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L. Ocampos
1 - 6
N. Domínguez
G. Rodríguez
1 - 5
G. Pezzella
P. Dybala
1 - 4
Á. Mena
1 - 3
L. Paredes
Penalty Goal
0 - 3
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So, Ecuador's short winning streak under caretaker manager Celico comes to an end and they will be hoping they can put this result behind them quickly. Argentina extend their unbeaten run to five games under Scaloni and will be hoping to continue it when they face Paraguay in their next friendly match next month.
Argentina dominated throughout and come out on top as 6-1 winners over Ecuador. They took a 3-0 lead into half-time, with Alario opening the scoring, Espinoza netting an own goal and Paredes converting from the penalty spot. Mena pulled one back for Ecuador just after the break but Argentina found their rhythm again. Pezzella headed in from a corner, Dominguez scored his first goal for his country from outside the box and Ocampos finished it off with a great goal from a tight angle.
90' + 2' Argentina are happy to just keep hold of possession in their own half now as they try to run down the clock for the final few minutes of stoppage time.
90' Ecuador are still pushing a lot of bodies forward as we head into four minutes of stoppage time but they just can't get hold of the ball to try and mount an attack to get a late consolation goal.
88' De Paul has drifted out to the right and he spots Dybala making a run into the box ahead of him so tries to pick him out with a throughball. Dybala had just drifted offside though and the flag goes up.
L. Ocampos
86' OCAMPOS GETS THEIR SIXTH! It was a great save originally from Ortiz to deny Vargas' long-range curling shot but Ocampos reacts quickest in the box and fires his effort in from a very tight angle on the right of the six-yard box. 6-1 Argentina!
84' Ecuador's frustration is starting to show now as Mena wins the ball back from Balerdi and sets off on a run only to have play pulled back by the referee as he was judged to have fouled the Argentinian substitute.
G. Rodríguez
82' Rodriguez had his back to goal when the ball was played through to him and he got his head up in time to see Dominguez's run to the edge of the box.
N. Domínguez
82' ARGENTINA HAVE FIVE! It's another free-kick into the box and Ecuador can't get close to it to clear their lines. It eventually falls to Dominguez on the edge of the box and he drills his shot into the bottom left corner to get his first goal for his country. 5-1 Argentina!
L. Balerdi
G. Pezzella
82' Final change for Argentina now and it's Pezzella that makes way for Balerdi.
81' Ecuador have taken to crowding out the Argentina players in midfield as a way to stop them from getting into the final third. Two players rush out to close down Vargas and he wins a free-kick for his side.
79' Palacios is down after being caught by Saravia and the referee has gone across to see if he's picked up an injury. He slowly gets back to his feet and it looks like he won't be needing any treatment.
R. Saravia
J. Foyth
77' Foyth is the latest player to make way for Argentina with Saravia coming on to replace him.
76' Ecuador's passing has been letting them down again in the last few minutes as they're giving the ball away sloppily in their own half and giving Argentina the chance to put more pressure on them.
74' Dybala has briefly switched out to the right wing and he's given some time to pick out his cross. Ortiz is quickly off his line though to stop Vargas from getting on the end of it.
72' Valencia is given time to turn on the ball and have a run into Argentina's half. He carries the ball a long way and just as he's about to lay it off to someone in the box, his touch lets him down and he gives it away.
M. Vargas
N. González
70' Scaloni makes another change now and this time it's Vargas that comes on in place of Gonzalez.
68' Dominguez spots Dybala's run down the left and plays a long ball over the top to pick him out. He brings it down well, but the flag goes up as he'd just drifted offside.
P. Dybala
66' It's a well-taken free-kick by Dybala and he crosses it into the far post when Pezzella is making his run.
G. Pezzella
66' PEZZELLA SCORES! Argentina won a free-kick on the left which Dybala takes and Ecuador have some questions to answer about their defending. Pezzella is unmarked as he makes a run to the far post and heads the ball past Ortiz. 4-1 Argentina!
D. Palacios
P. Estupiñán
65' Estupinan is the other player to make way as Palacios comes on.
A. Alvarado
G. Plata
65' Celico makes his final two changes of the game and it's Plata that makes way first with Alvarado replacing him.
63' Mena gives the ball away cheaply to Dybala and he squares the ball into the middle of the box first time. He can't pick out a team-mate though and Arreaga clears it for Ecuador.
G. Pezzella
Yellow Card
61' Pezzella receives a yellow card for pulling Estrada off the ball.
59' Ecuador win a free-kick just outside the box and it's Mena that steps up to take it. He goes low with his shot this time, but the wall is there to block it.
