WATCH: Ronaldinho set to return to football in Gerard Pique's King's League

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Kings League/GOAL
Ronaldinho is set to return to football with Porcinos FC in Gerard Pique's Kings League.
  • Ronaldinho magic is on the cards
  • Will play for Porcinos FC
  • Could debut on February 26

WHAT HAPPENED? The Brazilian superstar has joined Ibai Llanos' side Porcinos FC as the 12th man in the King's League. In a video released by the official handle of the tournament, we find Llanos and Pique sitting in a cafe and discussing their need for one more player. “Just get anyone”, says the ex-Barça defender, “anyone!”. “What about this guy? Hey, you!" he shouts at a guy who is sitting across their table. This is when Ronaldinho turns around and does his signature celebration with his right hand.

"I just want to have fun and enjoy," said Ronaldinho in an interview alongside Pique and Llanos.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: In this competition, each team is allowed to sign a 12th man every week, who could be a retired footballer or even from a non-footballing background. He becomes the latest superstar to take part in this competition after Iker Casillas, Kun Aguero and Xavier Hernandez.

WHAT NEXT? It is expected that Ronaldinho will make his debut in the King's League on February 26 when Porcinos FC take on Pio FC.