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90' + 8'
D. Núñez
2 - 0
90' + 4'
D. Núñez
Yellow Card
Mohamed Salah
1 - 0
T. Alexander-Arnold
Yellow Card
I. Konaté
Yellow Card

Match Stats

52% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 2
Total Passes 494 454
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Napoli NAP Napoli 6 5 0 1 20 6 +14 15 L W W W W
2 Liverpool LIV Liverpool 6 5 0 1 17 6 +11 15 W W W W W
3 Ajax AJX Ajax 6 2 0 4 11 16 -5 6 W L L L L
4 Rangers RAN Rangers 6 0 0 6 2 22 -20 0 L L L L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Liverpool bounce back after their loss at the weekend, but the victory wasn't enough to see them through as group winners. Due to their head-to-head record, they finish second in Group A. Next up for them is a trip to Tottenham in the Premier League. Despite winning the group, Napoli's unbeaten start to the season is over. They travel to Atalanta at the weekend in Serie A.
Two late goals seal a 2-0 win for Liverpool against Napoli. The visitors made a bright start to the second half and thought they'd taken the lead through Ostigard when he headed in from a free-kick, but a four-minute VAR check ruled it out for a very tight offside. Salah broke the deadlock in the 85th minute, pouncing on Meret's spill to tap in from close range. In the final seconds of stoppage time, Nunez did the same - Meret spilled Van Dijk's header again and the Uruguayan helped it over the line. The linesman's flag went up, but a VAR check showed he was onside and the goal stood.
D. Núñez
90' + 8' NUNEZ SCORES! After a lengthy VAR check, Nunez is awarded the goal! Initially, he looked like he had just strayed offside, with Kim stepping back in, but Di Lorenzo was slow to get back in line with the rest of the defence. He was just playing Nunez onside when Van Dijk thumped his header on goal. Meret spilled it, allowing Nunez to tap in from very close range at the near post to seal the win for Liverpool. 2-0!
90' + 6' Lozano just about gets the better of Tsimikas as he pushes his way down the right, but can only win a corner. Zielinski swings it in and Di Lorenzo flicks it on at the near post, but there's nobody behind him.
D. Núñez
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Before the resulting corner can be swung in, the referee's whistle goes as Nunez shoves Raspadori twice before catching him on the head. He picks up a needless yellow card.
90' + 4' WHAT A BLOCK! Alisson slips as he fizzes it forward to Salah, but he picks out the Egyptian, who knocks it out to Nunez on the left. He plays a dangerous low ball across the face of goal, and Ostigard slides in with a vital touch to stop Salah from getting a tap-in.
90' + 3' Salah has now scored 43 goals in the Champions League, just one short of equalling Didier Drogba (44) as the top-scoring African in the competition.
90' + 1' Napoli have won their first corner of the match, and it's Zielinski that swings it into the crowded six-yard box. His initial cross is cleared, but he recycles it to pick out Raspadori, but he volleys his effort high over the bar.
89' That goal has made Liverpool's confidence soar, and they're moving it around much quicker than before. Salah bursts past Olivera to pull it back to Carvalho, but he sends his shot flying high over the bar.
G. Raspadori
T. Ndombélé
87' And Raspadori is also coming on for Ndombele.
G. Simeone
V. Osimhen
87' Napoli are making their last changes as well. Osimhen is taken off for Simeone.
C. Ramsay
T. Alexander-Arnold
87' And Ramsay is being handed his Liverpool debut as he comes on in place of Alexander-Arnold.
Stefan Bajčetić
Thiago Alcântara
87' Thiago is also making way, with Bajcetic replacing him.
Fábio Carvalho
Roberto Firmino
87' Liverpool are making their final changes here. Firmino is the first to go off, with Carvalho on for him.
Mohamed Salah
85' SALAH SCORES! Tsimikas whips a dangerous corner into the box and Nunez towers over everyone else in the middle. He heads it down the middle and Meret spills it but just manages to prevent the whole ball from crossing the line. He scrambles it away, leaving Salah to tap it in from close range. The keeper pushes it away again, but that time it did go in. 1-0 Liverpool!
