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90' + 1'
Mika Màrmol
M. Olivera
Yellow Card
Óscar Rodríguez
E. Ünal
Sergio Busquets
Yellow Card
C. Lenglet
Yellow Card

Match Stats

28% 71%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 1
Total Passes 338 860
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Real Madrid RMA Real Madrid 38 26 8 4 80 31 +49 86 D D W L W
2 Barcelona BAR Barcelona 38 21 10 7 68 38 +30 73 L D W W W
3 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 38 21 8 9 65 43 +22 71 W D W W L
4 Sevilla SEV Sevilla 38 18 16 4 53 30 +23 70 W D D D D
5 Real Betis BET Real Betis 38 19 8 11 62 40 +22 65 D W W L D
6 Real Sociedad RSO Real Sociedad 38 17 11 10 40 37 +3 62 L W W L D
7 Villarreal VIL Villarreal 38 16 11 11 63 37 +26 59 W L W D L
8 Athletic Club ATH Athletic Club 38 14 13 11 43 36 +7 55 L W L D W
9 Valencia VAL Valencia 38 11 15 12 48 53 -5 48 W D L D D
10 Osasuna OSA Osasuna 38 12 11 15 37 51 -14 47 L L D D D
11 Celta de Vigo CEL Celta de Vigo 38 12 10 16 43 43 0 46 L W L W D
12 Rayo Vallecano RAY Rayo Vallecano 38 11 9 18 39 50 -11 42 L L L D D
13 Elche ELC Elche 38 11 9 18 40 52 -12 42 W L L L D
14 Espanyol ESP Espanyol 38 10 12 16 40 53 -13 42 D D L D L
15 Getafe GET Getafe 38 8 15 15 33 41 -8 39 L D D D D
16 Mallorca MLL Mallorca 38 10 9 19 36 63 -27 39 W W D L L
17 Cádiz CAD Cádiz 38 8 15 15 35 51 -16 39 W D L W D
18 Granada GRA Granada 38 8 14 16 44 61 -17 38 D L W W D
19 Levante LEV Levante 38 8 11 19 51 76 -25 35 W W L W D
20 Deportivo Alavés ALA Deportivo Alavés 38 8 7 23 31 65 -34 31 L L W L W


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UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers


That's all for today, goodbye!
Barcelona have confirmed second with a game to spare. They're now unbeaten in their last four outings and will finish their season against Villarreal next weekend. Getafe are in 14th after avoiding relegation but could finish higher than that. They travel to Elche for their last game.
It finishes goalless between Getafe and Barcelona. A draw was what both of these sides needed: Barcelona's second-place finish has been confirmed while Getafe will be playing in LaLiga next season. Barcelona dominated possession throughout, without creating too much. Neither keeper was really called into action - Ter Stegen made comfortable saves to keep out Alena and Unal in the first half while Torres' chip was straight at Soria for Barca's only shot on target.
90' + 3' It looked for a second like Busquets' long ball had got Fati in behind Dakonam down the left, but an untimely slip from the substitute takes it away from him and Getafe can clear their lines.
Mika Màrmol
90' + 1' Barcelona are making a late change here as Balde is taken off and replaced by Marmol, who comes on to make his first-team debut.
89' Torres is backed into a corner by Olivera, but he does well to skip his way out of it before pulling it back to Fati. His first touch bounces back off Cuenca, but he can't find a way into the box when it comes back to him.
M. Olivera
Yellow Card
86' Olivera kicks the ball away after committing a foul and picks up a cheap booking which means he'll miss their final game.
85' Each Getafe pass is now being greeted by cheers from the home fans. They're not trying to put pressure on Barca though, they're just enjoying a spell of possession.
83' It's a lovely switch out to Fati on the left and a wonderful first touch takes him past Suarez. He overruns it in the end, wanting one touch too many, and Dakonam gets across to block his way to goal.
Óscar Rodríguez
E. Ünal
81' And Unal is taken off as well, with Rodriguez on in his place.
N. Maksimović
81' Another double change for Getafe now. Maksimovic is the first to go off, with Luis replacing him.
80' Barcelona have had 73 per cent possession in this game, and they're still knocking it around comfortably. Getafe are staying compact though and the visitors can't get anywhere near their goal.
78' Suarez picks out Villar's run down the right and he's doing well to hold off Balde. He has no one up in support though and eventually, the defender comes away with it.
76' The referee's whistle goes and the second cooling break of the game is being taken by the players.
74' Torres steps up to take the free-kick but hits the shot straight into the wall. It bounces back to him and he volleys a cross back in on his second attempt, but that's cleared by Cuenca.
73' Dakonam just makes himself big to stop Balde's driving run into the box. He's given away a free-kick in a dangerous position just outside the box.
