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T. Müller
4 - 0
N. Mazraoui
D. Upamecano
S. Mané
J. Musiala
3 - 0
J. Musiala
T. Müller
2 - 0
L. Sané
J. Musiala
1 - 0

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61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 5
Total Passes 641 396
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UEFA Champions League
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UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


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That win lifts Bayern up to second in the table and eases some of the pressure on Nagelsmann. Their attention now turns to the Champions League and Viktoria Plzen. Leverkusen drop down to 16th as the pressure mounts on Seoane. They're also in Champions League action next against Porto.
Bayern end their winless run as they cruise to a 4-0 win over Leverkusen. Musiala was the star of the first half for the hosts, setting up Sane and Mane, with a goal for himself sandwiched in between. After the break, Mane thought he had a second goal, but VAR ruled it out for a foul on Kossounou in the build-up. Muller did make it 4-0 late on though, pouncing on a loose pass from Hradecky after the keeper slipped to slot into the empty net.
90' CHANCE! Andrich doesn't realise Goretzka is hovering behind him, and the substitute cuts out his pass to Tah. He bursts through the middle, taking it to the edge of the six-yard box, but he can only pick out the side netting with his shot.
88' Davies, Muller and Gnabry all struggle to find space down the left, but Gnabry eventually manages to lift a cross in. Mazraoui throws himself forward to try and head it, with Goretzka following in behind, but Tapsoba gets a vital touch ahead of them both.
86' Aranguiz plays a hopeful long ball forward towards Azmoun, but he has three Bayern defenders crowded around him. De Ligt is the one that gets his head to it as he nods it back to Neuer.
T. Müller
84' MULLER SCORES! And it's another moment to forget for Hradecky this season! It's played back to him by Andrich, and he slips as he turns to pass it to Tah. The loose ball rolls to Muller, who slots his first-time shot into the back of the empty net as the keeper's head drops into his hands. 4-0 Bayern!
83' Goretzka is toppled over through the middle and Bayern win a free-kick. Gnabry takes the shot from range, hitting it under the wall, but it's straight at Hradecky.
N. Mazraoui
D. Upamecano
82' And Upamecano is also taken off, with Mazraoui replacing him.
R. Gravenberch
J. Musiala
81' Final changes for Bayern now, and Musiala is going off first, with Gravenberch on in his place.
80' Bayern patiently work it upfield again, and Gnabry cuts back inside before curling a cross into the far post. Choupo-Moting is caught on his heels though and he can't get a touch on it.
78' There are some half-hearted shouts from the Bayern fans for a penalty after Hincapie slides in to stop Gnabry's run. He won the ball cleanly though, and the referee points for a corner.
76' It's a hopeful ball forward from Hincapie, but he manages to pick out Hlozek's run down the left. He squares it towards Adli on the edge of the box, but Upamecano sticks out a leg to cut it out.
A. Hložek
M. Diaby
74' And the final substitution for Leverkusen sees Hlozek come on to replace Diaby.
E. Choupo-Moting
L. Sané
74' Both sides are making a change here, starting with Bayern. Choupo-Moting is on in place of Sane.
73' Bayern are trying to regain their momentum in this game, but they're struggling to break down Leverkusen at the moment. Kimmich tries to slide it through for Muller, but it's cut out by Tah.
71' SAVE! Gnabry cuts inside from the left, and it looks like he's shaping up for a cross with support in the middle. Instead, he drills a shot towards the near post and Hradecky is there to smother it.
69' Diaby is causing problems down the right again for Leverkusen as he bursts past Davies and curls another cross into the box. This one is too close to Neuer though, and the keeper collects it.
67' Leverkusen are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in front of Bayern. They try to work it through Adli down their left, but he turns straight into Pavard.
L. Goretzka
M. Sabitzer
65' And Sabitzer is also taken off, with Goretzka replacing him.
S. Gnabry
S. Mané
65' Bayern are making a double change of their own, with Mane going off for Gnabry.
65' GREAT SAVE! Hradecky goes long with a goal-kick and Davies clears it, but Andrich knocks it through for Diaby. He skips past the left-back before fizzing a dangerous low cross into the box. Adli hits the shot first time, but Neuer reacts quickly to smother it.
63' Leverkusen just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment, and Bayern are on the attack again. Pavard drives down the right, but can't get past Hincapie to put a cross in.
A. Adli
C. Hudson-Odoi
61' And Hudson-Odoi is also making way, with Adli on in his place.
S. Azmoun
P. Schick
61' There's another double change for Leverkusen. Schick is the first to go off, with Azmoun on to replace him.
59' GREAT CHANCE! It's more good work from Musiala down the left as he squares a dangerous cross into the middle of the box. Leverkusen are all over the place and Sane is completely unmarked as he runs onto it, but he slices his shot high and wide.
