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Mbappe 'the first African World Cup Golden Boot winner' - Cameroon and Nigeria fans claim France star

15:00 WAT 19/12/2022
Kylian Mbappe World Cup 2022
The 23-year-old grabbed a hat-trick in the final against Argentina but supporters in Africa believe he could have done better with Cameroon

After his exploits for France in the final of the World Cup where they lost 4-2 on penalties against Argentina, fans in Cameroon and Nigeria are claiming forward Kylian Mbappe as their own.

The 23-year-old Mbappe, who features for Ligue 1 outfit Paris Saint-Germain, grabbed a hat-trick as Les Bleus took the game to penalties where they lost the battle to surrender the trophy.

Born to Wilfred Mbappe, who is a Cameroonian with Nigerian family roots, Mbappe, who beat Lionel Messi to the Golden Boot, had the chance to play for the Indomitable Lions at international level but he picked France.

Below GOAL compiles comments of Nigerian and Cameroon fans claiming the forward.

  • Mbappe-France-2022-World-Cup-final

    Mbappe my Cameroon brother

    So Mbappe is from Cameroon? I always knew there was something very Nigerian about that guy 😭 - @ayoBDB

    Mbappe is from Cameroon! Let's go Africa 🌍 - @_writtenright

    Mbappe my Cameroon brother... the GOAT 🐐 - @ImmaWhite91

    We are happy! Thank you Cameroon #Mbappe𓃵 - @Nkuli_Moyo

  • 20221218 Kylian Mbappe Lionel Messi

    Mbappe combination of Cameroon, Algeria

    Best player in the tournament KYLIAN MBAPPÉ, that BLACK BOY from Nigeria/Cameroon/France. - @Obong_Ekpe

  • Mbappe-France-2022-World-Cup-final

    Mbappe first African to win Golden Boot

    Mbappe stand here in!🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Please clear for Road... no Mbappe violence will be tolerated going forward. Congratulations 🎊 to the Man of the Match. Yes, he won the Golden Boot 👢🤩💃🏾💃🏾. Well deserved, The first African to do so. @Gviev

  • mbappe

    Cameroon is proud of Mbappe

    Mbappé you played well! Cameroon is proud of you! - @_____shazy

  • Vincent Aboubakar of Cameroon, 2022

    Win for France, win for Cameroon

    A win for France is a win for Cameroon. Mbappé is carrying! - @freedomkamdemm

    A win for Mbappe is a win for Cameroon and also a win for Nigeria technically since we used to be one country. - @Africakingo

    Cameroon is such a football country. Mbappé scores and everywhere is loud! - @bis0na

  • Mbappe World Cup final

    Mbappe a Cameroon icon

    Never say Never until it's over, Hope you saw the blood of Cameroon 🇨🇲 in Mbappe 😆 🤣 😂

    No one can ever take away what Mbappé has done today, he is an icon. Cameroon forever!! 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲 That was the best match I’ve ever seen, goddamn #WorldCup. - @xoxoNeetsxoxo


    Mbappe is French

    But I don't think Mbappe would have come this far if he was playing for Cameroon. Hate it or love it, France has optimised his talent. - @Pmelomey

    What are you talking about? Mbappe was born in France, lives in France, and has played French football all his life. Both of Mbappe's parents are half-French. He has absolutely 0 ties to Algeria or Cameroon except his parents are from there. He is French. - @Art86708332

  • Cameroon Players 2022 Afcon

    Corruption stopped Mbappe from playing for Cameroon

    #Mbappe is originally from Africa/#Cameroon, but he failed to appear in his country, due to corruption. Africa is a continent where everything is rich but its people do not know what it means. - @Mohamedxdheere

  • Rigobert Song Cameroon 2022 World Cup

    Cameroon would have been something else

    I'm sure the case would be different if Mbappe was playing for Cameroon or Nigeria. This is the new Messi-Ronaldo debate tho. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. - @A_blackflame

    Just imagine Kylian Mbappé playing for Cameroon. The Indomitable Lions was going to be something else 🤔 - @liamandreas2

  • mbappe-macron

    Mbappe should play for Cameroon in 2026

    Mbappe please play for Cameroon in 2026. These men in France don’t appreciate you! - @taatertotz

    Hopefully, this pushes Mbappe to play for Cameroon. - @vovathags23

    This World Cup will be even more beautiful if Mbappe announces he is playing for Cameroon. - @honeydew667

  • Samuel Eto'o

    Cameroon should explain missing out on Mbappe

    When this Fifa World Cup is over, Cameroon should come out to explain to the rest of Africa why they didn’t allow Mbappe on their national team. Why didn’t y’all reach out to him? - @Faithysia_blunt