P. Zieliński
S. Lobotka
83' And Lobotka is also making way, with Zielinski on in his place.
E. Elmas
K. Kvaratskhelia
83' Napoli are making a double change here. First to go off is Kvaratskhelia, with Elmas replacing him.
81' SAVE! Alexander-Arnold volleys it towards goal and Kim sticks out a leg to block it. It bounces straight back to him, and he loops it to Salah on the edge of the six-yard box. He instinctively flicks it on target, but it's at a comfortable height for Meret.
79' CHANCE! Napoli move it upfield much quicker this time, with Anguissa threading it into Osimhen on the edge of the box. The angle is against him when he gets past Van Dijk and he fires his effort well wide.
77' It's another brilliant long ball played forward by Alexander-Arnold to pick out Salah and he lifts an early cross into the box. He's looking for Nunez, but there isn't enough on it and Kim cuts it out.
75' Olivera goes for the long throw-in into the box, but it's only half-cleared by Konate at the near post. He nods it straight to Anguissa on the edge of the area, but he scuffs his shot and it's a comfortable save for Alisson.
T. Alexander-Arnold
Yellow Card
73' Van Dijk fired a pass meant for Alexander-Arnold straight out of play, and he kicks the ball back onto the field to stop Napoli from taking a quick throw-in. He's booked for time-wasting.
D. Núñez
C. Jones
73' Second change for Liverpool now, and it's Jones that's making way for Nunez.
72' It's a risky backpass from Firmino to Elliott, with the substitute on the edge of his own box, but he coolly turns away from Lozano. He plays himself out of trouble well, and Liverpool are able to pen Napoli back again.
H. Lozano
M. Politano
70' Napoli are making their first change of the game as they look to try and get a winner. Politano is taken off, with Lozano on in his place.
69' Again, Napoli try the big switch out to the right, and this time, Politano is able to cushion it down for Politano. He takes it to the byline before trying to pull it back into the middle for Osimhen, but Konate gets across to block it.
67' Tsimikas plays Thiago into a tight spot, and the Spaniard is struggling to spin away from Anguissa and Ndombele. In the end, he slips just as he gets a nudge from the Frenchman, and he wins a free-kick.
65' Alexander-Arnold goes for the more direct route this time, going long for Jones on the left. He drags it away from Ostigard before pulling it back for Elliott, who is unmarked. His effort is wild though as he blazes it high over the bar first time.
63' The home fans are urging the team on as Tsimikas drives down the left. He spots Thiago's run into the box and tries to feed him in, but Anguissa stretches to cut it out and set Napoli on the counter.
61' SAVE! Napoli are upping the pressure here and Di Lorenzo finds himself in space down the right again. He lifts a wonderful cross into the far post where Kvaratskhelia scuffs it on the half-volley. It's straight at Alisson though, and he holds it on the second try.
59' It's a brilliant slaloming run from Lobotka to get through the crowd of Liverpool defenders on the edge of the box as he cuts inside before touching it into Di Lorenzo. He takes it to the byline before clipping it into the middle, but it's straight to Elliott.
57' NO GOAL! The check took about four minutes, but we finally have the result, and the goal won't stand! It's a tight call, but Ostigard was just leaning into an offside position behind Konate. Still 0-0!
55' VAR is still looking at the replays on Ostigard's goal and it's taking them a long time to figure out if he was offside when the free-kick was played into the box. Osimhen was definitely offside, but he didn't touch the ball, and it's hard to tell if the defender went too early from the stills.
53' OSTIGARD SCORES! It's a brilliant delivery from the free-kick by Kvaratskhelia on the left. He plays it onto the edge of the six-yard box and it's just too high for Osimhen, but Ostigard has a free run behind him. He ducks to thump his header past Alisson from close range. VAR is just having a look at this though...
52' Tsimikas' corner is cleared by Di Lorenzo, but Elliott keeps it alive and it goes back out to the left-back. He clips a teasing cross into the middle and Firmino's volley is blocked before it bounces to Salah, and he blazes it high over the bar.
