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90' + 4'
T. Courtois
Yellow Card
90' + 4'
Pablo Ibáñez
Yellow Card
2 - 1
Lucas Torró
1 - 1
Vinícius Júnior
1 - 0

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58% 41%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 5
Total Passes 567 381
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Madrid win the Copa del Rey for the 20th time and their first since 2014. They have another big game in midweek as they host Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final first leg. Osasuna narrowly miss out on winning the competition for the first time. Next up for them is Almeria in LaLiga.
MADRID WIN THE COPA DEL REY! Rodrygo's brace helps them to a 2-1 win over Osasuna. Ancelotti's side got off to the perfect start, with Rodrygo's deflected effort wrongfooting Herrera just two minutes into the game. Ezzalzouli also saw an effort cleared off the line before Alaba hit the crossbar in the first half. Osasuna fought back after the break and equalised through Torro, but Madrid found their rhythm again, and Rodrygo lifted his second over Herrera to get the winning goal.
Pablo Ibáñez
Yellow Card
90' + 4' The yellow card is out again, this time for Ibanez. A nudge from Vinicius knocked him off balance and there was a tangle of legs as he went down. The referee deems it a foul by the substitute.
T. Courtois
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Courtois is dawdling over his goal-kick as he tries to run the clock down and he's booked for time-wasting.
90' + 3' WHAT A CHANCE! Oroz wins it back in midfield and slides a good throughball forward for Chimy. He squares it into the six-yard box for Barja, but Carvajal comes in from behind to take it off his toe just in time with a clean tackle.
90' + 2' With just over three minutes of stoppage time left, the Madrid fans are starting to enjoy themselves. Every completed pass is greeted by a cheer from their fans, and they're doing well to keep Osasuna off the ball.
90' GREAT CHANCE! Madrid break quickly following an Osasuna corner, and Vinicius has a clear run at goal. He decides to be unselfish and pull it back to Benzema, but he doesn't get enough on it and the keeper cuts it out.
F. Valverde
Yellow Card
90' Valverde cuts out Osasuna's attempt at a counter by stopping Kike Garcia's run, and he goes into the referee's book.
Marco Asensio
89' Madrid's last change sees Asensio come on for Rodrygo.
Pablo Ibáñez
Lucas Torró
86' And the goal scorer, Torro, makes way for Ibanez, who scored the winner against Athletic Bilbao in the semi-final.
Kike García
Moi Gómez
86' Final changes for Osasuna now as they chase another equaliser. Gomez is taken off for Kike Garcia.
85' Madrid are pushing for the goal that would seal the win for them, but Vinicius can't find a way down the left this time. It's switched to Rodrygo on the opposite side, and Rudiger rises high to meet his cross and heads over.
Kike Barja
Yellow Card
83' Barja isn't happy that a free-kick is given against Osasuna, and after making that clear to the referee, he punches the ball away in frustration. That earns him a yellow card.
L. Modrić
T. Kroos
82' Second change for Madrid now as Kroos makes way for Modric.
81' Camavinga is being penned in close to the corner flag, but he manages to get it back to Courtois. The keeper is quickly closed down by Chimy, but keeps his cool long enough to hook it away just in time.
79' Osasuna win a couple of corners in a row, but can't direct it towards goal. When the latest one is recycled by Chimy, Aridane can only send his header high into the air, and Carvajal shields it out of play.
77' CLOSE! Kroos takes the corner short to Rodrygo this time, and he clips a good cross into the middle of the crowd. Alaba rises highest, but his looping header lands on the roof of the net.
Rubén García
Rubén Peña
75' And Pena is taken off for Ruben Garcia.
Kike Barja
A. Ezzalzouli
75' Double change for Osasuna now as they look to get back into this game. Ezzalzouli is the first to go off, with Barja replacing him.
E. Camavinga
Yellow Card
75' Camavinga stretches across Pena to cut off his latest run and is booked for the late challenge.
74' Osasuna are committing more bodies forward and it means they're caught out as Madrid break quickly. Kroos plays it through the middle Vinicius, but Aridane shows him down the line and he can't keep it in.
72' Osasuna look to make an instant response to going behind as Pena gets away down the right. He squares a dangerous cross into the box, but Chimy is caught on his heels and can't get to it.
70' RODRYGO SCORES! Madrid lead once more! It stems from Vinicius' work down the left again as he bursts past Moncayola to reach the byline before pulling it back just before it goes out of play. Garcia's clearance is straight to Kroos, though the Osasuna captain blocks it. This time, it falls to the unmarked Rodrygo, who lifts it over Herrera. 2-1 Madrid!
E. Ávila
A. Budimir
70' And Osasuna's change is a straight swap as Chimy replaces Budimir.
A. Rüdiger
A. Tchouaméni
69' Both sides are making a change here, starting with Madrid. Tchouameni goes off, with Rudiger replacing him.
68' Budimir gets in front of Militao to keep the attack alive for Osasuna, but Pena can't get past Camavinga down the right. He tries to pull it back to Torro but gifts the ball back to Madrid.
