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Germany v Italy Live Commentary, 14/06/2022

5 - 2
J. Kimmich (10)
İ. Gündoğan (45+4 pen)
T. Müller (51)
T. Werner (68)
T. Werner (69)
W. Gnonto (78)
A. Bastoni (90+4)


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Germany end a run of four consecutive 1-1 draws with this win, and they leapfrog Italy into second place in Group A3. They play Hungary in their next game in September. Italy's unbeaten start to the Nations League comes to an end as they drop to third. They host England in their next match.
Germany ease to their first win in the Nations League this season, beating Italy 5-2. The hosts led 2-0 at the break through Kimmich's early goal and Gundogan's penalty on the stroke of half-time. They didn't let up in the second half either, with Muller scuffing in a half-volley not long after the break. Two goals in two minutes from Werner then put Germany truly out of sight. Italy scored twice late on through Gnonto and Bastoni, but it was too little, too late from the European champions.
F. Dimarco
90' + 4' It's another good delivery from Dimarco on a set-piece as he whips the corner into the near post.
A. Bastoni
90' + 4' BASTONI SCORES! It's a great thumping header from Bastoni, who just drifts in behind Germany's defence on the corner to get on the end of Dimarco's cross. Neuer sees it late and can't stop it from sneaking in at his near post. 5-2!
90' + 2' GREAT SAVE! Italy win a free-kick on the right and Dimarco goes for goal despite the angle. It's sweetly hit and swerving towards the top right corner, but Neuer stretches to tip it over the bar.
90' CLOSE! It's a poor attempted clearance by Felipe as he touches it straight to Sane in front of him. He unselfishly pulls it back to Stach, who drills a low, first-time shot at the near post, but it hits the side netting.
A. Stach
İ. Gündoğan
88' There was a slight delay before the second substitution due to a number of pitch invaders, but Gundogan eventually goes off for Stach.
J. Tah
N. Süle
87' Final changes for Germany now and Sule is the first to go off, with Tah replacing him.
86' Italy look to Calabria to make something happen again, and this time he cuts inside and goes for goal himself. He curls a low shot down the middle, but it's straight at Neuer.
84' Gnabry is bundled over in the box and the home fans are calling for a penalty even though there was nothing in it. Sane fizzes it back into the box, but he can't pick out Musiala's run.
L. Sané
Yellow Card
82' Sane isn't happy that a foul went against him and he's booked by the referee for dissent.
80' Italy are chasing another goal here, and Calabria makes another good run down the right. This time, there's no support up with him in the box and Rudiger hooks it away.
W. Gnonto
78' GNONTO PULLS ONE BACK! Calabria makes another good run down the right, and his cross ends up running all the way out to Dimarco. He drills a low shot across goal, and Neuer gets down well to push it away. Gnonto is following in though and turns in the rebound. 5-1!
G. Scamacca
G. Mancini
78' Mancini makes his way straight down the tunnel, with Scamacca coming on in his place.
77' Mancini is down with what looks like a hamstring problem and he's receiving treatment. He gingerly makes his way off the pitch and it looks like his game is over.
L. Nmecha
T. Werner
75' And Werner won't have the chance to go for a hat-trick as he's replaced by Nmecha.
J. Musiala
T. Müller
75' Germany are making a double change here and two of their goalscorers are going off. Muller is the first to make way, with Musiala on for him.
73' Calabria lifts a deep cross in from the right and Dimarco has peeled away at the far post. He sets himself for the overhead kick, but completely misses the ball and Sule is there to hook it away.
71' Italy are trying to salvage some pride here, with Dimarco spotting Caprari's run through the middle. Neuer rushes off his line to collect it, but the substitute had set off too early anyway.
S. Gnabry
69' Gnabry was alert on the edge of the box and pounced on the loose pass from Donnarumma, doing well to pick out Werner again.
T. Werner
69' WERNER SCORES AGAIN! And just like that, it's 5-0! Donnarumma is put under pressure by Werner and he sloppily gives it straight to Gnabry. He picks out Werner for the second time in as many minutes and the forward slots it into the back of the empty net.
S. Gnabry
68' Gnabry times his run perfectly to stay onside, and it's a perfectly-weighted ball across the six-yard box for Werner.
T. Werner
68' WERNER SCORES! It's a well-worked goal from Germany, with Muller switching it out to Gnabry on the left of the box. He clips it back across the box with a first-time cross and Werner is goalside of Luiz to turn it past Donnarumma. 4-0 Germany!
67' Italy just can't get out of their own half at the moment. Bastoni tries to set Barella on the counter, but he's dispossessed by Kimmich and Germany are back in possession again.
F. Dimarco
L. Spinazzola
65' Fourth change for Italy now and it's Spinazzola that's going off for Dimarco.
S. Gnabry
J. Hofmann
64' Germany's first change of the game sees Gnabry coming on to replace Hofmann.