N. Domínguez
L. Alario
57' Scaloni does make that change now and it's the scorer of the first goal Alario that makes way for Dominguez.
56' There's an injury problem for the referee here and it looks like he's going to have to go off and be replaced. So, while he passes his equipment onto his replacement, Argentina are getting ready to make a change.
55' Dybala plays a one-two with De Paul to try and make some space for himself on the edge of the box but he just drifts offside before the ball is played back to him and the flag goes up.
53' Ecuador look a lot more confident since coming out for the second half and are moving the ball around with a lot more pace than before.
51' Argentina win the ball back and Acuna is instantly looking forward to put a cross into the box. He puts it deep into the box, but none of his team-mates have made a run to the far post and Ortiz catches it.
Á. Mena
49' ECUADOR HAVE PULLED ONE BACK! It's a free-kick on the left and Mena curls it over the wall and squeezes it in at the far post. The goalkeeper was tracking it the whole way but didn't make any movement to stop it and the substitute is on the scoresheet. 3-1!
48' Ecuador have made a very bright start to this half and are putting Argentina under a lot of pressure. Valencia makes a darting run into the box from the left and draws the goalkeeper out to him but it's too tight an angle to have a shot.
46' Ecuador get the game back underway for the second half!
Á. Mena
E. Castillo
46' And finally, Mena is brought on in place of Castillo.
A. López
J. Espinoza
46' Espinoza, who scored the own goal, also makes way and Lopez is on in his place.
E. Valencia
J. Sornoza
46' Valencia also comes onto the field in place of Sornoza.
J. Quiñónez
J. Méndez
46' Celico is making four changes at the start of the second half and first to come off is Mendez as he's replaced by Quinonez.
P. Dybala
Lautaro Martínez
46' Dybala is the other player to come on as he replaces Martinez.
G. Rodríguez
L. Paredes
46' It's a double change for Argentina at the start of the second half and Paredes is the first to make way as Rodriguez comes on.
Scaloni will be very pleased with how his side played in the first half and will hope their dominance can continue after the break. They've looked dangerous every time they've gone forward and it could be a question of how many goals they can get. Ecuador haven't had many chances to go forward, and haven't managed a single shot on target. They need to be more solid in defence though if they want to avoid a hefty defeat.
Argentina are in control as they lead Ecuador 3-0 at the break. They've dominated throughout but it took them 20 minutes to find the breakthrough when Alario rose above two defenders to nod the ball into the back of the net. They doubled their lead with the help of an own goal as Acuna's cross deflected off Espinoza and Ortiz couldn't stop it from crossing the line. Minutes later, Argentina won a penalty after Martinez was bundled to the ground and Paredes converted the spot-kick.
44' Estrada pulls away from his defender and draws the goalkeeper in as he crosses the ball from the right. It bounces into the middle of the box and Sornoza almost gets on the end of it but Kannemann recovers well to intercept it.
42' Alario switches play to Acuna on the left with a brilliant pass and the left-back quickly tries to play in Martinez with a throughball. He overhits it though and it rolls straight out of play.
J. Méndez
Yellow Card
40' Mendez is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after catching Alario with a clumsy challenge.
38' Argentina are more than happy to just keep possession in their own half of the field now as they pass it between their defenders as they wait for some space to open up in midfield.
36' Ecuador have their first corner which gives them a chance to put the ball into the box. It's a good cross from Castillo but there's pushing in the penalty area and Argentina win a free-kick.
34' Argentina have yet another corner and Paredes whips the cross into the box. Ocampos has made the run to the near post and flicks it on, but Espinoza is behind him to clear the danger for Ecuador.
L. Paredes
Penalty Goal
32' AND IT'S THREE! There was a discussion between Paredes and Martinez about who would take it, with Paredes placing it on the spot. He calmly steps up and slots it past Ortiz and into the bottom left corner. 3-0 Argentina!
D. Aimar
Yellow Card
31' Aimar receives a yellow card for the challenge which gives away the penalty.
31' PENALTY TO ARGENTINA! It's another great low cross into the box from Acuna and Martinez is close to reaching it at the near post. He's bundled to the ground by Aimar though and the referee points to the spot.
29' Ecuador's passing has been very sloppy so far in the first half and it's just putting them under more pressure as Argentina are winning back possession so high up the field in dangerous areas.
J. Espinoza
Own Goal
27' OWN GOAL! Acuna pulls away from his defender on the left once again and he puts yet another cross into the box. It takes a big deflection off Espinoza and although Ortiz gets a hand to the shot, he can't keep it from crossing the line. 2-0 Argentina!
