Furious Barcelona sue La Liga after they're barred from upping their salary cap by 15%

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Barcelona are suing La Liga after being banned from increasing their salary cap, 18 months after declining a deal that would permit the change
  • Barca banned from salary cap increase
  • Will sue La Liga in response
  • Economic "levers" already offered financial boost

WHAT HAPPENED? In 2021, the Blaugrana opted out of 'La Liga Boost' — a deal signed with CVC Capital Partners that saw a massive financial injection across Spanish football in exchange for sponsorship and TV rights. 37 of 42 clubs signed on, allowing the agreement to pass with relative ease. As part of the deal, clubs were allowed to increase their salary cap by 15%.

But Barcelona, after rejecting the boost and then pulling a series of economic "levers", were banned from collecting the increase. In response, the club has filed a legal complaint, suggesting that La Liga preventing them from allowing a salary cap increase means they can't compete with rival clubs.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Barcelona have dragged themselves out of financial ruin over the last year, selling off naming rights and future TV deals in order to generate enough money to sign and register players. But the cash flow is running thin, and the CVC deal would have given the Blaugrana a major boost in spending power next year.

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WHAT THEY SAID?: La Liga president Javier Tebas recently criticised Barcelona president Joan Laporta for complaining about Barcelona's competitive advantage in a high-profile Twitter exchange:

"Dear Laporta, I’m showing you the TV rights for Barcelona compared to Premier League clubs. You’re just as competitive. La Liga earns less money, and you earn less than the Premier League’s biggest clubs. You should inform yourself before criticizing.”


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WHAT NEXT FOR BARCELONA? The club are set to make more financial moves over the coming months as they look to reach the top of European football once again.