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L. Paredes
M. Locatelli
F. Gatti
1 - 0
D. Vlahović
Yellow Card
A. Rabiot
Yellow Card
Gonçalo Inácio
Yellow Card

Match Stats

41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 6
Total Passes 402 560
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Sporting will still fancy their chances in the tie despite being one goal behind and host Juventus in the second leg in one week. Before their Europa League clash, they are at home against Arouca in the Primeira Liga. As for Juventus, they will look to keep their slim chance of finishing inside the top four in Serie A alive when they travel to Sassuolo.
Juventus have a narrow advantage going into the second leg after a 1-0 win over Sporting at Allianz Stadium. The Bianconeri had the first chance of the game when Di Maria found Chiesa with a diagonal pass from right to left, but his curling effort was pushed away by Adan. Szczesny then made two saves to preserve Juventus’ clean sheet, denying Coates and Pote. He was beaten when Santos lashed an effort across the goal, but Bremer cleared the ball away. Substitute Perin then saved a curling effort from Pote, with Juventus taking the lead on 73 minutes. Di Maria’s curling cross was headed towards the goal by Vlahovic, with the striker getting there before Adan. It was cleared off the line by Coates, but Gatti was there to crash in the rebound. Sporting put the pressure on in the final few minutes and would have had an equaliser if not for a stunning display of goalkeeping from Perin. Pote’s shot from close range was pushed away by the Italian in stoppage time. Bellerin was there for the rebound and looked certain to score, but Perin got across to block his effort.
90' + 2' SAVE! Perin is the only reason why Juventus still have a clean sheet after two incredible stops. Gomes gets down the left and pulls the ball across the box with Pote's point-blank effort blocked by Perin. Bellerin is there for the rebound, but the goalkeeper gets across to make another save.
90' + 1' There will be three minutes of additional time.
89' Bellerín gets inside the Juventus box on the right and waits for the run of Morita who is unmarked in the middle. The Japan heads the ball towards the goal, but his effort goes just wide. Perin is not happy and feels someone should have been their to stop the midfielder.
88' Everyone apart from Adan is inside Juventus' half.
P. Pogba
Á. Di María
85' Di Maria does not have a goal or an assist to his name but played a vital role in the opener, putting a great cross into the box for Vlahovic to attack. Pogba replaces him for the final few minutes.
L. Paredes
M. Locatelli
85' Allegri makes a straight swap in the midfield with Paredes coming on for Locatelli.
85' Chiesa does well to slow the game down and stop pressure from building. He makes the most of a loose pass, rushing into the space ahead of him before being fouled by Essugo.
83' Perin does well again, getting down to claim Bellerin's cross into the box. However, the former Arsenal man put a slight amount of height on the ball, making it easier for the goalkeeper to claim.
81' Sporting have had most of the ball since going beind with Juventus happy to hold onto their narrow lead. Cuadrado, who has always looked to get forward in this game, is now sitting further back. Pogba is about to be introduced.
79' Bellerin looks to make an immediate impact and drives a low cross into the box from the right, but Perin gets down to claim the cross and stop the danger.
Héctor Bellerín
Ricardo Esgaio
77' Sporting make a straight swap on the right and have added extra pace with the introduction of Bellerin. Esgaio is off.
Dário Essugo
M. Edwards
77' Edwards has been Sporting's best attacker, but is now being given a rest for the last 13 minutes. Essugo is on in his place.
75' Juventus have won three and drawn one of their Europa League games when scoring the opening goal this season.
F. Gatti
73' GOALLLLL! GATTI SCORES! 1-0 JUVENTUS! Gatti scores the opener in this Europa League quater-final. Vlahovic gets to Di Maria's cross before Adan and heads the ball towards the goal with the Coates clearing it away. However, he only kicks it as far as Gatti who crashes his shot in from close range.
71' Gomes gets the ball for the first time since coming on, dribbles past Cuadrado on the left and rushes into space. He has nobody up to support him and looks to go alone, but kicks the ball off the pitch under pressure from Fagioli.