26' Ecuador have barely been able to get out of their own half as Argentina continue to pile the pressure on. Each time they try to mount an attack, their passing seems to be letting them down.
24' Argentina are finding a lot of space in the middle of the field as this time Ocampos makes a run at goal from the right. He puts a cross into the middle of the box, looking for Martinez, but Ecuador get it clear.
22' Another corner is whipped into the box by Acuna and Ecuador are struggling again. Martinez nods it on at the near post to Alario but this time he can't direct his header on target.
M. Acuña
20' The corner into the box is brilliant by Acuna as he perfectly picks out Alario in the small crowd of players in the six-yard box.
L. Alario
20' ALARIO GIVES ARGENTINA THE LEAD! The forward rises above two Ecuador defenders to get on the end of the corner and head the ball over Ortiz and into the back of the net. 1-0 Argentina!
19' Castillo limped off after receiving his treatment but he looks like he's going to be able to carry on as he returns onto the pitch.
18' Castillo has gone down and is now receiving some treatment for what looks like an ankle injury after a challenge by Foyth.
16' GOOD CHANCE FOR MARTINEZ! Ecuador are sloppy in possession on the edge of their own box and the forward wins it back. He takes a touch and decides to go for goal from the edge of the box but sends his effort over the bar.
14' De Paul pulls away from his defender as he brings the ball down and curls a good cross into the box. Much to his annoyance though, the referee's whistle has already been blown as he used his arm to control it.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
12' Paredes receives an early yellow card after he catches Cifuentes with a late challenge from behind.
11' Argentina have a free-kick on the left wing and it's Paredes that steps up to take it. He hits his shot low, but the wall doesn't jump and block his effort into the box.
10' Ortiz is on the ground on his own goal line and receiving some treatment following a collision with Martinez. The goalkeeper is quickly back to his feet though and he's going to be able to carry on.
8' Acuna pushes up the field and is able to put a low cross into the middle of the box. Alario is at the near post to try and poke it towards goal, but Arreaga makes a good block to put it out for a corner.
6' ESTRADA COMES CLOSE! Ecuador have a free-kick just outside the box and Estrada decides to go for goal himself. He curls his effort up and over the wall and his effort is just tipped over the crossbar by Marchesin.
4' Ecuador have a chance to break up the field and Mendez uses some clever footwork to get away from his defender. He touches it onto Cifuentes who tries to switch play out to the left but it's cut out by De Paul.
2' Ocampos makes a great run down the left wing and puts a cross into the far post where Gonzalez is waiting. He rises to get on the end of it but can't direct his header on target and Ortiz catches it.
1' Alario gets the game underway for Argentina!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Argentina have lost just one of their last eight games in all competitions - a 2-0 defeat to Brazil in the Copa America semi-final.
It's six changes to Argentina's team as well after their draw with Germany on Wednesday. Lionel Scaloni brings in Pezzella, Kannemann, Acuna, Gonzalez, Ocampos and Alario to give his side a fresher feel.
Jorge Celico makes six changes to the side that beat Bolivia last month. Sornoza and Estrada, who both scored in that match, retain their places, as do Mendez, Castillo and Arreaga.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Roberto Pereyra, Emiliano Martinez, Paulo Dybala, Juan Musso, Matias Vargas, Nicolas Dominguez, Marcos Rojo, Renzo Saravia, Leonardo Balerdi, Guido Rodriguez, Nicolas Tagliafico, Angel Correa.
ARGENTINA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Agustin Marchesin; Juan Foyth, German Pezzella, Walter Kannemann, Marcos Acuna; Nicolas Gonzalez, Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes, Lucas Ocampos; Lucas Alario, Lautaro Martinez.
ECUADOR SUBS: Jackson Porozo, Angel Mena, Jhonny Quinonez, Johan Padilla, Alexander Alvarado, Marcos Lopez, Diego Palacios, Enner Valencia.
ECUADOR STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Pedro Ortiz; Jhon Espinoza, Dario Aimar, Xavier Arreaga, Pervis Estupinan; Jose Cifuentes, Jhegson Mendez; Gonzalo Plata, Junior Sornoza, Erick Castillo; Michael Estrada.
Ecuador struggled at the Copa America this year, being knocked out in the group stages and having seven of their players suspended for behaviour-related issues during the tournament. They've won both of their games since though, beating the competition's runners-up Peru and Bolivia last month. They face an Argentina side who are on a three-match unbeaten run since finishing third in the Copa America and who came from behind to earn a 2-2 draw with Germany on Wednesday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the friendly match between Ecuador and Argentina at Martinez Valero!