Arsenal's North London Forever chant: Lyrics & background to new Gunners anthem 'The Angel' by Louis Dunford

10:57 WAT 30/04/2022
Arsenal fans, Louis Dunford
The Gunners faithful could debut the new terrace tune in their next Premier League game, but where did it originate from?

Arsenal supporters are pushing for a 'North London Forever' chant to become a new club anthem, but what are the lyrics and background to the song? GOAL has all the details.

The Gunners faithful have a strong reputation as one of the most vocal fanbases in the Premier League, and they boast a vast collection of songs about current players, club legends and past glories that they regularly belt out during matches.

A large portion of those tunes reference their unique place in the history of north London, and a new one has now been added to the Arsenal playlist which is reportedly set to debut in the away stand at West Ham on Sunday.

What are the lyrics to the chant 'North London Forever'?

English singer Louis Dunford, who was born and raised in north London, released a single called 'The Angel' in February 2022, and Gunners fans have picked up the chorus as a potential new club chant, which goes:

North London forever

Whatever the weather

These streets are our own

And my heart will leave you never

My blood will forever

Run through the stone

What does the chant mean?

'The Angel' was released as one of the singles from Dunford's 'The Popham EP' and the official video for the song has been viewed over 44,000 times on YouTube as of April 30, 2022.

Dunford includes the full lyrics to the song in the description, which you can find here, and goes into great detail about life on the north London streets, from the "little f*ckers causing trouble" to the "towers of veneer" now visible on the skyline.

The Sony Music-signed artist also mentions football and Arsenal's old ground Highbury, and has welcomed the prospect of supporters adopting the tune.

"I’m overwhelmed by the love The Angel is getting today," Dunford tweeted on April 29, 2022. "Thank you all so much for sharing and tweeting @Arsenal. Don’t stop now. North London forever."

He also suggested that the lyrics to the chorus could be tweaked to better fit the Gunners in a subsequent post as he wrote: "Majority of ya seem to like the chorus as it is. If you did wanna change it though I reckon this works quite well -

"North London forever

"Whatever the weather

"These streets are our own

"And our hearts will leave you never

"The Arsenal forever

"Will be our home"

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