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Key Events

A. Valera
Penalty Save
A. Mabil
Penalty Goal
E. Flores
Penalty Goal
J. Maclaren
Penalty Goal
R. Tapia
Penalty Goal

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 1
Total Passes 583 657
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MISS - Valera steps up to take the next penalty. Redmayne keeps him waiting. Valera steps up and Redmayne makes the save! Australia have qualified for the World Cup after defeating Peru 5-4 in a penalty shootout. Graham Arnold's late substitutions with the penalty shootout in mind have paid off with Redmayne the hero! We thank you for joining us and wish you have a fantastic day in the knowledge that AUSTRALIA ARE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR!
PENALTY GOAL SOCCEROOS - Gallese takes his time to get to the spot but the mind games don't work with Mabil sending the penalty firmly to the right. Australia 5-4.
We are officially at sudden death in the shootout.
PENALTY GOAL PERU - Flores sends Redmayne the wrong way and it's all square at 4-4.
PENALTY GOAL SOCCEROOS - Maclaren sends his penalty left and gets it inside the bottom left corner. Australia 4-3.
PENALTY GOAL PERU - Tapia sends it left and Redmayne gets a hand onto it, but he can't keep it out. 3-3.
PENALTY GOAL SOCCEROOS - Hrustic is next. He takes a short run up and casually rolls it inside the right corner. Australia 3-2.
MISS - Advincula sends the penalty to the left and has Redmayne beaten, but he sends it into the post. 2-2.
PENALTY GOAL SOCCEROOS - Goodwin steps up and sends it inside the roof of the net. 2-2.
PENALTY GOAL PERU - Callens sends it inside the top right corner and he gives Redmayne no chance. Peru 2-1.
PENALTY GOAL SOCCEROOS - Mooy with an emphatic penalty to the left scores his penalty. 1-1.
PENALTY GOAL PERU - Lapadula sends his penalty left with Redmayne going to the right. Peru 1-0.
MISS - Boyle sends the penalty left and Gallese saves it well.
Australia will take the first kick.
We have reached the end of extra time and this match is headed for a penalty shootout. A spot in the World Cup all comes down to this after both sides could not be separated with a 0-0 scoreline.
120' + 4' The free kick is sent into the box before being pushed out. Hrustic sends it back in but it's easy work for Gallese.
120' + 3' Australia have the free kick half way between the centre and the penalty box.
120' We will have three minutes of stoppage time.
C. Goodwin
A. Behich
120' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - Another substitution with the penalty shootout in mind with Goodwin coming on for Behich.
A. Redmayne
M. Ryan
120' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - Massive change for Australia with Ryan replaced by Redmayne ahead of the penalty shootout.
118' We look likely to be heading to penalties unless there is a late dramatic winner.
117' Australia have the free kick and it's been sent in by Mooy but the Peruvian defence have no trouble clearing that one.
A. Valera
C. Cueva
116' SUBSTITUTION PERU - Cueva cannot continue and he has been replaced by Valera.
113' Cueva is down and again requiring treatment soaking up precious minutes.
112' Hrustic sends it in but it's well dealt with by the Peru defence.
112' Australia have the set piece from the left side.
110' Karacic with a long throw that finds its way to Mabil who tries to thread it through to Maclaren but he can't get onto it and the ball rolls harmlessly out for a goal kick.
109' Advincula tries one from distance but it just clears the cross bar.
108' Peru have come out well on top in this second half of extra time.
107' Danger signs for the Socceroos with Flores heading it into the post! Australia survive thanks to the frame of the goal.
106' Wright goes down in the challenge with Flores cutting it back to Cueva who sends it wide.
105' The second half of extra time is underway with Australia kicking off.
We are still locked at 0-0 after the first half of extra time. Neither side are really looking to take the game on and this game looks headed for a penalty shoot out.
103' The game has slowed right down with players not wanting to be caught out over a costly mistake. Caution is the theme at the moment.
E. Flores
Yellow Card
102' YELLOW CARD - Flores is booked for a high fend on Boyle.
