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Gabriel Barbosa
3 - 0
L. Del Pino
Yellow Card
B. Manzano
Yellow Card
Penalty Goal
2 - 0
1 - 0

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 1
Total Passes 550 336
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 4 3 1 0 10 2 +8 10 D W W W
2 Peru PER Peru 4 2 1 1 5 7 -2 7 W D W L
3 Colombia COL Colombia 4 1 1 2 3 4 -1 4 L L D W
4 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 4 0 3 1 5 6 -1 3 D D D L
5 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 4 0 2 2 2 6 -4 2 L D D L




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There are no upsets for the hosts tonight and they get the first points on the board to go top of Group A ahead of Colombia and Ecuador's match later. Next up for them is Peru. Venezuela got off to a tough start, but they'll be hoping to bounce back against Colombia next time out.
Brazil get off to a winning start in the Copa America after beating Venezuela 3-1. Marquinhos gave them the lead in the first half after he bundled in a corner, but they arguably should've had more after creating some great chances. Neymar doubled the lead from the penalty spot in the second half, confidently slotting it past Graterol. Gabi then came off the bench to wrap it up late on when he tapped Neymar's cross into an empty net from close range.
90' + 2' Neymar tries to whip the free-kick into the near post for Vinicius, but it's a poor cross from him this time that is against the first man, La Mantia.
R. Hernández
A. González
90' + 2' Venezuela make a change while Brazil wait to take their free-kick, with Hernandez coming on for Gonzalez.
90' + 1' Brazil aren't letting up the pressure here and Neymar is still causing problems down the left wing. He wins a free-kick after being caught by La Mantia and he's standing over it for the hosts.
89' It's another brilliant run from Neymar that forces the goalkeeper and Gonzalez to commit themselves and leave the space open in the box for Gabi.
Gabriel Barbosa
89' GABI SCORES! Venezuela are all over the place at the back and they're punished for it. Graterol rushes out of his box to close down Neymar but doesn't get there which allows him to pull it back for Gabi. He's left with a simple tap-in from very close range and it's 3-0 Brazil!
87' Brazil are in control here and are in hurry to push forward at the moment as they knock it around inside their own half. Casemiro tries to lift it forward for Neymar, but Gonzalez steps across to intercept it.
Vinícius Júnior
Gabriel Jesus
85' And Jesus is also taken off by Tite, with Vinicius on to replace him.
85' Brazil are making another double change now as Fred makes way for Fabinho.
E. Castillo
C. Cásseres
84' Third change for Venezuela now and Casseres is going off for Castillo.
83' WIDE! Neymar gets away from Gonzalez with a burst of pace as he cuts inside from the left to get into a shooting position on the edge of the box. He fires his effort towards goal, but it's just wide of the target and into the side netting.
81' SAVE! Brazil have a free-kick through the middle, which Neymar touches to Alex Sandro, who stops the ball for Casemiro to take the shot. He drills his low effort on goal, but it's straight at Graterol.
L. Del Pino
Yellow Card
80' Del Pino catches Gabi in the face in his attempts to stop his run and is shown a yellow card.
79' Fred plays a loose pass in midfield and Celis is quick to latch onto it ahead of Jesus. He drives forward, but Brazil rush back into their shape and he's crowded off it by Casemiro and Militao.
R. Celis
B. Manzano
77' Manzano is the other player making way, with Celis replacing him.
S. Córdova
F. Aristeguieta
77' Venezuela are making a double change now and Aristegueita is the first to make way, with Cordova on for him.
75' Brazil break quickly on the counter through Neymar and he links up well with Gabi on the edge of the box. The substitute tries to play the return ball into him, but it's cut out by La Mantia.
73' Venezuela switch play out to Gonzalez out on the right and he has a lot of space to run into. He chooses to play an early cross into Aristeguieta instead, but it's cleared by Marquinhos.
71' Aristeguieta is trying his best to carry the ball forward every time he wins it back but is constantly being crowded off the ball. He drives towards the box from the right, but Brazil get three defenders around him to stop him in his tracks.
B. Manzano
Yellow Card
69' Manzano's frustration gets the better of him and he catches Ribeiro from behind which earns him a yellow card.
68' Venezuela are being forced deeper into their own half at the minute and they're struggling to get forward. Graterol goes long with a clearance and Moreno heads it on, but only as far as Casemiro.
Gabriel Barbosa
Yellow Card
66' Gabi has only been on the pitch for less than a minute, but he's already had his name taken by the referee. He used his elbow to hold off Casseres which earns him the booking.
Gabriel Barbosa
65' Third change for Brazil now and it's Richarlison that's making way for Gabi.
Penalty Goal
64' NEYMAR SCORES! The referee blows his whistle, but Neymar takes his time before running up to take the penalty. He stutters his run-up, still trying to catch out Graterol and it works as Neymar slots it into the bottom-left corner, sending Graterol the wrong way. 2-0 Brazil!