63' Barella lifts a lovely ball over the top and Cristante nods it back across goal from the far post. Caprari goes for the spectacular with a bicycle kick but completely misses the ball as Sule clears his lines.
A. Rüdiger
Yellow Card
61' Rudiger is shown the first yellow card of the game for dissent.
59' It's a poor clearance from Donnarumma as he hits it straight against Muller. Luckily for the goalkeeper, his team flood back to the edge of the box and block Germany's way through.
57' GOOD SAVE! Gundogan makes a brilliant weaving from through midfield before threading it through to Sane on the edge of the box. He drills a low shot on goal which is smothered by Donnarumma.
55' OFFSIDE! Caprari slides the ball into the box for Barella, and even though his first touch forces him wide, he does well to poke a shot towards goal from a very tight angle at the near post. It hits the woodwork before Neuer scrambles it away from behind his line, but the flag is up.
53' Germany have found their rhythm again now and they're back to dominating possession. It's fizzed down the left towards Werner, but Calabria slides in to stop him from cutting into the box.
T. Müller
51' MULLER SCORES! Raum swings it in from the left and tries to pick out Hofmann. Spinazzola clears it, but Mancini and Donnarumma were already committing to blocks. It ends up falling for Muller, who scuffs his half-volley into the ground, and the keeper is wrongfooted as it bounces past him. 3-0 Germany!
49' Italy have made a much better start to this second half, and they're keeping Germany penned back in their own half. Felipe slides it through to Cristante, who has another go from range, but he sends this one wide.
47' CLOSE! Italy quickly work it upfield and Cristante finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the D. He fires a shot towards the far post, and a slight deflection helps it wide for a corner.
46' Italy get us back underway for the second half!
G. Caprari
D. Frattesi
46' And Fratessi is also being taken off, with Caprari on in his place.
G. Scalvini
G. Raspadori
46' There are more changes for Italy at the break. Raspadori is the first to make way, with Scalvini on in his place.
Germany have scored twice in a game for the first time in this Nations League campaign, and look likely to get more if they continue to dominate as they did before the break. Mancini has already made one defensive change to try and deal with Germany's threat, but his team struggled to get into the contest, and he'll be expecting much more in the second half.
Germany are in control with a 2-0 half-time lead over Italy. The hosts were the better side in the first half and took an early lead through Kimmich, who slotted his shot under Donnarumma in the 10th minute. Hofmann and Werner also forced good saves out of the keeper before Gundogan doubled their lead from the penalty spot following Bastoni's foul on Hofmann. Italy's best chance came before the opening goal when Raspadori's shot was well saved by Neuer.
İ. Gündoğan
Penalty Goal
45' + 4' GUNDOGAN SCORES! It's a confident penalty from the midfielder as he sends it straight down the middle. Donnarumma dives to his left but tries to stretch out a leg to make the save. It's just out of his reach though, and the powerful shot hits the back of the net. 2-0 Germany!
45' + 2' PENALTY TO GERMANY! Raum swings a cross in from the left and Hofmann makes a late run to the near post. Bastoni clumsily crashes into the back of him and the referee points straight to the spot, much to Italy's growing frustration.
45' + 1' Germany are looking to finish the half strongly as they work it out from the back again. Sule looks to pick out Klostermann with another one of his long balls over the top, but Spinazzola reads it well this time.
Luiz Felipe
M. Politano
44' After making sure Bastoni is okay to carry on, Mancini is going to make a change. It looks to be a tactical one, as things haven't been working so far. Politano goes off and is replaced by the defender, Felipe.
42' Just a couple of minutes ago, Cristante was down receiving treatment after Kimmich fell into him after being fouled. He's okay to carry on, but Bastoni is now struggling. He's holding his ankle and the medical team are back on.
40' GOOD SAVE! Germany are just starting to up the pressure again now and they break quickly through the middle. It's worked to Werner on the right of the box, and Donnarumma stretches to push his shot away.
39' SAVE! Gundogan helps it out to Hofmann, who squares it to the edge of the D for Werner. He touches it into Sane, who is in the better position ahead of him, but he fires his shot straight down the middle at Donnarumma.
38' Italy are still struggling to keep hold of the ball when they get out of their own half. Barella tries to slide it through for Gnonto ahead of him, but hits his pass straight against Sule.
36' Italy move it quickly from the free-kick and Politano's low cross pinballs through the crowd in the box. It falls for Barella, but he can't guide his shot on target.
34' Klostermann sees another cross blocked down the right, and Barella sets Gnonto on the counter. He does well to hold it up, with nobody rushing forward in support, and wins a free-kick when Sane pushes him over.
32' GOOD SAVE! It's a lovely long ball over the top by Sule, and Sane cushions a header into Werner's path. He lays it off to Klostermann, who hits a low shot across goal, and Donnarumma quickly gets down to push it away.
30' After a better spell from the visitors, Germany are back to dominating possession. Italy are keeping their shape better now though and making it hard for the hosts to pass their way through.