66' Madrid win their first corner of the second half, but Kroos can't pick out a team-mate. Valverde latches onto the clearance but also picks out a red shirt with his cross.
64' Osasuna are being penned back in their own half as Madrid patiently keep possession in front of them. They can't find a way through at the moment though.
62' WIDE! Aridane is caught on his heels when it's slipped through to Benzema, and the Frenchman spins past him to clip it into the middle. Valverde hits the shot into the ground and it bounces wide of the far post.
60' A flare has been set off among the Osasuna fans in the crowd and there's a delay to the restart as stewards go across to put it out and make sure the people around it are safe.
Lucas Torró
58' TORRO EQUALISES! Pena's cross is over everyone in the middle, but it falls to Ezzalzouli on the far side. His cross is deflected out to Torro on the edge of the D, and he sets himself to hit it on the half-volley through the crowd and into the bottom left corner. 1-1!
56' Osasuna are starting to up the pressure a little here as Pena dribbles past Camavinga on the right. He clips it into the near post, but can only pick out Alaba.
54' At 22 years and 117 days, Rodrygo has become the youngest player to score in a Copa del Rey final for Madrid in the 21st century.
52' Rodrygo surges past Cruz down the right, but the defender does well to get back and take it off his toe at the near post. The Brazilian quickly wins it back and tees up Vinicius, but he curls a shot wide.
50' It's Camavinga that's away down the left this time after being played in by Vinicius and he pulls it back from the byline. Benzema is there to hit it first time, but he blazes it high over the bar.
48' Cruz squares it to Oroz, but he can't get a sight of goal on the edge of the box. He tries to poke it through to Ezzalzouli in a better position, but he's caught on his heels and Alaba clears his lines.
46' Osasuna get us back underway for the second half!
Madrid have looked a threat every time they've gone forward, with Vinicius, in particular, causing Osasuna real problems. Ancelotti will be looking for more of the same so they can put this game to bed. Osasuna have reacted well to going behind though, but Arrasate will know that his side can't waste any more chances that they do create if they want to get back into it.
Real Madrid lead Osasuna 1-0 at half-time in the Copa del Rey final. They got off to a dream start, with Rodrygo putting them ahead in the second minute - Vinicius' run made it possible as he took two defenders out of the game, and his fellow Brazilian's shot deflected over Herrera. Ezzalzouli had a brilliant chance to equalise, but it was cleared off the line and Alaba rattled the bar with a long-range free-kick.
45' + 2' Osasuna have another chance to put the ball into the box before the end of the first half through a long throw-in. It's not the best from Cruz though, and Gomez's attempt to recycle it rolls out for a goal-kick.
Vinícius Júnior
Yellow Card
45' Vinicius has complained about every decision that has gone against Madrid, and this time he's crossed a line in the referee's eyes. He's booked for dissent.
43' Rodrygo (1:47) has scored the earliest goal in a Copa del Rey final since Raul Tamuno for Espanyol against Real Zaragoza in 2006 (1st minute), and the earliest by a Madrid player since Barinaga against Valencia in 1946 (2nd minute).
Éder Militão
Yellow Card
41' Militao gets across to Oroz and brings him down with a late challenge. He's shown a yellow card.
39' Camavinga finds himself on the edge of the box with space as it's laid off to him by Rodrygo. When none of the Osasuna defenders close him down, he drills a low shot towards goal but ends up dragging it wide.
David García
Yellow Card
37' Garcia slid in with a late challenge on Rodrygo earlier in Madrid's latest attack. The referee initially played the advantage but now takes it back to book him.
35' CLOSE! After trying to set up his team-mates throughout the first half, Vinicius decides to go it alone this time. Tchouameni spreads it out to him and he cuts inside before curling a shot towards the far top corner, but it's just wide.
34' Pena gets the better of Camavinga and pulls a cross back from the byline. It falls for Gomez just outside the box and he lets it bounce before hitting a volley that flies high towards the stands.
32' OFF THE BAR! Madrid win a free-kick quite a long way out, but that doesn't deter Alaba from taking on the shot. He lifts it high over the wall and Herrera is scrambling across his line. He's beaten though and it smacks off the crossbar.
30' Militao goes long for Vinicius over the top, but this time, Moncayola manages to cut it out. The pressure isn't gone from Madrid now, as they push from higher up the pitch.
28' Kroos' corner sails over everyone, but Madrid keep it alive down the right. It's pulled back to the edge of the box by Valverde, but Tchouameni and Benzema get in each others' way, allowing Aridane to clear.
26' OFF THE LINE! Pena does brilliantly to keep the ball in play, but then it looks like he sells Ezzalzouli short with the pass. He wants it more than Militao though and leaves him on the floor as he gets into the box. His chipped shot beats Courtois, but Carvajal hooks it away at the far post.
25' GREAT SAVE! Vinicius surges away from Moncayola with ease and then fizzes another dangerous cross into the box. Instead of going for goal, Rodrygo flicks it back for Benzema to hit first time, but Herrera quickly gets down to tip it away.
