When is the next FPL deadline? Dates & times for picking Premier League fantasy team

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Worried about the next FPL deadline? Relax, GOAL has got you covered.

Premier League action resumes after the World Cup break and so does the excitement around Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Gameweek 17 kicks off on Boxing Day with Brentford facing Tottenham in the first Premier League encounter in six weeks. Naturally, FPL managers are busy making changes to their squad keeping in mind the performance of the players in the World Cup.

You can make unlimited transfers to the team with no price changes but must remain careful that several players are yet to report back to the club after participating in the World Cup with their respective national teams. So, by when should you finish updating your teams? GOAL gives you the details about FPL deadlines.

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Fantasy Premier League deadlines for 2022-23

The Brentford game is set to kick off 12:30 pm GMT (7:30 am ET) on December 26. So the deadline to finish updating your team is 11 am GMT (6:00 am ET). The deadline is usually set 90 minutes before the kick-off time in the first match of the Gameweek.

Let us take a look at all the 2022-23 FPL deadlines.

GameweekDeadline (GMT/ET)
Gameweek 1August 5 (6:30pm/1:30pm)
Gameweek 2August 13 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 3August 20 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 4August 27 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 5August 30 (6pm/1pm)
Gameweek 6September 3 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 7September 10 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 8September 16 (6:30pm/1:30p)
Gameweek 9October 1 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 10October 8 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 11October 14 (6:30pm/1:30pm)
Gameweek 12 October 18 (6pm/1pm)
Gameweek 13October 22 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 14October 29 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 15November 5 (2:30pm/9:30am)
Gameweek 16November 12 (2pm/9am)
Gameweek 17December 26 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 18December 30 (6:15pm/1:15pm)
Gameweek 19January 2 (4pm/11am)
Gameweek 20January 13 (6:30pm/1:30pm)
Gameweek 21January 21 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 22February 3 (6:30pm/1:30pm)
Gameweek 23February 11 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 24February 18 (11am/6am)
Gameweek 25February 24 (6:30pm/1:30pm)
Gameweek 26March 4 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 27March 11 (2:30pm/9:30am)
Gameweek 28March 18 (2:30pm/9:30am)
Gameweek 29April 1 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 30April 8 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 31April 15 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 32April 22 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 33April 25 (6:15pm/1:15pm)
Gameweek 34April 29 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 35May 6 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 36May 13 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 37May 20 (1:30pm/8:30am)
Gameweek 38May 28 (2:30pm/9:30am)

GOAL's ultimate FPL guide can help you with all the tips and tricks you need to navigate the rest of this season.

The Premier League have brought a breath of fresh air for struggling FPL managers with 'FPL Second Chance League', starting next week. It is a fresh competition, that will start on matchweek 17 and run until the end of the 2022-23 Premier League season where managers will be added to a new league and they would have to start from zero.

It is a wonderful opportunity for beginners or managers who have not fared well in the first phase to make an impression in this league.

The prizes on offer are the same as the top five managers at the end of the season will get hospitality tickets to a 2023-24 Premier League match along with travel and accommodation, a Bluetooth speaker, an FPL goody bag, and many more exciting hampers.