L. de Jong
M. Depay
71' After another couple of minutes of Barcelona keeping possession, Depay sat down, forcing them to put it out. He can now go off, with De Jong coming on for him.
69' Depay has just pulled up and signalled to the bench that he needs to come off. Barcelona are still just knocking the ball around, which is delaying the change from being made.
Gonzalo Villar
Carles Aleñá
67' And Alena is also taken off, with Villar replacing him.
Sandro Ramírez
Borja Mayoral
67' Double change for Getafe now and Mayoral is the first to go off, with Ramirez on for him.
66' Getafe are just sitting off Barca again as the visitors keep comfortable possession around the halfway line. Puig does feed it into Depay before he's clipped by Alena.
64' Depay swings a corner in, but Lenglet heads it straight to Cuenca, who gets it away. It only goes as far as Torres, who nods it back into the box, but it's too close to Soria.
Ansu Fati
P. Aubameyang
62' Barcelona are making the first change of the game, and it's Aubameyang that's going off for Fati.
61' Suarez sets Mayoral on the attack down the right and he cuts inside before touching it onto Alena. He slides it to the forward, who continued his run into the box. He initially keeps hold of it against Mingueza, but the defender recovers well to poke it away.
59' Barcelona are back to dominating possession, and Puig threads a good ball through to Depay. He has Dakonam tight to his back though, and can't spin away from him to get into the box.
Sergio Busquets
Yellow Card
56' The referee has just gone back to Busquets, who caught Alena on the back of his heel with his studs, and shown him a yellow card for the challenge.
56' Getafe were on the attack, but Suarez sportingly puts it out of play as Alena has stayed down due to an earlier challenge from Busquets. He's able to get back to his feet without treatment.
54' Aubameyang has just drifted out to the right for the time being and he has support in the box. In the end, his ball is neither a cross nor shot as it curls over everyone's heads and wide of the far post.
52' Darmian lifts an early cross into the box from deep on the right, and Mayoral is waiting for it on the edge of the box. He has Lenglet tight to him and the forward can't control it on the turn to get in on goal.
50' Unal cuts inside from the left and between Alves and Gavi, they manage to trip the forward. Arambarri swings it in again and Unal flicks it on but it bounces well wide of the near post.
48' Barcelona have their first shot on target in this game after Aubameyang backheels it to Torres on the edge of the D. He goes for a floated chip over Soria, who is on his line, and it's a comfortable save for the keeper.
46' Getafe get us back underway for the second half!
A point is enough for both sides to get what they want; it will secure a second-place finish for Barcelona as well as Getafe's place in LaLiga. Both managers will know that other results today can affect their league positions if they weren't to draw which make them wary to open up too much.
It's goalless at the break between Getafe and Barcelona. It's been a game of very few chances so far. Getafe have had more shots, with three on target, though they've been fairly comfortable saves for Ter Stegen to make as they've been straight at him. Barcelona have dominated in possession without creating any opportunities of note.
45' + 3' Barcelona take a corner short at the other end and Gavi whips a great ball in from the left. There are only Getafe players at the far post, but Dakonam takes no chances as he glances it wide.
45' + 2' Getafe are just upping the pressure at the end of the first half as a corner is taken short to Alena. His cross hits Aubameyang at the near post, and his clearance bobbles back to Ter Stegen.
45' Dakonam is back on the pitch now as Getafe win a free-kick down the right. Arrambarri swings it in and Alves' clearance loops up. Ter Stegen spills it before bumping into the back of Unal, but the referee says no penalty.
44' Dakonam was just caught on his left ankle by Cuenca, who was also trying to clear Gavi's cross. He's off the side of the pitch receiving treatment, which means Getafe are down to 10 men for the time being.
43' Depay lets it roll through his legs to Aubameyang, who spins before switching it out to Gavi on the right. He fizzes a low cross into the middle, but Dakonam makes an important block in front of Depay.
41' Depay goes over to the right to take that free-kick for Barcelona and he swings it into the middle. It's too close to Soria though, and he gathers it for Getafe.
39' There's no urgency to Barcelona when they're in possession, with Getafe happy to sit back and let them have it. The visitors do win a free-kick though when Torres is tripped by Olivera.
37' Arambarri's free-kick from the left is half-cleared by Torres, but only as far as Alena on the edge of the D. He hits a low shot through the crowd, but it's straight at Ter Stegen.
C. Lenglet
Yellow Card
35' Lenglet is just late as he clips Mayoral, so he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
34' Still, Barcelona dominate possession and they're trying to pass their way through Getafe. It's a lovely flick from Depay to pick out Aubameyang, who is toppled over by Cuenca, but the flag is up against the forward.
