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Bochum-Gladbach Bundesliga game called off after linesman hit with pint as home boss slams 'idiot' fans

10:35 pm AEDT 19/3/22
Gladbach Bochum 2022
Assistant referee Christian Gittelmann was caught by a beer cup midway through the second half, with play subsequently called off by officials

Vfl Bochum and Borussia Monchengladbach's Bundesliga clash was abandoned midway through the second half on Friday evening after a linesman was hit on the head by a beer cup.

Assistant referee Christian Gittelmann was hit by a flying plastic pint glass in the 71st minute, with the visitors leading 2-0 at the time, leading referee Benjamin Cortus to bring play to a halt.

While the official was not seriously injured, the match was subsequently called off with a decision to be made in the coming days by the DFB over whether the game will be awarded to Gladbach.

Watch: Linesman hit with cup to bring Bundesliga game to early end

What has been said?

Bochum CEO Hans-Peter Villis did not mince his words after the game, telling Bild: "I haven't had anything like that in 55 years at VfL Bochum. I'm p*ssed off.

"There are a few fans here who don't have their hands and their brains under control. But they are individuals. That's not the behavior of VfL. They are individual idiots who are dragging the club's image down.

"You have to look at the context: there's a war in Ukraine, we're wearing a special jersey, everything to make our contribution. And there are people sitting and deliberately throwing a beer mug. How stupid can you be?"

Gittelmann confirmed to the DFB website that he had been taken to hospital as a result of the incident and had been bruised by the thrown cup.

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