58' NO GOAL! There was a clash of heads between Kossounou and De Ligt as the right-back cleared the ball, and the referee goes over to the monitor to have a look. He judges the Dutchman to have fouled him and the goal won't stand. Still 3-0 Bayern!
56' MANE SCORES! The corner is cleared by Kossounou, but Musiala picks it up on the edge of the box. He dribbles his way through a crowd before putting it into the box. Upamecano helps it onto Mane, who keeps his cool as Hradecky rushes off his line to slot it into the far bottom corner. VAR is having a look at this though...
55' SAVED AGAIN! Bayern are keeping the pressure on here and the space opens up ahead of De Ligt, who finds himself high upfield. He has a go from distance, and Hradcky stretches to push it over.
54' GOOD SAVE! Pavard knocks it out to Musiala and then helps his low cross through to Mane on the penalty spot. He brushes Hincapie aside before trying to chip it over Hradecky but the keeper pushes it away.
52' Diaby breaks quickly on the counter, and he bursts forward down the right. He tries to slide it through for Schick, but De Ligt gets tight to him to shield it back to Neuer.
50' Bayern have made a bright start to the second half, and they're on the attack again here. They work it down the left this time, with Davies curling in a cross, but he can't pick out a team-mate.
48' Pavard chases Musiala's throughball into the box and lifts a good cross in from the byline. Mane throws himself forward to try and get his head on it, but Tapsobah sticks out a leg to stop him from reaching it.
46' Leverkusen get us back underway for the second half!
C. Aránguiz
J. Frimpong
46' And Frimpong is also taken off, with Aranguiz on for him.
P. Hincapié
M. Bakker
46' There's a double change for Leverkusen at the break. Bakker is the first to go off, with Hincapie on in his place.
Nagelsmann will be pleased with his side's performance in the first half; they've been in control since the first whistle and clinical in front of goal. Leverkusen have struggled to match them, but they've still had bright moments at the other end of the pitch, and Seoane will be hoping they can take their chances after the break.
Musiala stars for Bayern as they take a 3-0 lead over Leverkusen into half-time. The youngster had a hand in all three goals, setting up Sane for the opener just three minutes in. He added the second himself less than 15 minutes later, with Hradecky unable to keep his shot out at the near post despite getting a hand to it. He also assisted Mane's goal, when he slotted into the bottom corner. Neuer has also made two good saves at the other end, with Andrich also coming close.
45' GOOD SAVE! It's a good corner from Leverkusen, with Tah rising highest to nod it towards goal at the far post. Andrich follows it in and tries to lift it over Neuer from close range, but the keeper manages to get a hand to it to scoop it away.
43' Schick is trying to carry his team upfield and ends up winning a free-kick down the left when he's nudged over by Upamecano. It comes to nothing for Leverkusen though.
41' Bayern are keeping Leverkusen penned back deep in their own half as they try to open them up again. Pavard clips a cross in from the right and Sane nods it on, but nobody's at the far post for Bayern.
J. Musiala
39' Musiala was alert and reacted quickest to get onto the loose ball, before fizzing it into Mane for his second assist of the game.
S. Mané
39' MANE SCORES! Diaby is caught on the ball inside his own half and Musiala quickly latches onto it. He picks out Mane inside the D and he takes a touch before drilling a low shot past Hradecky and into the near bottom corner. 3-0 Bayern!
38' CLOSE! Andrich spins away from Kimmich as he cuts inside from the left and he quickly gets his head up before whipping a shot towards the far top corner. Neuer is scrambling across his line, but it sails just over the bar.
36' Pavard drops a shoulder to lose Bakker and curls another good cross into the middle. Muller meets it, but it comes off his shoulder, and it's a comfortable save for Hradecky.
34' GREAT SAVE! Leverkusen go straight down the other end of the field, with Diaby finding a pocket of space on the edge of the box. He gets a lot of power behind his shot, but Neuer stretches to tip it over.
33' CHANCE! It's a move straight off the training ground for Bayern as Kimmich floats a corner to the edge of the box. Sabitzer runs onto it, hitting the shot on the volley, but he can't keep it down and it flies over the bar.
31' Leverkusen are struggling to clear their lines until Demirbay puts his foot through it, and it almost ends up being a good set up for Frimpong. He's chasing it down, but Neuer rushes out of his box to sweep it away.
29' Leverkusen are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're struggling to get into the final third. Diaby darts forward to try and change that but sees his way blocked by De Ligt.
27' Davies finds himself in space again, this time down the left of the box. Instead of shooting, he tries to tee up Musiala, but his first-time shot is blocked by Tah.
25' Sabitzer switches it out to Davies and he cuts inside, playing a one-two with Musiala on the edge of the box. The space opens up for him, so he decides to have a go, but it's blocked by the crowd in the middle.
