Who is Ulla Sandrock? Jurgen Klopp's wife who persuaded him to stay at Liverpool

20:41 WAT 28/04/2022
Ulla Sandrock
The German manager has been married to the children's novelist since 2005

Jurgen Klopp listed his wife, Ulla Sandrock, as one of the factors in his decision to sign a new contract at Liverpool.

After six and a half years on Merseyside, it seems the married couple have settled in and become accustomed to life in the area.

While Klopp has become one of the most renowned coaches in world football since his arrival at the club, less is known about the woman behind the man. GOAL brings you up to date about who she is and her role in Klopp's new deal.

Who is Ulla Sandrock?

Ulla previously worked as a teacher but is now a published novelist.

She wrote a children's book about a boy who finds a magic football that turns him into a fantastic player.

She also has a reputation as a charitable person, which earned her the nickname of the 'First Lady of the Bundesliga' because of her philanthropy and marriage to Klopp, who used to manage Borussia Dortmund.

What did Klopp say about her role in his new deal?

Klopp mentioned his wife as the first reason behind his decision to commit to Liverpool until 2026.

In a video posted from the club's Twitter account, Klopp said: "I stay for another two years... 'Why?' is now the question. Because Ulla wants to stay! As a good husband, what are you doing when your wife want to stay? You stay.

"That's not the only reason, but it's one of the reasons."

Does she attend matches?

Ulla has been known to attend some Liverpool matches during Klopp's time in charge of the team.

After the recent Premier League clash against Manchester City, Klopp was recorded pointing out his wife to Pep Guardiola.

The German told his City counterpart that he told her not to go to the match because she had been elbowed during a match against Manchester United.

Nevertheless, she opted to attend the headline match between England's top two teams.

How did Klopp meet his wife?

Klopp and Ulla met while she was working as a waitress in a bar in Munich during Oktoberfest.

The couple then got married in December 2005.

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