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Raúl García
Penalty Miss
T. Courtois
Penalty Save
Éder Militão
Red Card
K. Benzema
Penalty Goal
0 - 2
L. Modrić
0 - 1
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Madrid win their 12th Supercopa title and their first piece of silverware since Ancelotti returned to the club. They're in Copa del Rey action next as they travel to Elche for their last 16 tie. Athletic couldn't defend their title, finishing as runners-up for the third time. They also have the Copa del Rey next up as they host Barca.
Real Madrid win the Supercopa de Espana after beating Athletic Bilbao 2-0! Modric gave them the lead in the first half with a brilliant first-time curling effort into the top corner. Benzema then wrapped things up after VAR awarded a penalty for handball against Yeray, and the Frenchman fired it home. Athletic pushed, but without testing Courtois, but they got a chance late on. VAR awarded a penalty for handball against Militao, with the Brazilian being shown a straight red card, but Courtois made an important save to deny Raul Garcia.
90' + 3' Athletic are throwing everything they have at Madrid now, but they're running out of time with just two minutes left on the clock. Serrano tries to curl a cross in from the left, but it's cleared by Nacho.
Lucas Vázquez
90' + 1' Third change for Madrid now as Nacho comes on in place of Vazquez.
Yellow Card
90' Yeray slides in late on Kroos, taking the German's legs out from under him. It's a poor challenge and he's shown a yellow card.
Raúl García
Penalty Miss
89' It's not the best penalty from Raul Garcia as it has barely any power behind it, and he couldn't take advantage of the opportunity.
T. Courtois
Penalty Save
89' IT'S SAVED! Raul Garcia, who won the penalty, steps up to take the spot-kick, and he tries to catch out Courtois by going straight down the middle. The keeper is diving to his left, but he keeps his legs straight and denies the substitute with his foot. Still 2-0 Madrid!
Éder Militão
Red Card
87' MADRID DOWN TO 10 MEN! Not only does the referee award a penalty for the handball, but he goes over to Militao and shows him a straight red card for denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity right in front of the line.
87' PENALTY TO ATHLETIC! It only takes one quick look at the replays for the referee to go back onto the pitch and point to the spot after seeing the ball hit Militao's hand.
87' PENALTY SHOUT! There are big shouts from the Athletic players after Raul Garcia's header is nodded against Militao and over the crossbar. It did hit the defender's hand, which was away from his body and the referee is asked to go over to the monitor.
Vinícius Júnior
86' Second change for Madrid now and it's a defensive one as Marcelo comes on to replace Vinicius.
84' SAVE! Athletic aren't letting up with their pressure as Nico Williams clips a cross in from the byline. Inaki Williams nods it back across the box, but Serrano only gets a slight touch which gives it straight to Courtois.
82' Serrano tries to have an instant impact after he dribbles past Mendy and cuts inside from the right. He takes aim with a long-range shot, but it's straight down the middle at Courtois.
Nico Serrano
81' Final roll of the dice for Athletic now as Serrano comes on in place of Muniain.
79' Athletic are starting to up the pressure now as they try to pull a goal back. Nico Williams swings in a deep cross from the right, but Yuri gets caught on his heels on the far side and it sails over his head.
Dani García
Yellow Card
77' Dani Garcia is trying to nick the ball from behind Vinicius, and he ends up clipping the forward's heels twice. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
76' CLOSE! Raul Garcia's volley is blocked from close range by Militao, and the resulting corner is taken short. Yuri whips a great cross into the middle and Raul Garcia is there again, but he glances his header into the side netting.
74' Vinicius cuts inside from the left, playing a one-two with Benzema on the way to get away from De Marcos. He takes a heavy touch on the return pass though, and he can't keep it in play.
72' Benzema has now scored 18 goals against Athletic; it's his favourite opponent in all competitions ever.
70' Modric knocks the ball through Dani Garcia's legs before teeing up Benzema on the edge of the box. Martinez is alert to the danger though and times his interception perfectly to stop him from getting in on goal.
68' It's a lovely backheel flick from Benzema which gets Valverde in behind Yuri and he tries to return the favour by whipping a cross into the Frenchman. It's just behind Benzema though and Yeray clears the danger.
66' Yeray spots Inaki Williams peeling off the back of Alaba and he goes long over the top to try and get him in behind. There's too much on it though, and the forward can't keep it in play.
F. Valverde
64' First change for Madrid now and it's Valverde that's coming on to replace Rodrygo.
62' CHANCE! Muniain's cross is just too high for Inaki Williams, but Alaba nods it onto Nico Williams. He scuffs his volleyed cross back into the middle, but Raul Garcia can only drill his shot wide of the near post.
60' Rodrygo's flicked clearance is straight to Yuri, who floats a good ball over the top for Nico Williams. He has Militao tight to him and can't bring it down before the defender hooks it clear.