23' CHANCE! It looks like Hudson-Odoi has sold Andrich short with the throughball, but Upamecano doesn't go for it and the midfielder gets there first. He hits the shot first time but drags it wide of the near post.
21' Musiala is causing all sorts of problems here as he nicks the ball off Tapsoba before weaving into the box. He unselfishly tries to curl it into Muller's feet, but a deflection catches him out and it bounces out of play.
19' Leverkusen are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment as Bayern work it upfield again. Davies skips away from Andrich own the left again, but can't pick out a team-mate with his cross.
T. Müller
17' Muller cushioned it back to Musiala first-time, taking Tah momentarily out of the game with the pass.
J. Musiala
17' MUSIALA SCORES! It's another brilliant throughball by Upamecano that gets Bayern upfield and Musiala brings it down. He plays a one-two with Muller to find a bit of space on the right of the box before he drills a low shot across goal. Hradecky gets a hand to it at his near post, but can't keep it out. 2-0 Bayern!
16' Musiala is clumsily brought down just outside the D, and Kimmich is standing over the free-kick. He gets his shot over the wall, but it's always rising and sails high over the bar.
15' Again, Leverkusen look to Frimpong down their right to make something happen. He skips away from De Ligt this time, but sees his cross blocked by Kimmich.
13' It's better from Leverkusen here as Frimpong darts down the right. He has nobody up with him in support, so he cuts inside looking for space for a shot, but he can't get past De Ligt.
11' Upamecano plays another great pass forward, threading it through to Musiala. He spins away from Andrich before getting the ball caught under his feet, and he can't pick out a cross.
9' Bayern work it quickly upfield again, as Upamecano goes for the big switch out to Mane. He initially does well to jink away from Tah, but then hits his cross straight at Hradecky.
7' At the other end, Kossounou nicks the ball off Sane and touches it back to Hradecky to clear the danger. The keeper slices at it and it loops out for an unnecessary corner, but luckily for Leverkusen, nothing comes of it.
5' Bayern are dominating possession in their own half and De Ligt knocks it back to Neuer, with Schick chasing it. The keeper stays calm and lifts a pass back over the forward to clear his lines.
J. Musiala
3' Musiala knocks it past Bakker with his first touch and then has time and space to get his head up and pick out the cross to Sane.
L. Sané
3' SANE SCORES! That's just the start that Nagelsmann will have wanted! It's great work from Musiala down the right, and he fizzes a low cross into the near post. Sane takes a touch to set himself before trying to place it into the far bottom corner. A deflection off Kossounou wrongfoots the keeper, and it hits the back of the net. 1-0 Bayern!
2' There's an early problem for Bayern here after Upamecano landed awkwardly on his knee after an aerial challenge. The medical team are about to come on just before he slowly gets back to his feet.
1' Sane gets the game underway for Bayern!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Following a run of scoring in 87 consecutive league games, a Bundesliga record, Bayern failed to find the net last time out against Augsburg for the first time since a goalless draw with RB Leipzig in February 2020. They last failed to score in two straight league matches in 2018 under Niko Kovac.
There's only one change by Gerardo Seoane from the draw with Werder Bremen two weeks ago. Kossounou is brought in to replace Hincapie, who starts on the bench. Lunev and Adli are both deemed fit enough for a place on the bench after recovering from injuries.
Nagelsmann makes just two changes from the side that started against Augsburg last time out, with Pavard and Sabitzer coming in. Neuer and Goretzka both missed the international break with Covid-19, but the keeper is able to start today while Goretzka drops to the bench, along with Mazraoui.
BAYER LEVERKUSEN SUBS: Charles Aranguiz, Adam Hlozek, Amine Adli, Sardar Azmoun, Daley Sinkgraven, Nadiem Amiri, Andrey Lunev, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Piero Hincapie.
BAYER LEVERKUSEN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Lukas Hradecky; Odilon Kossounou, Jonathan Tah, Edmond Tapsoba, Mitchel Bakker; Robert Andrich, Kerem Demirbay; Jeremie Frimpong, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Moussa Diaby; Patrik Schick.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Noussair Mazraoui, Josip Stanisic, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Ryan Gravenberch, Sven Ulreich, Mathys Tel, Leon Goretzka, Serge Gnabry.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Benjamin Pavard, Dayot Upamecano, Matthijs de Ligt, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Marcel Sabitzer; Leroy Sane, Thomas Muller, Jamal Musiala; Sadio Mane.
Questions are starting to be asked about Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann after a four-match winless run in the league - they followed three draws with a 1-0 defeat to Augsburg last time out. They've still been winning in other competitions though, with three victories across the Champions League and DFB-Pokal. Leverkusen are also under pressure after winning just one of their first seven Bundesliga games (D2 L4). Those two draws have come in their last two outings though, lifting them out of the relegation zone.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen at the Allianz Arena!