101' Peru are playing the patient game as they try to create a rare chance.
99' Flores shoots from distance but it's well saved by Ryan.
97' Zambrano sends the cross in but Karacic is there to meet it first and set up the clearance. He has been well and truly involved in the game since coming on.
96' Karacic sends the ball in but it's cleared by Callens.
93' Peru have found some energy at the start of extra time.
F. Karačić
N. Atkinson
91' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - Nathaniel Atkinson has been replaced by Fran Karacic.
90' Peru kick off for the first half of extra time.
END OF 90 MINUTES - After 90 minutes we are still yet to separate these two teams with the match heading into extra time with a 0-0 scoreline at the end of regulation time.
90' + 2' Australia with a good ball down the right. Boyle runs onto it but his cross is straight to a number of Peru shirts.
90' + 1' We will have three minutes of stoppage time.
90' We are inside the final minute of regulation time. There should be at least three minutes of stoppage time.
88' Mabil keeps the ball in and cuts it back to Hrustic whose shot isn't hit cleanly but still requires a good save by Gallese to prevent him from scoring.
J. Maclaren
M. Leckie
86' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - Australia make their second change with Jamie Maclaren replacing his Melbourne City teammate Matthew Leckie.
85' Behich takes the shot from just outside the box but it curls agonisingly wide of the post.
84' Mabil fires in a dangerous ball to the near post but it's scrambled clear by the Peru defence.
82' We are inside the last ten minutes with this match looking headed to extra time.
81' Hrustic goes direct with the free kick but it's a comfortable save for Gallese.
P. Aquino
S. Peña
80' SUBSTITUTION PERU - Another change is made by Peru with Pena replaced by Aquino .
80' Boyle is brought down by Trauco and the Socceroos have the free kick in a dangerous position.
78' Australia continue to play the slow game hoping for a counter attack style hit on Peru.
75' After a period of prolonged passing in defence the long ball is played for Leckie who concedes the foul for pulling the shirt of his opponent.
73' The Peru fans continue to make a lot of noise as they look to lift their team.
71' The Socceroos are intent to slow the game down at the moment and try to hold onto the ball.
A. Mabil
M. Duke
69' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - The Socceroos make their first change with Mabil coming on for Duke.
69' Cueva with a long run into the box but his shot slams into the side netting.
67' Trauco sends it in but the Socceroos defence has it covered.
E. Flores
A. Carrillo
65' SUBSTITUTION PERU - The first change of the match is made with Peru bringing on Flores for Carillo who takes an eternity to walk off.
65' Peru have the free kick half way between the centre and the box.
63' A dangerous cross is sent into the box with Ryan unable to get a hand to it but Rowles is there at the far post to head clear.
62' Leckie concedes the foul to Advincula and there was a little exchange there with the referee stepping in to provide the lecture.
61' Hrustic tries to force his way into the box but the ball just gets away from him.
59' Peru are beginning to press deep with the Socceroos forced to defend.
58' Mooy sends it in towards the far post but Gallese is there to punch it clear.
57' Australia have a corner off Tapia.
55' Ryan gets involved in the game and comes out to get the ball before collecting a bump on his way through. He bounces back up. No harm done there.
54' Irvine is lucky not to have been shown a yellow card for a high boot on Tapia. Peru will have to settle for the free kick just forward of the centre.
53' Mooy shoots from well outside the box but he doesn't get onto it and the shot goes wide.
51' The next corner is headed clear by Rowles.
50' Peru are asking the question and Rowles sends it out for another corner.
50' Cueva sends it in but Irvine is there to head it clear.
49' Peru have their first corner of the match.
48' It has been an even start to the second half.
45' The second half is underway with the Socceroos kicking off.
HALF TIME - Australia emerge through the first half unscathed after Peru had the majority of the possession but were unable to create any serious chances. It can be argued Australia had the better chances but at half-time we are all locked up at 0-0.
45' + 1' There will be one minute of stoppage time.