58' And Balenziaga is the last to come off, with Yuri on for him.
Mikel Vesga
Oier Zarraga
58' Zarraga is also making way, with Vesga replacing him.
Raúl García
Oihan Sancet
58' Athletic are making a triple change now as they try to get themselves back into this game. Sancet is the first to go off, with Raul Garcia on in his place.
56' Modric slides it through to Rodrygo, and he makes another good run down the left before fizzing a low cross into the box. Nobody's up with him in support though, and it's a comfortable clearance for Simon.
54' Athletic's job just got a lot harder, but they're trying to get an instant response. It's worked from right to left as they try to open up Madrid, and eventually, Zarraga has a go from range. It's a wild effort from outside the box that flies high and well wide of the goal.
K. Benzema
Penalty Goal
52' BENZEMA SCORES! Simon is trying his best to put him off from the goal line, but it doesn't work! Benzema steps up and fires his shot to the left and the goalkeeper goes the right way, but it's just too high for him and it hits the back of the net. 2-0 Madrid!
51' PENALTY TO MADRID! The referee is asked to go over to the monitor and after having a look at the replays of the incident, he judges that Yeray's arm is in an unnatural position when he blocks it and he points to the spot.
50' PENALTY SHOUT! There are half-hearted shouts for a penalty from the Madrid players after Benzema's strike is blocked by Yeray. He was sliding in to block it and his arm is slightly raised, so the referee is delaying the corner while VAR takes a look at it...
48' Madrid have picked up where they left off, dominating possession and putting Athletic under pressure. Vinicius and Mendy are linking up well down the left, but there's nobody in the box for them to try and pick out.
46' Madrid get us back underway for the second half!
Nico Williams
Álex Berenguer
46' Marcelino is making a change at the break, and he's bringing on the semi-final match-winner, Nico Williams, for Berenguer.
Ancelotti's men have looked the better side so far, and they're just 45 minutes away from lifting the trophy if they can see this out. They looked dangerous every time they attacked, and he'll be hoping they can keep this up. Athletic are in a familiar position, after going behind to Atletico, and they'll be hoping they can come from behind again so they can defend their title.
Modric's goal gives Madrid a 1-0 lead over Athletic at half-time. Madrid were the brighter team throughout the first half, with Casemiro forcing two good saves out of Simon when it was goalless. They finally broke the deadlock in the 38th minute though when Modric curled a brilliant first-time shot into the top corner, giving Simon no chance. Sancet came close just before the break for Athletic but fired just over.
45' CHANCE! Garcia's throughball takes three Madrid players out of the game and Sancet brings it under control before turning past Militao. He fires his shot across goal and it's just too high, but that's the closest Athletic have come so far!
44' Muniain touches it onto Balenziaga and he drills a dangerous low cross into the box. Sancet and Militao both miss it at the near post and Williams is waiting in the middle, but Alaba sticks out a leg to stop it from reaching him.
42' Madrid are back to dominating possession, but Athletic aren't closing them down as quickly as before. Madrid are patiently working it out from the back, but they're in no hurry to push upfield.
40' Vazquez plays a one-two with Modric to get away from Balenziaga before clipping a cross into the middle for Benzema. Martinez steps in front of him to block it and his clearance ends up looping just wide of the near post.
38' Rodrygo's been getting a lot of joy on the right flank all game, and he did well to pick out Modric under pressure from Balenziaga.
L. Modrić
38' MODRIC SCORES! And what a goal it is! It comes from Madrid's right side again, with Rodrygo making another good run before he cuts into the box. He doesn't have space for a shot, so he lays it off to Modric instead. He hits it first time, curling it around Martinez and into the top right corner. 1-0 Madrid!
36' Sancet is trying to drag his team upfield again, but he's tripped by Vazquez before Casemiro clatters into him. Athletic win the free-kick, but they still can't get out of their own half.
34' Rodrygo goes over the ball and catches Muniain with a late tackle which results in a free-kick for Athletic on the left. The captain steps up to take it, but his cross is cleared by Benzema.
32' Athletic are starting to cause Madrid some problems now and Muniain curls a low cross to Williams on the edge of the box. His first touch is poor though and he gifts it straight to Militao.
30' Muniain makes a driving run through midfield, and he touches it out to Berenguer in space on the right. De Marcos is making the overlapping run, but he chooses to curl it into the box himself and his cross is straight into Courtois' gloves.
28' GREAT SAVE! Kroos steps up to take the resulting corner and Casemiro rises highest in the middle to meet it. His header is just sneaking under the bar, but Simon gets across to tip it over.
27' SAVE! Garcia tried to break on the counter for Athletic, but Alaba cut that out with a perfectly-timed tackle. It comes to Casemiro on the right of the box and his low shot is pushed wide by Simon.
