From Megan Rapinoe to Mia Hamm: ChatGPT selects the USWNT's all-time best XI

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GOAL asked the AI to choose the best United States Women's national team XI of all-time - from Abby Wambach to Joy Fawcett, here's the results!

Have you ever thought of picking the all-time best XI for the USWNT? Well, ChatGPT is here to help! GOAL asked the artificial intelligence chatbot that the world is talking about to come up with a combined XI featuring the greatest players to have ever played for the U.S. Women's national team.

Did the AI chatbot include your favorites?

Let's start with the query we put to ChatGPT. We asked, to begin with: "Which eleven players would ChatGPT select for the best all-time women's United States national team for soccer?" We also asked the AI to select the manager that would take charge of the best XI.

Check out the full ChatGPT XI below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

  1. Hope Solo - Goalkeeper
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    Hope Solo - Goalkeeper

    USWNT career: 2000-2016

    Total USWNT caps: 202

  2. Joy Fawcett - Defender
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    Joy Fawcett - Defender

    USWNT career: 1987-2004

    Total USWNT caps: 241

    Total USWNT goals: 27

  3. Brandi Chastain - Defender
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    Brandi Chastain - Defender

    USWNT career: 1988-2004

    Total USWNT caps: 192

    Total USWNT goals: 30

  4. Christie Pearce Rampone - Defender
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    Christie Pearce Rampone - Defender

    USWNT career: 1997-2015

    Total USWNT caps: 311

    Total USWNT goals: 4

  5. Julie Foudy - Midfielder
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    Julie Foudy - Midfielder

    USWNT career: 1988-2004

    Total USWNT caps: 273

    Total USWNT goals: 45

  6. Megan Rapinoe - Midfielder
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    Megan Rapinoe - Midfielder

    USWNT career: 2006-present

    Total USWNT caps: 199

    Total USWNT goals: 63

  7. Michelle Akers - Midfielder
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    Michelle Akers - Midfielder

    USWNT career: 1985-2000

    Total USWNT caps: 155

    Total USWNT goals: 107

  8. Carli Lloyd - Midfielder
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    Carli Lloyd - Midfielder

    USWNT career: 2005-2021

    Total USWNT caps: 316

    Total USWNT goals: 134

  9. Alex Morgan - Forward

    Alex Morgan - Forward

    USWNT career: 2010-present

    Total USWNT caps: 206

    Total USWNT goals: 121

  10. Abby Wambach - Forward

    Abby Wambach - Forward

    USWNT career: 2001-2015

    Total USWNT caps: 255

    Total USWNT goals: 184

  11. Mia Hamm - Forward
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    Mia Hamm - Forward

    USWNT career: 1987-2004

    Total USWNT caps: 276

    Total USWNT goals: 158

  12. Jill Ellis - Manager
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    Jill Ellis - Manager

    We also asked the AI to tell us who would manage the USWNT all-time XI, with Jill Ellis selected.

    ChatGPT told us: "As the manager of the all-time women's United States national team, a highly respected and successful coach who could be considered is Jill Ellis. Jill Ellis served as the head coach of the U.S. women's national team from 2014 to 2019 and led the team to two FIFA Women's World Cup victories in 2015 and 2019. Her tactical acumen, leadership skills, and ability to guide the team to success make her a strong candidate for the manager position."

  13. ChatGPT's USWNT all-time XI in full

    ChatGPT's USWNT all-time XI in full