69' Edwards has the ball on the right inside Juventus' half and pokes a throughball to Esgaio who gets towards the byline. He tries to pass the ball back across the box, but Bremer kicks it away.
67' Danilo gets forward on the left and cuts the ball onto his right foot before curling a cross into the box, but the ball is cleared away by the head of Coates.
D. Vlahović
Yellow Card
66' Vlahovic has only been on for a matter of minutes but goes into the book after putting his hand around the face of Diomande when challenging for the ball.
63' Di Maria has scored four goals in Europe this season for Juventus, his joint-best return in a single season in major European competitions, along with 2016-17 (also four).
N. Fagioli
F. Kostić
62' Kostic usually has an impact on the left side and is always an attacking threat, but has not been involved as much as Cuadrado on the other side. Fagioli replaces him.
D. Vlahović
A. Milik
62' Juventus also make two alterations. They also switch their striker with Vlahovic on for Milik.
Matheus Reis
Nuno Santos
62' Reis is also on for Sporting. Santos is given a rest.
Arthur Gomes
Youssef Chermiti
62' Sporting make their first two changes of the game. Chermiti has had a quiet game in the attack and is now coming off without having a shot. Gomes is on.
61' Morita and Edwards are over a free-kick within shooting distance just outside the box. Positioned slightly to the right, it is the former who takes, playing a low pass across to Esgaio who has his shot blocked.
58' Cuadrado whips a cross into the box from the right looking for Milik, but it goes over the head of the striker with Inacio heading it behind.
56' Kostic lays the ball down the left flank, but it is slightly wide of the run that Chiesa makes with the winger having to retrieve the ball from the byline. He shifts onto his right foot and sends a low cross into the box that is cleared by Coates.
55' Sporting have lost just one of their last six away games in Europe (winning two, drawing three), keeping three clean sheets during this run. They are unbeaten in three on the road, last going four games without defeat away from home in Europe back in February 2019.
53' Di Maria has his first shot of the game after receiving the ball from Cuadrado, but his effort from outside the box is bloced.
51' Edwards gives away possession with Chiesa coming away with it. He bursts down the left and gets past Esgaio but not Diomande who slides the ball away for a throw-in.
49' Santos holds the ball and shapes for a cross on the left before sending a pass across to Esgaio on the edge of the box. He then lashes a shot well over the bar.
47' Perin makes his first save after coming on as a substitute. Trincao flicks a backheel into the path of Pote outside the box. The midfielder then curls a shot towards the bottom corner with the goalkeeper getting across to push his effort behind.
46' Sporting get the ball rolling again with the score level.
Juventus must keep the ball for longer periods and stop Sporting from breaking forward with ease. Every time they lose possession the Portuguese outfit can start a counter with Santos and Edwards always ready to receive the ball. Di Maria continues to drop deep meaning Allegri's side must utilise the Argentine's ability to retain possession under pressure and create opportunities in the final third. As for Sporting, all they are missing is a clinical edge. They have defended their box well and have stopped Milik from being able to operate. They will miss St. Juste, though, as the centre-back made runs forward at the right time to overload the right flank before coming off with an injury.
The game is goalless at half-time with Adan and Szczesny making vital saves to keep the score level. The Sporting goalkeeper was called into action when Di Maria switched possession from right to left with Chiesa inside the box. The winger moved the ball onto his right foot and curled his effort towards the goal, but Adan got down to push his strike away. Szczesny then made two saves in quick succession. The former Arsenal man stopped Coates' point-blank strike before palming Pote's shot wide. Bremer then helped preserve Juventus' clean sheet, sticking his leg out to clear away Santos' goal-bound effort.
45' + 5' Di Maria curls a perfect free-kick into the box from the right with Danilo rushing away from the Sporting defence. He is unmarked but heads the ball over.
O. Diomande
J. St. Juste
45' + 4' Sporting make a change before the break with St. Juste coming off with an injury. Diomande, who started the last game, replaces him at centre-back.
45' + 3' Danilo gets into a race with St. Juste down the right and slides to the floor to make a tackle with the ball coming off the Sporting man and out for a goal-kick. He clutches the back of his left leg and looks to continue before sitting on the floor. He will not be able to continue.
45' + 1' There will be four minutes of additional time.
M. Perin
W. Szczęsny
44' Szczesny cannot continue and is now coming off. Allegri has two goalkeepers on the bench and decides to bring on Perin.
41' Szczesny needs some medical attention. Cuadrado is moving his hands as if a substitution is required. Nobody was around him when it was obvious that he needed assistance. He was holding his chest.
39' Edwards plays a pass down the right with St. Juste bursting forward. His low cross is cleared by Danilo but only as far has Esgaio who sends a looping shot wide of the target.
37' This game is not end-to-end, but both teams have had clear chances to score. Instead, they have both had spells of dominance without scoring. Sporting are having the better chances at the moment and are making the most of Juventus struggling to keep the ball.
35' Edwards plays a short corner to Pote before getting the ball back from the midfielder. He then sends a pass out to Trincao who has a cross cleared away by the Juventus defence.
33' Edwards makes a powerful run down the right and gets to the byline before cutting the ball across the box. Santos is there and drives his shot from left to right with Bremer stretching a leg out to stop it from going into the back of the net.
32' Sporting have lost just one of their last six away games in Europe (winning two, drawing three), keeping three clean sheets during this run. They are unbeaten in three on the road, last going four games without defeat away from home in Europe back in February 2019.
30' Szczesny make another stop, this time getting low to palm away Pote's close-range effort.
29' SAVE! Sporting are starting to put some pressure on. Pote plays a short free-kick to Edwards with the former Tottenham man sending him away down the right. He whips a cross into the box that finds the feet of Coates after coming off Danilo, who takes one touch before lashing an effort towards the goal. Szczesny gets down quickly to push the ball away.
27' Edwards curls a corner into the box from the right, but his cross is poor. It goes towards the near post with Locatelli heading it away.
26' Juventus have won each of their last three matches in Europe without conceding a goal – they last recorded four consecutive wins without conceding in European competition during their 2016-17 Champions League campaign, when they finished as runners-up.
A. Rabiot
Yellow Card
24' Rabiot is the first Juventus player to be given a yellow card after stepping on the foot of Pote.
23' Pote has the ball in the middle third of the pitch inside Juventus' half and sends a fantastic pass down the left flank with Santos rushing forward. He curls a low cross into the box that Bremer cannot deal with, but Kostic gets back to clear.
22' Di Maria plays a smart throughball into the box with Milik rushing forward, but the Poland international is offside.
Gonçalo Inácio
Yellow Card
20' Inacio is the first player to go into the book after making a late tackle on Di Maria.
20' Trincão curls a cross into the box with Bremer heading it away. It only goes as far as Morita who lashes a low effort wide.
18' A rare moment for Chiesa. Juventus break down the left with Rabiot moving forward with the ball. He plays a low pass into the box with Chiesa unmarked, but he cannot control the ball with Sporting able to clear it away. He would have had a clear shot at the goal if his touch was better.
16' Di Maria and Chiesa play the ball between themselves down the right with Juventus overloading the right side of the pitch. The former Manchester United man slips a pass down the flank with Chiesa running free of his marker, but his low cross into the box is collected by Adan.
14' Sporting are already looking to take their time when the ball is off the pitch. Esgaio has a throw-in inside his own half with the referee asking him to hurry up.
12' SAVE! Adan makes a huge save. Di Maria is looking to make things happen and comes deep to receive the ball on the halfway line. He switches a pass from right to left with Chiesa in the box, who brings it down under pressure from Esgaio. He cuts onto his right foot and unleashes a curling effort that is pushed away by the goalkeeper. Milik arrives in the middle, but the rebound is away from his reach.
10' Sporting were the better side in the opening few minutes but they have now moved into a defensive shape. They are letting Juventus have the ball and are looking to play on the counter.
8' Sporting have failed to win any of their 15 games away to Italian sides in Europe (drawing four, losing 11) – they have only played more games away to Spanish clubs in Europe without ever recording a victory (17).
6' Trincao moves inside from the left flank and towards the edge of the Juventus box in the middle third of the pitch. He decides to curl an effort towards the goal, but the ball goes over the target.
5' Bremer wins the ball off Edwards and plays a pass forward to Di Maria. The World Cup winner then feeds the ball to his right with Milik making a run towards the Sporting goal. He approaches the box and decides to shoot from the edge with nobody closing him down, but his effort goes well over.
3' Sporting have had most of the ball in the opening few minutes and are passing it around well around their defence and down the left flank. They are looking to feed possession to Santos and Trincao.
1' Juventus get this Europa League clash under way. Chiesa with the first kick.
Juventus and Sporting have only previously faced each other in one campaign, meeting in the group stages of the Champions League in 2017-18 – Juventus won 2-1 at home before drawing 1-1 in Portugal.
As for Sporting, they make three alterations to the team that beat Casa Pia last time out. Starting with three centre-backs, Coates is the only defender to keep his place in the side with St. Juste and Inacio replacing Reis and Diomande. Manuel Ugarte was sent off against Arsenal so misses out through suspension. As a result, Morita starts in the midfield.
Juventus make three changes to the team that lost to Lazio in their previous match. Alex Sandro is not in the squad and is replaced by Danilo at centre-back. Allegri has also tweaked his formation and added an extra attacker, taking a player out of the midfield. Rabiot and Locatelli keep their place but Fagioli is out of the side with Chiesa coming in. The final change is in the striking position with Milik picked ahead of Vlahovic.
SPORTING CP SUBS: Franco Israel, Andre Paulo, Matheus Reis, Sotirios Alexandropoulos, Luis Neto, Rochinha, Issahaku Fatawu, Héctor Bellerin, Ousmane Diomande, Mateo Tanlongo, Arthur Gomes, Dario Essugo.
SPORTING CP (3-4-3): Antonio Adan; Jeremiah St. Juste, Goncalo Inacio, Sebastian Coates; Ricardo Esgaio, Hidemasa Morita, Pote, Nuno Santos; Marcus Edwards, Youssef Chermiti, Trincao.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Carlo Pinsoglio, Mattia Perin, Dusan Vlahovic, Paul Pogba, Moise Kean, Leonardo Bonucci, Fabio Miretti, Daniele Rugani, Leandro Paredes, Nicolo Fagioli.
JUVENTUS (3-4-3): Wojciech Szczesny; Federico Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Juan Cuadrado, Manuel Locatelli, Adrien Rabiot, Filip Kostic; Angel Di Maria, Arkadiusz Milik, Federico Chiesa.
Sporting also dropped out of the Champions League earlier in the season after coming third in their group, with Tottenham and Eintracht Frankfurt grabbing the top two spots. The Portuguese outfit secured a place in the round of 16 after a comfortable 5-1 victory over Midtjylland before a tighter affair against Premier League leaders Arsenal. Drawing 2-2 in the first leg, Pedro Goncalves scored a stunning goal to help them to another draw at the Emirates Stadium, with Ruben Amorim’s men winning 5-3 on penalties. Sporting will be confident going into this game after beating Casa Pia 4-3 in their last outing, extending their unbeaten run in all competitions to 11 games.
Juventus entered the Europa League after finishing behind Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain in their Champions League group, beating Nantes in the knockout round play-offs before a 3-0 win over Freiburg on aggregate. Massimiliano Allegri’s side put themselves in a strong position after the first leg, with Angel Di Maria’s goal giving them a narrow advantage before a comfortable 2-0 win in Germany. The Bianconeri have won 11 of their last 15 games but did lose to Lazio in their previous match. They are in seventh place in Serie A, eight points away from fourth-placed Milan with nine games remaining.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary for the Europa League quarter-final clash between Juventus and Sporting CP.