25' Sancet tries to dribble his way into the box, but he's crowded out by three Madrid defenders. Zarraga latches onto the loose ball and tries to lift it over the top to Williams, but Courtois rushes off his line to intercept it.
23' Madrid have won the title in 11 of their last 12 finals played in all competitions, including the two Supercopa finals played in that time: against Barcelona in 2017 over two legs and against Atletico on a penalty shootout in 2020.
21' Athletic are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment as Madrid patiently work it upfield from the back. It ends up with Rodrygo down the right again, but this time, his cross is blocked by Balenziaga.
19' SAVE! Rodrygo squares it to Benzema on the edge of the box and he has time to take a touch before having a go. It's swerving in at the near post, but Simon gets his fingertips to it to tip it wide.
17' Again, Madrid look to their right side to create something as Vazquez flicks it back to Modric. Nobody's picking him up, so he cuts inside before drilling a low shot at the near post, but it's blocked by Martinez.
15' Muniain swings a deep corner into the box and Martinez can only head it up into the air as he gets caught under it. Yeray is first to the ball at the far post, but his header across goal is always heading wide.
13' Zarraga drills a low throughball into the box and Sancet nudges Militao out of the way as he tries to bring it under control. It gets caught under his feet though, and he can't tee up Williams at the far post.
11' Madrid are moving the ball from left to right quickly to try and stretch open the space in behind Athletic. Vazquez fizzes another low cross into the box and Kroos hits it first time, but it's blocked by Yeray.
10' Athletic break on the counter, and this time, they manage to make it past the halfway line, with Muniain making a good run down the left. He squares it into a dangerous area, but Alaba is the only one there.
8' It's touched out to Rodrygo on the right, and he rides two challenges as he moves into the box. Just as he sets himself for a shot, Balenziaga sticks out a leg behind him to take the ball away and Simon hooks it clear.
6' Madrid have made a bright start to the game and they're not letting up the pressure on Athletic. Kroos cuts open Athletic's defence with a throughball down the left of the box, but Simon gets there just ahead of Vinicius.
4' Modric pulls the ball back for Casemiro on the edge of the box and he lifts a first-time cross into Benzema in the middle. Athletic's defenders are all over the place, and they get lucky that the Frenchman is caught on his heels and can't reach it.
2' Vinicius can't find a way through down the left so he switches it out to Rodrygo on the right. He curls a good cross into Benzema, and he brings it down on his chest, unaware that Martinez is behind him. The defender steps across him and clears the danger.
1' Williams gets the Supercopa de Espana final underway for Athletic!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Athletic are looking to win consecutive Supercopa de Espana titles after seeing off Barcelona in last season's competition. On their way to lifting the trophy last year, they beat Madrid 2-1 in the semi-final.
Carlo Ancelotti makes three changes from the win over Barcelona last time out, with two of those enforced. Dani Carvajal has tested positive for COVID-19 while Marco Asensio misses out after going off with a muscle strain in that match. They are boosted by the return of Alaba from a hamstring injury though, with Vazquez and Rodyrgo also coming in. Nacho drops to the bench.
Marcelino sticks with the same side that started against Atletico in their semi-final on Thursday, which means there's no place in the starting line-up for Nico Williams, who came off the bench to score the winner in that game.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Nacho, Isco, Federico Valverde, Toni Fuidias, Andriy Lunin, Luka Jovic, Eden Hazard, Eduardo Camavinga, Marcelo, Dani Ceballos.
REAL MADRID STARTING XI (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Lucas Vazquez, Eder Militao, David Alaba, Ferland Mendy; Luka Modric, Casemiro, Toni Kroos; Rodrygo, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior.
ATHLETIC BILBAO SUBS: Julen Agirrezabala, Mikel Vesga, Alex Petxarroman Eizagirre, Nicolas Serrano, Nico Williams, Ander Capa, Raul Garcia, Dani Vivian, Peru Nolaskoain, Yuri, Inigo Lekue.
ATHLETIC BILBAO STARTING XI (4-4-2): Unai Simon; Oscar De Marcos, Yeray Alvarez, Inigo Martinez, Mikel Balenziaga; Alex Berenguer, Dani Garcia, Oier Zarraga, Iker Muniain; Oihan Sancet, Inaki Williams.
Athletic are the current holders in the competition and came from behind against Atletico Madrid to beat them 2-1 in their semi-final on Thursday. They're looking to defend their title and come into today unbeaten in four games since a 2-1 defeat to Madrid just before the winter break. It took extra time for Madrid to see off Barcelona, with Federico Valverde netting the decisive goal in a 3-2 victory over their rivals. They've won their last three in all competitions, and have already done the double over Athletic in LaLiga this season.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Supercopa de Espana final between Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid at the King Fahd International Stadium!