PSG 2023-24 season preview: Superstar sales would create the most-balanced - and perhaps best - team in years

PSG Season Preview GFX

'Goodbye, Lionel Messi. Thanks for the memories. You too, Kylian Mbappe. It's been a pleasure underwhelming with you - even if it wasn't always your fault. And the less said about you, Neymar, the better...'

Paris Saint-Germain may well end the transfer window having moved on from all three of their superstar forwards, a trifecta that really should have won them a lot of trophies, but failed to do so. They have also shed some other dead weight from their squad, as Luis Enrique becomes the latest manager to take up the poisoned chalice that is the PSG job.

Things, though, might be about to change. The former Barcelona and Spain boss has a project to work with. Instead of having three either narcissistic or reluctant superstars, he might not have any. Instead PSG are putting together a young, hungry team that may not draw the same levels of attention, but could grow into a more successful unit than their predecessors.

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It isn't all that simple, though. PSG are probably somewhere in between a revamp and a rebuild (there's a difference between the two), meaning their may be teething problems early on. The majority of the new faces will be relied upon to make some sort of impact immediately, but also, the club hope, get better as the months roll on.

For once, however, there's some freedom here, with an undoubtedly talented manager to pull it all together. For the first time in years, everything could click at Parc des Princes.