62' PENALTY TO BRAZIL! Ribeiro tees up Danilo and he knocks it around Luis Martinez to get to the byline. He sets himself for the cross, but Cumana crashes into him and the referee is in no doubt as he points straight to the spot.
61' Neymar threads it through for Richarlison and he skips past three challenges to get into the right of the box. He tries to pull it back for Jesus in the middle but Del Pino is there to hook it clear.
59' Casseres' corner is cleared but only as far as Manzano in midfield and he switches it out to Cumana high on the left. He does well to keep it in play under pressure from Jesus, only to slice his cross into the stands.
57' Neymar manages to bundle it through to Alex Sandro on the left and he whips a first-time cross into the box. It's just ahead of Richarlison at the near post but falls for Ribeiro, who slices it away from goal.
55' Venezuela are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment and they're knocking it around just inside their own half. They're patiently trying to work it forward down the left, but Casseres ends up giving it straight to Danilo.
53' GREAT CHANCE! Jesus drives down the right side of the area before fizzing a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. None of the Venezuela defender chance getting a touch on it so it reaches Neymar at the far post, but he pokes it wide of the target.
52' A loose pass from Cumana gifts the ball to Ribeiro on the right and he steps away from the defender before putting a good cross into the box. Richarlison is closest to it, but he can't get any contact on it to test the goalkeeper.
50' Venezuela have dropped deep to close down the space again, so Militao goes long with another long pass over the top. He's looking for Jesus but overhits it straight into Graterol's gloves.
48' Brazil have picked up where they left off in the first half and are Neymar swings another good cross in from the left. Richarlison gets between the defenders to head it on again, but his header loops high over the crossbar.
46' Brazil get us back underway for the second half!
Alex Sandro
Renan Lodi
46' Lodi, who was booked in the first half, also makes way, with Alex Sandro replacing him.
Éverton Ribeiro
Lucas Paquetá
46' There's a double change for the hosts at the start of the second half. Paqueta is taken off, with Ribeiro coming on for him.
Brazil have been in control of the game since the first whistle, but Tite will be wondering how they're only 1-0 up with the chances they created. Every attack has looked dangerous, but they need to improve the final product. Venezuela have just about managed to cope with the threat so far and Peseiro will be hoping for more of the same after the break.
Marquinhos' goal gives Brazil a 1-0 lead over Venezuela at half-time. The hosts dominated the first half and took the lead from a corner when Marquinhos bundled the ball over the line from close range. Richarlison also had an effort ruled out for offside just minutes after the opening goal. Militao and Neymar also came close, but they couldn't add to their advantage.
45' + 2' Casseres takes the corner quickly for Venezuela, playing it short to Jose Martinez on the edge of the box. He swings a cross into the six-yard box, but it's straight into Alisson's gloves.
45' Venezuela are still struggling to get on the ball at the moment and each time they do win possession back, Brazil are in quickly to force them into mistakes.
43' Gonzalez has stayed down after being caught in the head by Militao when the corner was swung into the box. The medical team are straight on to give him some treatment and it looks like he's going to be able to carry on.
41' Brazil are piling the pressure on once again here and are going down the right this time with Danilo. He has three to aim for in the box, but La Mantia makes a good block to put it out for a corner.
39' SAVE! Jose Martinez swings the free-kick that Aristeguieta won on the right and he picks out the forward in the middle of the box. He sends his header towards the near post, but it's a comfortable save for Alisson.
38' OFF THE LINE! Fred loops the ball over the top for Paqueta and he cushions it down on his chest for Richarlison. He chips his effort over Graterol, but Luis Martinez quickly tracks back to clear it off the line just as the offside flag goes up.
Renan Lodi
Yellow Card
38' Lodi picks up the first yellow card of the game after catching Aristeguieta with a late challenge.
36' The referee is just delaying Brazil from taking a corner as VAR check whether or not Luis Martinez used his arm to put the ball out of play. They have a long look at the replays but spot nothing in it and no penalty is given.
34' Jose Martinez has gone down after being caught by Lodi when he was trying to clear the ball. He's holding his knee, but he's able to get back to his feet without needing any treatment.
32' Jesus finds himself in space down the right and loops a deep cross into the far post for Neymar. He gets caught under it but manages to head it back across goal and Graterol comes off his line to collect it.
30' CLOSE! Brazil go long again, with Militao lifting a long ball over the top this time to Neymar. He cuts inside from the left, stepping away from La Mantia to get into space, but then drills his shot just wide of the near post.
29' It's a good spell of possession from Venezuela at the moment as they patiently play out from the back. Brazil are allowing them time on the ball by dropping deep and the visitors just can't find a way through.
27' Venezuela win a free-kick deep on the right wing, but Casseres swings a good cross into the near post. Moreno has pulled away to try and get on the end of it, but Fred slides in to put it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
25' OFFSIDE! It's another great cross in from the left with Lodi whipping a great cross into the middle of the box. Richarlison gets to it ahead of Luis Martinez and pokes the ball across the line, only for the flag to go up and deny him as he set off too early.