50' CHANCE! Napoli's free-kick is taken short to Di Lorenzo on the right and he fizzes a dangerous low cross into the far post. Kvaratskhelia has to rush the shot with Konate closing him down though, and he drags it wide.
H. Elliott
J. Milner
48' Milner makes his way straight down the tunnel, and Elliott comes on to replace him.
47' Milner has gone down off the ball after stretching in an attempt to cut off Olivera's pass. The medical team are on but he gives a shake of his head and Liverpool are going to be forced into an early change in the second half.
46' Liverpool get us back underway for the second half!
After a slow start to the game, Klopp will be pleased with his side's reaction, but he'll be wanting more from them. They need a big second-half performance if they want to come out as group winners. Spalletti will be rallying his team as well though as they look to continue their 100 per cent record in the group as well as their unbeaten start to the season.
It's goalless at the break between Liverpool and Napoli. It's been a game of very few chances so far, with both sides only having one shot on target to their name so far. Ndombele's effort was straight at Alisson, who then set his side on a counter-attack which resulted in Meret having to push Thiago's attempt wide. Liverpool saw more of the ball, but there was nothing to separate the sides in the first 45 minutes.
44' It's a poor pass out from Alisson as he gifts it straight to Olivera on the halfway line. He tries to break down the left for Napoli, but he's crowded off the ball before he can get his head up.
42' GREAT SAVE! Liverpool break quickly again and Jones slides an early throughball forward for Salah. He rounds Kim to get cut inside from the right and takes it in stride. He curls a shot on goal, which Meret tips wide with a strong hand before a belated offside flag goes up.
40' There's a clash of heads between Anguissa and Milner, with the latter staying down. His head is bleeding so the medical team are on to patch him up, but he's okay to carry on.
38' Napoli are trying to push their way into the final third, with Kvaratskhelia doing well to get past Alexander-Arnold. Ndombele takes over, but it bounces up against his arm off Van Dijk and the attack comes to an end.
I. Konaté
Yellow Card
36' Milner had already tried to bring Lobotka down, and Konate does the job by sliding on in him from behind. It's a poor tackle and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
35' Liverpool are still seeing a lot of the ball, but they're forced to go long this time due to Napoli's high press. Thiago lifts it over the top for Salah, but he can't bring it under control with Kim tight to him.
33' A loose touch from Fabinho is pounced on by Ndombele, and he quickly sets Napoli on the counter. He switches it out to Olivera on the left again, but he can't pick out a cross this time.
31' CHANCE! Fabinho's pass is deflected and it's looping out for a corner, but Firmino leaps to flick it back into the middle for Jones. He gets in front of Ostigard to glance a header on goal, but it sails just over the bar.
29' GOOD SAVE! Ndombele drills his shot straight at Alisson and Liverpool almost catch Napoli out on the break. Thiago plays a wonderful throughball into Salah and gets the return pass just inside the box. He takes the shot first time, and Meret pushes it wide.
27' Politano loses the ball in his own half and Firmino quickly sets Jones on the counter. He clips a cross towards Salah at the far post, but Kim scrambles across to flick it away from him.
25' Milner spins away from Lobotka before spreading it out to Firmino on the right. He continues his run and gets it back on the byline before pulling it back onto the penalty spot, but he can only pick out Anguissa.
23' Napoli are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment when they try to get out of their own half. Twice, Ostigard has spotted Olivera in space down the left, but both passes have sailed over the left-back's head.
21' There's a slightly nervy moment for Napoli at the back as Ostigard and Kim both leave the clearance to the other, not realising that Jones is bearing down on them. The Norwegian takes charge just in time, nodding it back to Meret.
19' Tsimikas overruns the ball straight out of play, and Meret goes for the direct route from the goal-kick, going long over the top to Ndombele. He spots Di Lorenzo in space on the right, but he gets the pass wrong and it flies straight out of play.