44' Mooy sends it into the box with the ball headed across to Wright who was offside.
44' The corner is pushed out but Behich wins the foul against Pena to the left of the box.
43' Australia have another corner with Mooy set to deliver.
40' Hrustic goes wide to Boyle who sends the cross into the box but Irvine's header is disappointing and it goes out for a goal kick.
37' Australia aren't looking to lift the tempo of this game and appear to be content to go back into the rooms at half-time all square at 0-0.
35' Atkinson sends the long ball down but there isn't a Socceroos shirt in sight as it bounces out for a goal kick.
34' Atkinson and Boyle combine with Boyle trying to take them on again and once again losing it.
34' Hrustic gets his body in front of Trauco and wins the foul just forward of centre.
32' Boyle sees a gap and tries to get through three defenders before goiung down in the box. Play is stopped momentarily before Boyle is back up and running.
32' Australia need to find the ball and hold it because at the moment they can't get near it.
31' Trauco sends a long ball looking for Cueva but it's a little too high for him and it drifts out for a goal kick.
29' Peru have had a lot of the possession but Australia keep maintaining their shape down back with Peru having little room to move.
27' Boyle is spoken to by the referee after delaying the taking of the throw in.
25' Cueva goes down in the box under Irvine with the referee waving away any looks or appeals for a penalty.
24' Duke is lucky not to have been shown the yellow card after a late challenge. The referee speaks with him. The next time he won't be so fortunate.
23' Hrustic with another ball looking for Duke but he can't get onto it and Australia turn the ball over again.
20' Boyle gets through two defenders but his ball to the far post for Duke doesn't get near him with Duke going down in the box.
18' Wright sends the ball down with Duke bumping into Zambrano and going down at the edge of the box, but the referee says there's nothing to see here.
16' Mooy sends the corner in with Irvine getting to it first but he sends it over the bar for a goal kick.
15' Australia have the first corner of the match and Mooy will step up to take it.
14' Australia have found it difficult to keep possession over the last five minutes.
13' The delivery into the box is initially cleared before it comes back in but on this occasion Ryan has it covered.
N. Atkinson
Yellow Card
13' YELLOW CARD - Atkinson has been shown the yellow card for holding back Christian Cueva.
11' Atkinson needs to be at his best tonight after a below par showing against the United Arab Emirates.
9' Peru are pressing the Socceroos deep as they look to tighten their grip on this match.
7' Mooy with an angled ball to Hrustic who loses the ball but Duke turns onto it and shoots from outside the box but sends it wide.
6' Both sides have started the match with attacking intent based on fast ball movement.
4' An early chance for Peru with the cross coming in to Lapadula. Ryan comes out and is nowhere near it but Lapadula heads over.
3' Duke shoots from outside the box but he sends it wide.
3' There is a huge Peru contingent in the crowd.
2' Australia look to make an attacking presence at the start of the match.
2' If scores are level at full time this match will head to extra time and penalties if necessary.
1' Peru kick off to get us underway.
Peru: Gallese (GK), Advincula, Zambrano, Callens, Trauco, Tapia, Pena, Gonzales, Carrilo, Cueva, Lapadula. Subs: Carvallo, Campos, Corvo, Araujo, Abram, Lopez, Cartagena, Aquino, Calcaterra, Flores, Valera, Ormeno.
Australia: Ryan (GK), Atkinson, Boyle, Leckie, Wright, Hrustic, Mooy, Duke, Behich, Rowles, Irvine. Subs: Redmayne (GK), Vukovic (GK), Degenek, Karacic, Genreau, Maclaren, Mabil, McGree, Goodwin, Sainsbury, Tilio, D'Agostino.
It doesn't get any bigger than this. Australia haven't missed a World Cup since 2002 and it's all on the line tonight. The winner of this match is through to the World Cup in Qatar. Peru are warm favourites but Australia will not let this hold them back. This is massive.
Good morning Australia and welcome to Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar for the World Cup Qualifier between Australia and Peru.