Alternate Liverpool history: Dani Alves would have joined Reds in 2006 if not for budget concerns, claims Rafa Benitez

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Liverpool almost signed Dani Alves in 2006, but opted to invest in Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt instead, former manager Rafa Benitez revealed.
  • Liverpool opted to sign Kuyt instead
  • Planned to convert Dani Alves into right-winger
  • Kuyt went on to score 51 times for Liverpool

WHAT HAPPENED? Liverpool were hit with budget restrictions in 2006, and then-reds boss Benitez was only given £10 million to spend on a right-midfielder. The manager had the option to choose between Dutch forward Kuyt and then-Sevilla right-back Alves. And Benitez optedfor the former, he told the We Are Liverpool Podcast.

WHAT THEY SAID: Benitez explained his rationale: "We looked at Dani Alves, but he was a right full-back. So you have to make a decision, whether to sign a player who can player striker, second striker and right winger, or you can go for a full-back, Brazilian, playing in Spain to play as your right winger. It's a big risk."

"It was a really difficult time, but I was really pleased," the former Liverpool boss added.

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Liverpool eventually signed Kuyt, who became a cult hero at the club. The Dutch forward scored 51 times for Liverpool and was revered for his work rate and willingness to play out of position in order to accommodate the likes of Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez.


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