23' MARQUINHOS SCORES! Another of Neymar's corners causes problems in the box as Richarlison flicks it on at the near post. Marquinhos outmuscles Luis Martinez in the middle to reach the loose ball and bundles it across the line to score the first goal of the 2021 Copa America. 1-0 Brazil!
22' Venezuela have a rare chance to attack now with Casseres making good progress down the left until Militao slides in to take it off him. It falls for Aristeguieta but the offside flag goes straight up against him.
20' SAVE! Neymar's corner is headed away by Del Pino ahead of Militao, but his clearance falls to Danilo. He chests it down and lets it bounce before hitting the shot on the volley, but it's straight at Graterol, who holds onto it.
19' Brazil are unbeaten in their last 20 Copa America games on home soil (W12 D8). Their last defeat in Brazil was against Peru when they were beaten 3-1 in 1975.
17' La Mantia spins away from Fred before playing a great throughball forward for Jose Martinez to chase down the right. He holds off Lodi to get on the end of it but sees his cross put out for a corner by Marquinhos.
15' Brazil are getting a lot of joy down their left side and Neymar is being given a lot of time on the ball. Jesus is making a late run into the box, so he tries to pick him out with a cross, but it's straight into Graterol's gloves.
13' Neymar drives through midfield again before switching play out to Lodi on the left. It looks like he's overhit the pass, but the left-back manages to keep it in play by drilling a low cross into the box, but it's blocked by La Mantia.
11' CLOSE! Brazil are keeping the pressure on here and Neymar plays a short corner to Lodi. He curls a brilliant cross into the middle of the box where Militao is waiting, but he sends his header just wide of the far post.
10' GOOD SAVE! Neymar makes a driving run down the left before playing the ball forward for Richarlison with the outside of his boot. The forward touches it towards goal first time, but Graterol reaches out a hand to push it out for a corner.
8' CHANCE! Neymar whips a dangerous corner into the near post and Richarlison makes a late run to flick it towards the back. Jesus tries to get there, but it's just out of his reach on the stretch and it bounces out of play.
6' Marquinhos plays another good ball over the top to pick out Jesus' run down the right this time and he tries to link up with Danilo. Venezuela are staying compact though and neither of them can find a way into the box.
4' Neymar takes too long to pick out a pass and Manzano is quickly in to nick it off him. He tries to set Aristeguieta on the counter through the middle but plays the ball straight against Casemiro.
2' Venezuela have everyone sitting deep in their own half, but Marquinhos plays a wonderful ball over the top to pick out Danilo on the right. He curls a cross into the near post, but Richarlison's first touch lets him down and Luis Martinez hooks it clear.
1' Aristeguieta gets the game underway for Venezuela!
The teams are out on the pitch for the national anthems and kick-off is now just moments away!
Brazil are unbeaten in their last eight matches against Venezuela in all competitions (W5 D3), but two of those draws have been in the Copa America, with both finishing 0-0.
Jose Peseiro is forced into making seven changes to his team after 12 Venezuela players and staff returned a positive coronavirus test. Only Graterol, Gonzalez, Moreno and Jose Martinez retain their places from the team that faced Uruguay and the manager only has seven players available to him on the bench.
Tite makes just three changes to the side that started their World Cup qualifier against Paraguay last time out, bringing in Alisson, Lodi and Paqueta. Ederson, Alex Sandro and Firmino drop to the bench.
VENEZUELA SUBS: Richard Celis, Ronald Hernandez, Wuilker Farinez, Luis Romero, Sergio Cordova, Edson Castillo, Jhon Murillo.
VENEZUELA STARTING XI (4-5-1): Joel Graterol; Alexander Gonzalez, Yohan Cumana, Luis Adrian Martinez, Luis Del Pino; Bernaldo Manzano, Jose Martinez, Junior Moreno, Francisco La Mantia, Cristian Casseres Jr; Fernando Aristeguieta.
BRAZIL SUBS: Roberto Firmino, Vinicius Junior, Fabinho, Weverton, Everton, Everton Ribeiro, Thiago Silva, Gabriel Barbosa, Ederson, Emerson, Felipe, Alex Sandro.
BRAZIL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Alisson; Danilo, Eder Militao, Marquinhos, Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Fred; Richarlison, Lucas Paqueta, Neymar; Gabriel Jesus.
A year after the tournament was originally due to take place, the hosts Brazil get the tournament underway as they look to defend their trophy. They won their ninth title in 2019, and are among the favourites to retain it this time around. They've won each of their last seven games in all competitions, keeping a clean sheet in six of those. Venezuela reached the quarter-finals two years ago before being knocked out by Argentina, but they've struggled recently, winning just one of their last six matches (D1 L4).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the opening game of the 2021 Copa America between Brazil and Venezuela at the Estadio Nacional Marie Garrincha in Brasilia!