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'He's made a huge blunder' - Klopp Afcon comments prompt fierce debate

20:33 WAT 25/11/2021
20211030 Jurgen Klopp
The German coach has been at the centre of a storm regarding some apparently misconstrued comments

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was forced to clarify his comments about the significance of the Africa Cup of Nations on Wednesday, after his words about the tournament were apparently misconstrued.

The Afcon is the biggest showpiece continental competition in Africa, and with that in mind, tempers and emotions were set to be on the rise when a certain popular figure appeared to have labelled it ‘little’.

Yet that’s exactly what Klopp did in the eyes of some.

“In January there’s a little tournament in Africa,” he said about the tournament in a recent press conference, prompting some furore online.

Liverpool are among the sides that will strongly be affected by the continental competition, and speaking after his side’s recent thumping of Arsenal, Klopp spoke on the prospect of losing star duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane to the upcoming competition.

For obvious reasons, that statement did not go down well with a number of fans and it soon became a topic for discussion on social media.

"Klopp made a huge blunder," wrote user @zikaay. "A well articulate journalist would have put him in the right place for that statement."

Many social media users on the continent did not take that statement lightly and were quick to voice their opinion and sentiments on the matter. One decided to take things further and ask the Liverpool manager for clarity on his statement.

How did social media react to Klopp’s statement?

Many were quick to brand Klopp’s statement as ‘disrespectful’ while another section of fans simply claimed the German was misunderstood.

As the matter continues to bring much debate among supporters, we take a look at some of the best reactions after Klopp was made to defend his statements.

Journalist Ojora Babatunde did not hold back in asking a direct question to the Liverpool manager. A video, which has now gathered much traction, has been a hot talking point on social media.

@Engr_Series was of the opinion that Klopp should have apologized, even after explaining that his comments were misunderstood.

He said: “he made his point but he should have apologized regardless as the African community aren’t totally pleased with the remark. Thank you for referencing it anyway.”

Admittedly, sarcasm differs all over the world, and one fan took that approach: @Oloye__ was quick to point out that it was an ironic statement and even demanded the journalist apologize to the Liverpool manager.

He said: “He's German. [It’s] not his native language. It was sarcasm at worst and ironic at best. Picking offense at everything is not cool.

“You should apologize to Jurgen. I was embarrassed watching that. You should apologize to me too.”

In response to the above statement, another fan struggled to see how there was any bit of sarcasm involved.

@OniUyiEkiti responded to @Oloye__, saying: ‘"there is a little tournament going on in Africa in January" is a sarcasm. Allahu Akbar!!!!’

A popular UK-based Liverpool–focused account were quick to respond, demonstrating that such language is pretty normal to say in some regions.

@thisisanfield posted: ‘Just a few examples for you’

@6_timesred also took the side of Klopp, saying “Ermmmm… The term little is used often when describing something that has a big effect on you. You use it ironically/sarcastically.”

It remains to be seen whether it was taken out of context or if Klopp did hint at something.

Do join the conversation below and let us know your thoughts on the controversial statement.

by Kolade Daniel