after the interval.
45' The fourth official indicates one additional minute will be added for stoppages.
44' Michel takes a corner-kick to the near post, but the pace on the delivery doesn’t allow Fernandez a chance to flick it on. After falling to the foot of Modric, it’s booted clear to allow Madrid to resettle.
42' Real Madrid have conceded at least one goal in each of their last 10 LaLiga trips to Real Valladolid (14 goals on aggregate), their longest run failing to keep a clean sheet against them in the competition.
40' Casemiro is pushed down cynically in midfield, just as the Real Madrid player was shaping for a shot. The free-kick is taken by Kroos, but the central location makes it difficult, and the delivery is headed out immediately.
38' Mendy shapes an ineffective cross from the left, but the looping delivery forces Salisu, Fernandez and Alcaraz to all jump into each other in an attempt to clear the ball. It’s finally whacked away, but not after Alcarez is sent to the floor in a heap following the collision.
R. Varane
Yellow Card
36' The hosts relieve the pressure by winning the ball back, before firing it into midfield for Unal. The striker turns and looks to charge towards goal, but Varane is there to bring him down - earning the defender a yellow.
35' Valladolid are under a spell of pressure as Nacho’s low cross is repelled at the first time of asking, though the clearance puts the ball back in Madrid’s possession via a throw-in. With 10 minutes remaining, the coach will just be hoping to keep it tight and get into half-time level.
33' Rodrygo takes off on a mazy slalom, which sees him cut through midfield and attract the attention of three Valladolid players around the 18. The young winger manages to duck through one challenge, but Salisu is able to step across and shepherd the ball back to Masip.
31' With 30 minutes gone, Real Valladolid have done little going forward but should be relatively happy with their defensive organisation and shape. Aside from the disallowed goal, Madrid have challenged Masip only sporadically.
29' Rodrygo again finds himself on the floor after a cynical tackle from San Emeterio. The free-kick is taken short to Isco, who rounds the 18-yard box before chipping a cross into Casemiro. It’s a useful move as it opens up space in the penalty area, but Masip is allowed to step up and to grab it.
27' The free-kick is chipped down the right flank and into the penalty area, but Unal is unable to extend far enough as it rolls out for a goal-kick.
26' Unal stays down after Ramos goes over the top of the striker to win a header. The centre-back has shown little restraint today, as he gives away a needless free-kick in midfield.
24' Antonito wins a throw-in high in Madrid territory, but his pass to Fernandez leaves the midfielder with little options. With Ramos and Mendy both marking him, the attack breaks down as it’s directed back to Salisu in defence.
22' Real Valladolid are winless in their last 10 LaLiga games against Real Madrid (D2 L8), since a win at home in November 2008 under José Luis Mendilíbar (1-0).
20' Kroos’ intent pressing forces Fernandez to pass back to Salisu, who takes an awful first touch. The inability to settle the pass nearly allows Kroos to nip in and win possession ahead of Masip’s penalty area, but a last-second pass to Olivas narrowly finds its intended target and saves Valladolid’s blushes.
18' Real Madrid are stuck at an impasse in midfield, as the hosts settle in and try to repel the waves of pressure. Salisu steps in well to block Nacho’s incisive pass - which forces Kroos all the way back to Courtois.
16' Michel whips a dangerous corner from the left into the six-yard box, where a retreating Courtois is forced to flap at it, getting enough of a touch on the ball to keep it from nestling in the far corner.
14' Real Valladolid are fortunate not to find themselves behind after Casemiro’s offside was by the slightest of margins. The Brazil international scored both goals in Real Madrid’s win over Sevilla, and he’s no doubt in search of more.
12' Casemiro finds the back of the net but it’s offside after VAR! Kroos floats the free-kick from his position in right midfield to the far post, where the holding midfielder beats both Fernandez and Olivas to the ball, heading it home comfortably. After a brief review, however, the referee overrules the goal, as Casemiro had drifted slightly off!
Joaquín Fernández
Yellow Card
10' A dangerous and wild two-footed slide on Rodrygo sees Fernandez shown an early yellow card.
8' Salisu lunges in and wins the ball from Rodrygo, before his deflected clearance bobbles up to Alcaraz on the wing. The midfielder attempts to bring it down under his control, but Nacho is there to put in a tackle - sending it out for a throw.
6' Ramos rashly charges through the back of Guardiola high up the pitch in an effort to win the ball, and gives away a cheap free-kick which allows the hosts to clear their lines.
5' As Valladolid press Courtois, looking for the goalkeeper to err while clearing his lines, it seems as though Michel has stepped up to tuck in behind Unal and Guardiola in attack. Alcaraz and San Emeterio have come inside as well to block the Madrid passing lanes and shield the defence.
3' Real Madrid are controlling the early tempo, looking to play from out to in as the ball is fired down the left flank for Benzema.
1' Real Madrid get the match underway from the kick-off!
Real Madrid make four changes to the XI that beat Sevilla 2-1 in LaLiga. Nacho, Ramos and Mendy replace Dani Carvajal, Eder and Marcelo in defence respectively, while Isco is in for Vazquez in attack.
Real Valladolid will line up with the same starting XI for a second time in a row, after securing a 0-0 draw with Osasuna last time out.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Alphonse Areola, Marcelo, Federico Valverde, Luka Jovic, Eder Militao, Lucas Vazquez, James Rodriguez.
REAL MADRID XI (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Nacho Fernandez, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos, Ferland Mendy; Luka Modric, Casemiro, Toni Kroos; Rodrygo, Karim Benzema, Isco.
REAL VALLADOLID SUBS: Javi Moyano, Nacho, Miguel De La Fuente, Oscar Plano, Pablo Hervias, Samu Perez, Toni Villa.
REAL VALLADOLID XI (4-4-2): Jordi Masip; Raul Garcia, Mohammed Salisu, Kiko Olivas, Antonito; Federico San Emeterio, Joaquin Fernandez, Michel, Ruben Alcaraz; Enes Unal, Sergi Guardiola.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let’s take a look at how the two sides will line up, starting with the hosts!
Valencia’s 2-0 victory over Barcelona yesterday put Real Madrid’s fate into their own hands; with a win taking Zinedine Zidane’s side three-points clear of their rivals. On a rich vein of form which has seen them win their last two, as well as go 11 matches unbeaten domestically, the visitors will be firm favourites for the win.
Real Valladolid enter their match against Real Madrid on the back of eight without victory in LaLiga - with their last victory coming over Mallorca on November 3. The 15th placed side have one of Spain’s better defences, but Sergio’s side often find it difficult to find the net, despite the coach employing two strikers.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the LaLiga fixture between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid!