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Diogo Jota
A. Robertson
1 - 4
Mohamed Salah
1 - 3
D. Gray
1 - 2
Mohamed Salah
J. Henderson
0 - 2
J. Henderson
A. Robertson
0 - 1

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31% 68%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 7
Total Passes 269 599
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Everton went off to boos at full-time, with the pressure mounting on Benitez's side. They've failed to win any of their last eight now, and stay in 14th. Next up for them is Arsenal. Liverpool's great run continues, and they stay in third, two points behind the leaders, Chelsea. They travel to Wolves at the weekend.
Liverpool win the Merseyside derby with a 4-1 victory over Everton. Liverpool made a lightning-quick start to the game, going 2-0 up after 20 minutes through great goals from Henderson and Salah. Gray gave the hosts hope with a good finish just before the break. Liverpool's domination continued in the second half, as Salah pounced on Coleman's mistake in the centre circle which led to his second of the match and Jota fired a fourth over Pickford late on to round it off.
90' + 2' Liverpool are happy to just keep possession in their own half of the field as the end of the game ticks closer. Everton look tired and are making no attempts to close them down.
90' It's a good switch of play from Oxlade-Chamberlain out to Robertson on the left and he has options in the box. He tries to pull it back for Mane, but it's cut out by Coleman.
T. Minamino
Diogo Jota
88' Final change for Liverpool now as Klopp brings on Minamino for the last few minutes in place of Jota.
87' Liverpool have scored four goals in an away league match against Everton for the first time since a 5-0 win in November 1982 under Bob Paisley.
C. Tosun
D. Gray
84' Final change for Everton now as Tosun comes on in place of Gray.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
J. Henderson
83' Second change for Liverpool now, and it's the captain Henderson, who started the scoring today, that's going off. Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces him.
82' Alexander-Arnold curls it into Jota, and he does well initially to take it past Coleman. The ball bounces up as he nears the box, and it hits the right-back on the hand. Jota stops his run to ask for the free-kick, but nothing is given.
V. van Dijk
Yellow Card
80' Van Dijk is late as he steps across Gordon, tripping the substitute, and it earns him a yellow card.
A. Robertson
79' Robertson is given time on the ball by the Everton defenders. He's able to wait for Jota to get up in support before sliding him in.
Diogo Jota
79' WHAT A GOAL! It's absolutely brilliant from Jota! Robertson looks like he's played it too short, but Jota stretches to bring it under control in front of Allan. He drags it past the midfielder and from a very tight angle on the left of the box, he fires it over Pickford at the near post and into the roof of the net. 4-1 Liverpool!
77' Alexander-Arnold's heavy touch bounces straight to Delph and he fizzes a good throughball into Richarlison. He tries to slide in Gray to his right, but Van Dijk steps in to block the cross.
J. Milner
Thiago Alcântara
75' Liverpool are making their first change of the game now. It's Thiago that's going off, with Milner on in his place.
F. Delph
A. Townsend
73' Second change for Everton now and it's Delph that's coming on for Townsend.
72' It's a slightly risky ball back from Townsend to Coleman, who has Mane bearing down on him, but the defender keeps his cool. He knocks it back to Pickford, and for a moment it looks like he sold him short, but the keeper beats Salah to it.
70' Henderson knocks the ball through Digne's legs before putting a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Pickford rushed out as Godfrey tracked back and the defender manages to get it out for a corner.
68' It's patient play from Everton as they try to get out of their own half. Gordon spots Richarlison between the Liverpool defenders and floats a good ball into him, but the Brazilian had come back from an offside position.
66' Pickford hooks a long clearance upfield and Gordon brings it down on the left. Robertson initially stands his ground, but the substitute gets past him before clipping a cross in, but it's too high for Richarlison.
Mohamed Salah
64' SALAH SCORES! It's a poor pass from Gray to Coleman in the centre circle, but his awful first touch is pounced onto by Salah. He sprints through Everton's half, and the right-back just can't catch him. Pickford comes off his line and the Egyptian coolly hits his shot across goal and into the net. 3-1 Liverpool!
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
63' Gordon takes a good touch to knock it past Robertson before he goes down. There's not a lot of contact at all from the left-back, and he's unlucky to be shown a yellow card.
61' Alexander-Arnold whips another corner into the box and Keane throws himself in front of Matip to make a clearance. He's lucky it flies over the bar, and he's there again to block the resulting corner from the other side.
A. Gordon
S. Rondón
59' Rondon went down a moment ago, and it looks like he's struggling with a muscle injury. He limps off the field to be replaced by Gordon.
57' Gray gets his head up and floats a cross out to Richarlison, who peels off the back of Van Dijk, bringing it down on his chest. He has acres of space to run into, but takes the shot early and slices it well wide of the target.
55' Van Dijk steps up to take the free-kick but he drills his effort straight against the wall. It comes back out to Thiago, who fizzes a low shot towards goal, but it flies wide of the near post.
54' Henderson tries to cut Everton's defence open with a throughball into Jota, who gets the wrong side of Godfrey. He does well to latch onto the ball before being tripped by the defender, and Liverpool have a free-kick through the middle.
52' Salah has been directly involved in at least one goal in each of his last 12 Premier League appearances (11 goals, seven assists). He's the third player to achieve this feat, after Stan Collymore (12, March-August 1995) and Jamie Vardy (15, August-December 2015).
50' Gray completely wrongfoots Henderson as he drops his shoulder and drops back inside from the left. He whips a great cross into the box and Matip makes a good clearance just ahead of Richarlison.
48' Thiago almost runs into the referee but does well to keep hold of the ball before fizzing it down the left for Robertson. He does brilliantly to keep it in play, drilling it into the box, but it's cut out by Godfrey ahead of Salah.
46' Everton get us back underway for the second half!
Everton's poor start to the game had some supporters walking out after 20 minutes, but Benitez's side are back in this now. They steadily improved, but he'll be expecting even more from them after the break. Liverpool, arguably, should be further ahead due to some of their chances, but Klopp will be hoping for another fast start in the second half.
Liverpool take a 2-1 lead over Everton into half-time. The visitors dominated from the first whistle and were 2-0 up in 20 minutes through Henderson's great curling effort and Salah's equally good finish. Pickford also made good saves to deny Salah, Alexander-Arnold and Mane. Gray pulled Everton back into the game though, drilling a low shot under Alisson. The keeper did get a touch, but couldn't stop it from crossing the line.
45' + 3' BLOCK! Digne picks up the ball down the left, but his cross takes a deflection off Alexander-Arnold which sends it looping over the crowd at the near post. Doucoure is on the far side and he hits it first time, but Thiago blocks it.
45' + 1' BLOCK! It's another great cross from Alexander-Arnold down the right as he lifts it into the far post. Mane peels away and thumps a header towards goal, but Godfrey blocks it in front of Pickford.
D. Gray
Yellow Card
44' Gray has another chance to run at the Liverpool goal and Fabinho sticks out a leg. Gray goes down, but there's no contact from the Brazilian and he's the second Everton player to be booked for diving in this game.
42' Liverpool break quickly again after Alexander-Arnold switches it out to Robertson down the left. He plays a deep cross into the box, but it's out of Salah's reach and bounces harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
L. Digne
Yellow Card
40' Henderson has already played the ball forward when Digne slides in. He doesn't make too much contact with the midfielder, but he's shown a yellow card.
Thiago Alcântara
Yellow Card
39' It's a clumsy one from Thiago as he clatters into Allan from behind, and he's booked.
38' None of the Liverpool players close Richarlison down, and he has time to take a touch before fizzing his pass into Gray.
D. Gray
38' GRAY SCORES! Richarlison fires the ball into Gray, and he gets between the two Liverpool defenders. Alisson rushes off his line, and he tries to slot it under him. It takes a deflection off the keeper but bounces into the empty net anyway and Everton have one back. 2-1!
37' Everton try to play out from the back again, with Pickford touching it to Coleman, but his pass out to Townsend rolls straight out of play. The groans sound out around the stadium again from the home fans.
35' Robertson took an accidental knock to the face by Townsend and is receiving treatment now. His nose was bleeding, but after being patched up, he'll be able to carry on.
33' Everton are struggling to get out of their own half against at the moment, with Liverpool pressing them high upfield. Robertson wins it back this time, stopping Townsend's run.
Yellow Card
31' Allan slides in to win the ball, but he catches Jota with his trailing leg. He's furious about the decision, but he's going into the referee's book.
30' Liverpool are 2-0 inside 20 minutes in an away game against Everton for only the third time in Premier League history, after December 2005 (17 minutes) and October 2012 (20 minutes).
28' Townsend wins a free-kick on the right and Gray curls the cross into the box. He's looking for Godfrey at the far post, but Van Dijk heads it clear just in front of him.
26' GOOD SAVE! Another ball has been thrown onto the pitch, but Mane doesn't stop his run. He has a go from just outside the box, but it's straight down the middle and Pickford pushes it away.
25' It's better from Everton now, as Richarlison drifts through Liverpool's midfield. He touches it out to Gray, but he gets the ball caught under his feet, stopping him from getting a shot away.
23' Alexander-Arnold whips another good corner into the box and Keane gets there ahead of Van Dijk. His headed clearance almost nestles in the back of his own net, but it bounces just wide, to his relief.
21' There are already some Everton fans that have seen enough and are walking out of the stadium after just 20 minutes. Liverpool are on the attack again, but Salah's cross is blocked this time.
J. Henderson
19' It's a great throughball from Henderson, which takes the Everton defenders who were in their positions out of the game to get Salah in behind.
Mohamed Salah
19' SALAH SCORES! It starts with a poor touch by Godfrey in the centre circle and Liverpool punish it. It's a good throughball from Henderson into Salah down the right of the box. Pickford thinks about coming, but Salah reads him well and curls his shot over the keeper and into the far side of the net. 2-0 Liverpool!
18' Fabinho is caught on the ball by Richarlison and he curls an early cross into the box towards Gray. He would've been left with a tap-in, but Alexander-Arnold gets a vital touch just in front of him to put it out for a corner.
A. Townsend
Yellow Card
16' Robertson steps in to try and stop Townsend's run, and he goes down just inside the box. The fans are asking for a penalty, but instead, Townsend is booked for simulation as the left-back didn't make contact with him.
15' SAVE! Liverpool are not letting up the pressure on Everton here as Salah lays the ball off to Alexander-Arnold. He hits the shot first time on the edge of the box, but Pickford gets two hands behind it to push it away.
13' The space opens up for Gray after he cuts inside from the left so he decides to have a go. His shot is always swerving well wide, but Richarlison throws himself forward to try and reach it, getting nowhere near it.
11' Everton smother a Liverpool attack at one end before Gray breaks on the counter down the left. He touches it into Richarlison, who is then fouled by Henderson, but nothing comes of the free-kick.
A. Robertson
9' Robertson gets a lot of pace on his cross, which is what helps Henderson beat Pickford with the shot.
J. Henderson
9' HENDERSON SCORES! It's a great finish from the Liverpool captain! He starts the move in midfield by switching it out to Mane on the left, but Robertson pulls the cross back to the edge of the box. Henderson hits it first time, guiding a brilliant curling shot around the defender and Pickford into the near post. 1-0 Liverpool!
8' GOOD SAVE! Mane gets a yard on Coleman down the left and squares a cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Salah hits it first time, keeping it low towards the near post, but Pickford gets down quickly to make the save.
7' It looks like Richarlison has a chance to counter after intercepting a sloppy pass from Matip, but Fabinho wins it straight back. He's looking through the middle for Jota, but Godfrey steps in to break it up.
5' Everton are trying to find their footing in this game after a very shaky start, with Gray driving down the left. He whips a great cross into the far post, but Coleman gets caught under it and can't make any contact with it.
3' SALAH! Townsend leisurely touches the ball back to Coleman, but doesn't see Jota, who latches onto it. He whips a cross into the middle, where Salah is completely alone, but he volleys his effort over the bar instead of trying to head it.
2' CHANCE! After a mix-up between Coleman and Pickford, Liverpool have an early corner. It's a great cross in from Alexander-Arnold and Matip has a free header in the middle. He flicks his header to the far post, but it flies wide.
1' Henderson gets the game underway for Liverpool!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Everton won 2-0 in their last Premier League game against Liverpool, ending a 20-match winless run against them in the competition. They've not won back-to-back league Merseyside derbies since beating them in both meetings in the 1984-85 campaign.
Jurgen Klopp makes just one change from the win over Southampton last time out. Matip is brought back into the defence to partner Van Dijk, with Konate starting on the bench.
Benitez makes two changes to the side that lost to Brentford on Sunday. Richarlison returns from suspension, while Gray is also brought in after being deemed fit to start. Gordon and Iwobi both drop to the bench.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Konstantinos Tsimikas, Caoimhin Kelleher, James Milner, Divock Origi, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Neco Williams, Tyler Morton, Ibrahima Konate, Takumi Minamino.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joel Matip, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson; Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara; Mohamed Salah, Diogo Jota, Sadio Mane.
EVERTON SUBS: Jonejoe Kenny, Jarrad Braithwaite, Alex Iwobi, Cenk Tosun, Asmir Begovic, Fabian Delph, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, Lewis Dobbin, Anthony Gordon.
EVERTON STARTING XI (4-4-2): Jordan Pickford; Seamus Coleman, Ben Godfrey, Michael Keane, Lucas Digne; Andros Townsend, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Allan, Demarai Gray; Richarlison, Salomon Rondon.
Everton's brilliant start under Rafa Benitez has petered out, with the Toffees failing to win any of their last seven games (D2 L5) and the back of the net in any of their last three outings. Their last win in the competition was a 2-0 victory over Norwich City at the end of September. His former side, Liverpool, come into today in top form; they've lost just once in all competitions this season (W15 D4), though that was their last away match against West Ham. Since then, they've won all three of their games without conceding a goal.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park!