'Look at the mess this country is in' - West Ham owner David Sullivan goes on anti-government rant and calls football regulator 'terrible idea'

David Sullivan West Ham
West Ham’s owner David Sullivan slammed proposals to introduce an independent regulator to English football as a "terrible idea".
  • Government plans independent regulator
  • Clubs will consider proposals
  • West Ham owner is against the idea

WHAT HAPPENED? The UK government released its white paper which includes plans to bring in a new regulator amid other changes to monitor club's finances and the power of supporters in football. However, the West Ham owner has questioned the government's ability to regulate the game and labelled the white paper a public relations stunt.

WHAT THEY SAID: He said: "A football regulator is a terrible idea. The government are terrible at running everything. Look at the mess this country is in. We pay the highest taxes ever for the worst service from the worst government that I’ve seen in my lifetime. The regulator will have a huge staff that football will have to pay for. It will be a total waste of money.”

He added: “Why does an incompetent government think it will improve things? In every area this government is involved in, it has added staff for a worse service. The government are doing this for a PR win. They think it will be good PR to be seen backing the ordinary football fan and smaller clubs.”

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: The government's plans are in retaliation to the failed attempt by Premier League clubs to form a European Super League with other top teams across the continent in 2021, which sparked protests from fans around England.

The government said the proposed changes are "the necessary and targeted steps to ensure that continues for generations" and the Premier League has declared its support for the plans, saying it "recognised the case for change in football governance".


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West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan

WHAT NEXT FOR THE WHITE PAPER? The Premier League says its clubs will "carefully consider the Government’s plan for England to become the first major nation to make football a government-regulated industry".