28' Raspadori takes the corner short to Barella, but it looks to be the wrong option. Three German defenders rush out of the box, and they close down the space to stop Italy from getting a cross into the box.
26' Donnarumma holds onto the ball for too long and is almost caught by Sane, but he just manages to squeeze a clearance to Cristante. He sets Spinazzola away down the left, but he fouls Klostermann to bring the attack to an end.
24' Germany are still looking to their left side to make things happen, with Gundogan linking up nicely with Werner. Calabria isn't giving the forward any space though, and he can't pick out a cross.
22' Raspadori swings the free-kick in from the right and Cristante gets his head to it. He gets caught under it though, and his effort loops towards goal and over the crossbar.
20' There's a break in play after Raum caught Politano in the side of the head with his elbow, but the forward can carry on without treatment. Italy do have a free-kick though.
18' Another patient passage of play from Germany sees Klostermann help it out to Hofmann on the right again. He keeps it in play at the byline, clipping a first-time cross into the box, but it's collected by Donnarumma.
16' Italy's frustration at not being able to get on the ball is starting to show, with Frattesi needlessly pushing into Hofmann and giving away a free-kick. Germany go straight back to knocking it around in defence.
14' Kimmich swings in another good corner and nobody is picking up Rudiger as he drifts to the far post. He can't direct his header on target though, and Donnarumma is voicing his frustrations to his back line.
12' Italy are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment, with Germany comfortably knocking it around in midfield. The visitors are pressing high upfield, but with no success just yet.
D. Raum
10' There are no Italy players near Raum and he has time to lift his head up and pick out the cross into the middle.
J. Kimmich
10' KIMMICH SCORES! It's been coming from the first whistle, and Germany have finally taken the lead! It starts with a long ball over the top by Sule which is helped out to the left by Werner. Raum curls a great cross into the middle, and Kimmich stretches to bring it under control before slotting it past Donnarumma. 1-0 Germany!
8' DOUBLE SAVE! Italy's first attack of the game is a dangerous one as Calabria cuts inside from the right and whips a great cross into the middle. Raspadori volleys it towards goal first time and Neuer stretches to block it and is then in the right place to stop Gnonto's follow-up.
7' CHANCE! Sane makes a driving run through the middle before trying to lay it off to Muller on the edge of the box. Frattesi cuts it out, but it bounces straight back to Sane, who drills a low shot towards the near post, but he sends it wide.
6' Hofmann's cross is blocked by Spinazzola, but Bastoni then misjudges the bounce and slices his clearance to Muller. He squares it into Gundogan, but he can't sort out his feet quick enough to get a shot away.
4' Italy are on the backfoot early on here, with the hosts putting them under pressure again. Kimmich swings a corner into the box, but it's just too high for Bastoni in the middle.
2' Germany almost make the perfect start as Hofmann plays a wonderful square into the far post for Werner from the right. He hesitates instead of hitting the shot first time though, and Mancini gets back to make the block.
1' Werner gets the game underway for Germany!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Italy are winless in their last five matches against Italy in all competitions, drawing four and losing one of those meetings.
Roberto Mancini shakes things up again, making nine changes from the draw with England on Saturday - only Donnarumma and Frattesi retain their places from that game. Raspadori leads the line, with Politano and Gnonto on either side of him in support.
Hansi Flick makes five changes to the side that drew with Hungary last time out, bringing Klostermann, Rudiger, Gundogan, Muller and Sane in. Kehrer, Goretzka, Havertz and Musiala drop to the bench, while Gnabry is also named among the substitutes after shaking off a calf problem.
ITALY SUBS: Francesco Acerbi, Salvatore Esposito, Pierluigi Gollini, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Matteo Pessina, Alessio Cragno, Gianluca Caprari, Federico Dimarco, Gianluca Scamacca, Manuel Locatelli, Giorgio Scalvini, Luiz Felipe.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Gianluca Mancini, Alessandro Bastoni, Leandro Spinazzola; Davide Frattesi, Bryan Cristante, Nicolo Barella; Matteo Politano, Giacomo Raspadori, Degnand Wilfried Gnonto.
GERMANY SUBS: Kai Havertz, Oliver Baumann, Benjamin Henrichs, Kevin Trapp, Serge Gnabry, Anton Stach, Thilo Kehrer, Jamal Musiala, Leon Goretzka, Jonathan Tah, Julian Brandt, Lukas Nmecha.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Lukas Klostermann, Niklas Sule, Antonio Rudiger, David Raum; Ilkay Gundogan, Joshua Kimmich; Jonas Hofmann, Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane; Timo Werner.
Italy currently sit at the top of the group, going unbeaten in their three games so far - they beat Hungary and drew with both Germany and England. Another win today will put them in a strong position to reach the finals for the second campaign in a row, though they've won just one of their last seven competitive matches (D4 L2). As for Germany, they've drawn their last four games 1-1, including all three of their Nations League games so far. They're chasing their first win of the campaign to leapfrog Italy.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Nations League Group A3 meeting between Germany and Italy at Borussia-Park!