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‘That's where Ronaldo belongs considering his age’ - Fans on potential Al-Nassr deal

21:53 GMT+3 05/12/2022
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2022
The supporters feel the Saudi league fits the Portugal captain since his best days are behind him

Fans have given varied opinions following reports Cristiano Ronaldo is considering a bumper transfer offer from Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr.

According to Spanish outlet Marca, Ronaldo has been offered a contract with a reported salary of €200m per season to join in January 2023.

While some supporters are surprised by the huge amounts involved, others feel it is where he belongs as his best days are already ‘behind him.’

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Fernando Santos Portugal 2022

    He plays for himself

    He only wanted to play for himself. If it's the Asian Champions League or if it is at the Special Olympics, it never mattered, as long as he can play for himself and get all the glory. -Mr Man

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2022

    At least he won’t run much

    Good for him, he will go to a league where he won't have to run much. The EPL was always going to be a step too much for him. Even the young players feel the physical effect of the rhythm in the EPL, not to now talk of a 37-year-old. Even Messi will struggle in the EPL. -Gbenupo Cadmus

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Man United 2022-08-07

    That’s where he belongs

    That's where he belongs considering his age. people disagree with me. No any big club will sign him in Europe. -Muna

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2022

    Good retirement plan

    Solid retirement plan! He deserves all the money he’s getting. After all, he put his soul into the game he loves. -Olumide David

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League final Cardiff

    What happened to UCL dream?

    Thought he wanted to play Champions League football. -Babatunde Tosin

  • Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Bad move for Al-Nassr

    Bad move for the Saudi club. No doubt Ronaldo is a good player but it's important to note that he's below average. Ronaldo needs to be around excellent players to succeed, something that clearly won't happen in Saudi. He won't have the likes of Marcelo or [Mesut] Ozil to feed balls to him. -Richard Cyril

  • Cristiano Ronaldo training World Cup 2022

    There for the money

    Yes, his stock plummets with each subpar performance and with each childish tantrum. Best to cash in while he still can. -Emiliano Zapata

  • Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates penalty, Norwich vs Man Utd 2021-22

    Too much money

    No human deserves that much money or to quote Winston Churchill; “Money is like manure, it's only good if you spread it around.” -Mr Man

  • Cristiano Ronaldo.

    This is what was available to him

    When the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable. Wishing him all the

  • Cristiano Ronaldo fan.

    He still has two more years at the top

    As an unapologetic Ronaldo fan, I am not sure if I should celebrate or agonise. I love seeing Ronaldo making big money but I hope to be able to keep watching his brilliance at a top level for at least two more seasons. -Mansur Kurugu