23' Budimir drops back to get a foot on the ball and then plays a good reverse pass for Oroz in the box. Militao gets in front of him to stop him from getting in on goal, but then slices his clearance straight out.
Yellow Card
21' Vinicius darted in front of Moncayola to win the ball and then got pulled back as he tried to break. Moncayola is shown the first booking of the game.
21' Moncayola misses the clearance on Camavinga's looping throw-in, and the space opens up for Vinicius once more. He volleys a cross towards Benzema, who shoves Garcia out of the way, only to fire his shot well wide.
19' Madrid neatly work it upfield, but Vinicius is caught on the ball by Moncayola, and Osasuna try to break on the counter. Oroz is dragged down by Kroos before he can get very far, and the chance is gone.
17' Madrid are back to keeping possession, but it's still in front of Osasuna. Kroos eventually goes for a big switch out to Carvajal, but he can't get away from Cruz.
15' GOOD CHANCE! Osasuna win a free-kick on the right, and Moncayola whips a dangerous cross into the crowd. Gomez throws himself forward to get on the end of it but thumps his header wide of the near post.
14' Osasuna just can't cope with Vinicius' threat down the left as he spins past Pena and bursts forward yet again. He looks to fizz another low cross into Benzema, but Aridane sticks out a leg to help it back to Herrera.
12' Madrid break quickly on the counter, and Kroos plays a wonderful pass forward for Benzema to chase. He takes it into the box before curling a shot on goal, but it's blocked by Aridane.
10' Madrid are trying to gain control of this game, and they're keeping possession well among their defenders. Osasuna's high press is causing problems though, and they're struggling to get forward at the moment.
8' SAVE! Pena has space to run into down the right once more and he clips a good cross into the middle of the box. Budimir peels away from Militao to get his head to it, but Courtois comfortably catches it.
6' At the other end, Pena has a chance to run at Madrid for Osasuna's first attack. He holds off Camavinga as he darts down the wing, but his dangerous cross is put out for a corner by Alaba.
4' Vinicius is in down the left again, and Osasuna just can't keep up with him. This time, he squares a low cross to Benzema on the penalty spot, but he hits his shot straight into the crowd of defenders in front of him.
Vinícius Júnior
2' It was almost too easy for Vinicius to get into the box, but his quick feet proved to be the difference as he left the defenders behind him.
2' RODYRGO SCORES! What a start for Madrid! He couldn't find a way down the right, so it was switched out to Vinicius on the opposite flank. It's brilliant work from him as he takes on Moncayola and Pena, breezing past both to the byline before pulling it back. Rodrygo is waiting at the far post, and his effort deflects over Herrera. 1-0 Madrid!
1' Benzema gets the game underway for Madrid!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Madrid haven't lost any of their last 18 games against Osasuna in all competitions (W13 D5), since a 1-0 league defeat at El Sadar in January 2011 - it's their longest unbeaten run against them ever.
Jagoba Arrasate rings in the changes, making nine to the side that lost to Barcelona in midweek, and only Torro and Oroz retain their places from that game. Herrera, who has been their first-choice keeper in the Copa del Rey this season, once again starts in goal, while Moncayola returns from suspension.
Carlo Ancelotti makes five changes from their defeat to Sociedad last time out. Alaba returns from a hamstring injury, Vinicius and Camavinga are back after serving suspensions, and Benzema and Valverde also come in. Rudiger, Nacho, Ceballos, Asensio and Diaz all drop to the bench, where Modric is also named after overcoming his own hamstring problem.
OSASUNA SUBS: Unai Garcia, Kike Garcia, Chimy Avila, Kike Barja, Diego Moreno, Iker Munoz, Aitor Fernandez, Pablo Ibanez, Ruben Garcia, Jorge Herrando, Manuel Sanchez.
OSASUNA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sergio Herrera; Ruben Pena, Aridane Hernandez, David Garcia, Juan Cruz; Jon Moncayola, Lucas Torro, Almar Oroz; Moi Gomez, Ante Budimir, Abdessamad Ezzalzouli.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Eden Hazard, Andrii Lunin, Nacho, Antonio Rudiger, Lucas Vazquez, Marco Asensio, Mariano, Jesus Vallejo, Dani Ceballos, Alvaro Odriozola, Luka Modric.
REAL MADRID STARTING XI (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, David Alaba, Eduardo Camavinga; Federico Valverde, Aurelien Tchouameni, Toni Kroos; Rodrygo, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior.
Madrid have won the Copa del Rey 19 times, and are making their 40th appearance in the final today, though it's their first since lifting the trophy in 2013-14. They overturned a 1-0 first-leg deficit to beat Barcelona 4-1 on aggregate in the semi-final to get here. They lost three of their eight games in all competitions since that tie (W5), including last time out against Real Sociedad. As for Osasuna, they're looking to win the competition for the first time, and are playing in the final for just the second time, losing to Real Betis in 2004-05. It took extra time for them to get past Athletic Bilbao 2-1, but have lost three of their six games after that (W3), including the last two without scoring.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Osasuna at the Estadio Olimpico de la Cartuja!