17' It's another good move from Liverpool as Thiago cuts out Ostigard's clearance before spreading it out to Salah on the right. He floats another good cross into the middle, but Jones is caught on his heels and Meret collects.
15' After soaking up the pressure from the hosts, Napoli break quickly on the counter through Olivera again. Kvaratskhelia gets it on the overlap again and clips it in from the byline, but Van Dijk comfortably clears it.
13' Salah whips a good cross into the box and Ostigard is stretching to clear it. It loops towards the far post and Firmino has another chance to pick out a team-mate, but instead, he slices it straight out of play.
11' Liverpool are seeing a lot of the ball here, but they're struggling to get it into the box. They work it back to the halfway line before Konate lifts it over the top. Jones was coming back from an offside position though, and the attack fizzles out.
9' Kvaratskhelia is driving forward into the box and Konate is struggling to get back. He gives the forward a nudge in the back which sends him to ground, but the referee waves him back to his feet, ignoring his cries for a penalty.
7' Salah loses the ball trying to carry it out of his own box and Ndombele cuts it out before spinning to slide it into Kvaratskhelia. Alexander-Arnold is alert though and steps in just in time to stop him from squaring it across goal.
5' CHANCE! Alexander-Arnold fizzes it into Salah on the edge of the box, and he slides it towards the far post for Jones. He beats the keeper to it, but the angle is tight and he can't direct it on target as he lifts his shot onto the roof of the net.
4' Liverpool play themselves out of a tight spot at the back and Tsimikas and Milner patiently work it down the left. They manage to push Napoli back into their own half, but can't find a way into the box at the moment.
2' Napoli win the ball back deep in their own half and Olivera bursts into Liverpool's half before switching it out to Politano with a brilliant pass. He cuts inside before putting it into the near post, but Alisson is quickly out to collect.
1' Osimhen gets the game underway for Napoli!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Liverpool have lost their last two games against Italian sides in the Champions League, both of which have occurred this year (0-1 v Inter in March and 1-4 v Napoli in September). They've never previously lost three games in a row against Italian opposition in the European Cup/Champions League.
Luciano Spalletti also makes four changes from their win over Sassuolo last time out, with Ostigard, Olivera, Ndombele and Politano coming into the side. Jesus, Rui, Zielinski and Lozano start on the bench.
Jurgen Klopp is managing his 100th game in the Champions League today, and he makes four changes to the side that lost to Leeds on Saturday. Konate, Tsimikas, Milner and Jones are all brought in, and Alexander-Arnold makes his 50th appearance in the competition. Gomez, Robertson, Elliott and Nunez drop to the bench.
NAPOLI SUBS: Salvatore Sirigu, Hubert Dawid Idasiak, Eljif Elmas, Alessandro Zanoli, Gianluca Gaetano, Hirving Lozano, Juan Jesus, Giacomo Raspadori, Piotr Zielinski, Mario Rui, Alessio Zerbin, Giovanni Simeone.
NAPOLI STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alex Meret; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leo Ostigard, Kim Min-Jae, Mathias Olivera; Tanguy Ndombele, Stanislav Lobotka, Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa; Matteo Politano, Victor Osimhen, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Adrian, Harvey Elliott, Darwin Nunez, Calvin Ramsey, Stefan Bajcetic, Andy Robertson, Joe Gomez, Nathaniel Phillips, Caoimhin Kelleher, Fabio Carvalho.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ibrahima Konate, Virgil van Dijk, Kostas Tsimikas; James Milner, Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Curtis Jones.
Liverpool qualified for the round of 16 last time out with a 3-0 win over Ajax, and could still finish top of the group, but they need to beat Napoli by more than four goals. They've won all four Champions League games since the 4-1 defeat to the Italian side on MD1, but their stuttering league form continued last weekend as they lost 2-1 at home to Leeds United. Napoli have won all five of their games in Europe, and only need to avoid a heavy defeat to go through as group winners. They're still yet to lose in any competitions (W15 D2) and have won their last 13 outings on the bounce.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group A meeting between Liverpool and Napoli at Anfield!