32' After a short cooling break, the game is back underway with Barca in possession. Busquets goes long, trying to pick out Aubameyang, but he overhits it to the keeper.
30' Puig does brilliantly to wriggle his way out of a crowd of three Getafe players before switching it out to Alves on the right. He whips a cross in, but it hits the first man.
28' Alves is under pressure from Unal so he touches it back to his keeper, but the forward keeps chasing it down. Ter Stegen has a slight moment of hesitation but gets it away.
26' Ter Stegen goes long with a clearance and it almost looks like Torres is going to get on the end of it after peeling off the back of Dakonam. Soria is alert though, and he rushes out to collect it.
24' Barcelona are still dominating possession, and Getafe are happy to just sit back and let them keep it. The visitors are in no hurry to push upfield just yet though.
22' Busquets is trying to make something happen from midfield as he switches it out to Depay on the left again. He knocks it past Alena before running into Suarez.
20' Getafe attempt another quick break, and Unal touches it back for Mayoral when Balde cuts off his run. His strike partner just slips at the wrong moment though, and Barcelona come away with it again.
18' Torres breezes past Olivera to fizz another good cross into the box. Again, Aubameyang peels away to the far post though, and Cuenca cuts it out this time.
16' Barca are just starting to up the pressure here as Depay cuts inside to play a clever reverse pass to Torres. He can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot though, and it trickles out of play.
14' Busquets switches it out to Balde, who swings a first-time cross into the box. Yokuslu swings a leg at it and misses, but Aubameyang wasn't expecting it so he can't take advantage before Soria gathers it.
12' Following their victory at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez in October 2020 (1-0), Getafe could win two home games in a row against Barcelona for the first time in their LaLiga history.
10' Darmian is picked out on the edge of the centre circle in his own half, and he has an audacious attempt on goal when he spots Ter Stegen off his line. It's on target but doesn't trouble the keeper as he brings it down on his chest.
8' Torres finds some space down the right after thinking past Olivera and he whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Aubameyang is at the far post, but Yokuslu steps in to block it.
6' Arambarri takes the first corner of the game, and Olivera peels away at the far post. He heads it against Alves to win another corner, and this one is flicked on by Unal, but it's another block.
4' Suarez's run down the right is blocked by Balde, and he turns before setting off on the counter for Barcelona. He goes long towards Aubameyang, but Soria comes out to collect.
2' Barcelona are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening exchanges, patiently working it out from the back. Busquets goes for a big switch out to Torres on the right, but Olivera comes away with it.
1' Aubameyang gets the game underway for Barcelona!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Barcelona have achieved more wins (11) and scored more goals (29) against Getafe at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez than any other away side in LaLiga history.
Xavi makes five changes from the win over Celta Vigo on Sunday. Mingueza, Lenglet, Balde, Puig, and Busquets, who is back from injury, all come into the side. Dembele, and Araujo, who has recovered from a concussion he got in that game, start on the bench. Jordi Alba, Frenkie de Jong and Eric Garcia are all suspended.
Quique Sanchez Flores makes just three changes to the side that drew with Osasuna last time out, bringing in Suarez, Yokuslu and Alena. Iglesias and Luis both drop to the bench, while Stefan Mitrovic is suspended after being sent off in that game.
BARCELONA SUBS: Lazar Carevic, Alvaro Sanz, Adama Traore, Ousmane Dembele, Luuk de Jong, Jandro Orellana, Ansu Fati, Neto, Mika Marmol, Samuel Umtiti, Martin Braithwaite.
BARCELONA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Marc-Andre ter Stegen; Dani Alves, Oscar Mingueza, Clement Lenglet, Alejandro Balde; Gavi, Sergio Busquets, Riqui Puig; Ferran Torres, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Memphis Depay.
GETAFE SUBS: Diego Conde, Ruben Yanez, Juan Iglesias, Gonzalo Villar, Gaston Alvarez, Sandro Ramirez, Jakub Jankto, Vitolo, Oscar Rodriguez, Florentino Luis.
GETAFE STARTING XI (5-3-2): David Soria; Damian Suarez, Djene Dakonam, Okay Yokuslu, Jorge Cuenca, Mathias Olivera; Carles Alena, Mauro Arambarri, Nemanja Maksimovic; Enes Unak, Borja Mayoral.
A win for Barcelona here today would secure them a second-place finish in LaLiga, with their Champions League spot for next season already confirmed. Xavi's side have won their last three games on the bounce and come into this one in good form on the road as well, going unbeaten in their last 14 such games (W9 D5), and winning each of their last six away games. Getafe, while not mathematically safe as they sit five points above the drop, look likely to be spending another season in the top flight. They can secure their safety with a win today. They're unbeaten in their last four, though have drawn the last three in a row (W1).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Getafe and Barcelona at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez!