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Key Events

J. Kucharski
Yellow 2nd/RC
M. Burgess
Penalty Miss
J. Duncan
Penalty Save
P. Wood
J. Lolley
2 - 0
A. Le Fondre
A. Segecic
1 - 0

Match Stats

54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 3
Total Passes 553 441
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


Sydney have won their last 3 games in the Australian A-League Men, their last joint longest winning streak was from 26th January 2023 to 11th February 2023. Sydney have scored in each of their last 5 games in the Australian A-League Men, scoring 12 goals in that run. The Sky Blues had 54.6% of the ball with 85.8% passing accuracy, having 21 shots on goal with only six on target. Newcastle Jets have failed to score in 8 of their 26 games, no team has failed to do so more often in the Australian A-League Men this season. The Jets will also have to go through the playoffs in their bid for qualification in the Australia Cup. Tonight they had 45.4% of the possession, with 83.6% passing accuracy, having 13 shots on goal and three on target.
FULL TIME: SYDNEY FC 2 NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - The final whistle sounds and the Sky Blues have put an end to the Jets season beating them 2-0. We started the second half with the Sky Blues holding a 1-0 lead over the Jets. They doubled their lead with a 63rd minute Wood goal. The Sky Blues missed a penalty through Burgess at the 76th minute.
90' + 8' Thurgate with a header for goal but it floats across the face of goal and out for a goal kick it goes.
90' + 6' There is plenty of space around the ground at the moment, clearly with the Sky Blues down two men, it doesn't help.
90' + 4' Play has finally resumed as both teams look to wind down, with the result already deternined.
90' + 3' Play has not resumed as yet with Aquilina is being patched up on the ground.
90' + 1' We will have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the match.
90' SECOND YELLOW CARD/RED CARD SKY BLUES (Jaiden Kai Kucharski) - Kucharski is awarded a second yellow card for his elbow on Aquilina and he has been sent off. The Sky Blues are down to nine men.
89' Play has stopped at the moment as Aquilina has been opened up as Kucharski's elbow hit him just above the eyebrow. Lolley is also coming off being unwell.
88' Lolley has gone to the bench as he is not feeling well. He is looking out of sorts.
J. Kucharski
Yellow Card
86' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES (Jaiden Kai Kucharski) - Kucharski is awarded a yellow card for a tactical foul, holding onto Buhagiar.
85' Piscopo uses his hand and turns away from Girdwood-Reich, but he is pulled up by the referee and concedes the free kick.
J. Kucharski
M. Burgess
83' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their fifth and final change with Max Barry Burgess being swapped over with Jaiden Kai Kucharski.
82' Wood is one on one with Duncan and the Jets keeper is able to swat the ball away to make a great save.
80' The Jets are starting to look a little fatigued around the ground.
P. Wood
Yellow Card
78' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES (Patrick James Wood) - Wood bowls over Cancar in defence for the Jets and he is awarded a yellow card.
Diego Caballo
A. Segecic
77' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues take the opportunity to make a quick change with Adrian Segecic being exchanged with Diego Caballo Alonso.
M. Burgess
Penalty Miss
76' PENALTY MISS SKY BLUES - Burgess steps up and takes the spot kick. He looks to send it to the bottom left corner of the net but Duncan dives the same way and is able to make the save.
75' Jurman brings down Wood inside the box and the referee points the the spot and awards the resulting penalty.
J. Donachie
Yellow Card
74' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES (James Kevin Donachie) - Donachie is awarded the first yellow card of the match, as his elbow connected with the head of Piscopo.
73' The Jets still have not conceded the game as they are throwing everything at the Sky Blues.
71' Another injury concern for the Jets as Cancar has gone down with what looks like cramping. He is receiving assistance from the medicos.
J. Hoffman
M. Natta
69' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make a forced change as the injured Mark Natta is replaced by Jason Michael Hoffman.
67' Play has been held up as Natta has gone down. The trainers are attending to him, but it looks as though he won't have any further part in the game.
65' Mikeltadze is in the middle of the box as he looks for the bottom right corner of the net and the shot ends up being saved by Redmayne.
P. Wood
63' GOAL SKY BLUES (Patrick James Wood) Sydney FC 2 Newcastle Jets 0 - Lolley crosses it over to Wood, who runs it into the box. He releases the ball front and centre on goal, just inside of the box finding the bottom left corner of the net.
61' Le Fondre has attempted 5 shots in this game, more than any other player on either team (ahead of Segecic - 4 shots).
J. Girdwood-Reich
A. Cáceres
59' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The final of the triple change has Anthony Richard Cáceres rested for Jake Max Girdwood-Reich.
P. Retre
L. Brattan
59' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The second of the Sky Blues changes has Nathan Luke Brattan off and Paulo Ricardo Pereira Retre on.
P. Wood
A. Le Fondre
58' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues also make a triple change with Glenville Adam James Le Fondre heading off for a rest and Patrick James Wood is the replacement.
R. Piscopo
C. Timmins
58' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The final of the Jets triple change sees Callum Timmins come off and Reno Mauro Piscopo run on.
B. Mikeltadze
A. Goodwin
58' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The second of the Jets triple change is also an attacking one, with Archie Stuart Goodwin heading off for an early shower and being replaced by Beka Mikeltadze.
T. Buhagiar
J. Sotirio
58' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make a triple change, starting with an attacking change as Jaushua Sotirio makes way for Trent Anthony Buhagiar.
58' Le Fondre is lurking dangerously as he looks to find the bottom left corner of the net and he hits the base of the post, going across the face of goal and out of play.
57' Segecic takes the ball into the edge of the box, as he pulls the trigger on goal and it is saved by Duncan.
55' The Sky Blues continue to press the Jets defence. They definitely want to take some good form into the finals next week.
53' Le Fondre cuts it back for Segecic and he finds the bottom right corner of the net, but the flag is up for offside.
52' The Jets chip the ball around in defence as they look for a way to turn defence into attack.
50' Lolley steers the bouncing ball towards goal from just outside of the box, but the shot was blocked off and it comes back to him but this time he blasts it over the crossbar.
48' It has been a slow start to the second half from both teams as they both get re-accustomed to the game.
A. Thurgate
M. Al-Taay
46' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make a change with Mohamed Al-Taay making way for Angus Charles Thurgate.
46' SECOND HALF - The Sky Blues kick off and we are back under way for the second half.
Sydney are unbeaten in their last 24 Australian A-League Men matches when leading at half-time (W21, D3) dating back to 21st July 2020 against Newcastle Jets (L1-2). The Sky Blues have had 56.4% possession with 85.8% passing accuracy, having eight shots on goal with two on target. Newcastle Jets have a record of W0, D1, L9 when trailing at half-time in the Australian A-League Men this season. The Jets have had 43.6% of the ball with 83.3% passing accuracy, having eight shots on goal and none have been on target.
HALF TIME: SYDNEY FC 1 NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - We go into the half time break with the Sky Blues leading the Jets by a goal. The difference between the two teams is the goal of Le Fondre which was scored in the 29th minute.
45' + 3' The Jets have a set piece just outside of the box. This could be a real chance for them as Grozos take the kick and it is deflected by the wall, going out for a corner kick.
45' + 1' We have two minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
45' Segecic takes a shot on goal from the top of the box and the shot ends up being wide of goal.
43' Lolley hits the ball from the top of the box but it goes straight into the arms of Duncan.
41' The possession is currently in Sydney's favour at 58% to 42% and the shots on goal has evened up.
39' The Jets send the ball into attack once again, but the flag goes up for offside.
37' Grant crosses it across the face of goal and Le Fondre just watches as it bounces out of play. All Le Fondre had to do was tap it in and it would have been a certain goal.
35' Redmayne makes a strong save from the corner kick and the Sky Blues are able to reload from defence.
33' The Jets have not given up hope as they are looking to get the goal they conceded back before half time.
31' The finals hopes of the Jets look to be a distant memory at the moment.
A. Le Fondre
29' GOAL SKY BLUES (Glenville Adam James Le Fondre) Sydney FC 1 Newcastle Jets 0 - Segecic crosses it over to Le Fondre in the middle of the box, sliding it to the bottom left corner where Duncan can't take it cleanly and it ends up going into the net.
28' The Sky Blues bring the corner kick, as Lolley crosses it to the back post, as it takes a deflection, but the Jets defence are able to clear it away.
26' The game is very even at the moment, with the Jets having five shots on goal to Sydney's three shots.
24' Brattan feeds it over to Caceres inside the box, but his shot on goal has been blocked.
22' Great run by Goodwin as he looks to pull the trigger on goal but his shot on goal has been blocked.
20' The Jets continue to pile on the pressure inside attack. The Sky Blues defence are standing tall for now.
18' Wilkinson attempts to keep the ball in, inside defensive half, but in the end, he can't and concedes the corner kick to the Jets.
16' The game is largely being played in the middle of the ground.
14' The Jets need to press more in attack, however the live ladder shows that Wellington who are in sixth are currently leading the way.
12' The Sky Blues defence are holding up at the moment. They will be looking to end their home and away season on a high.
10' Burgess dives into his attacking box and brings down Grozos in the process. The referee awards the resulting free kick.
8' Ingham with a header from close range, but he puts too much onto it and it ends up going over the crossbar.
6' The Jets are starting to get into the game after a slow start.
4' Sydney would love nothing better then to put a halt to the Jets season.
2' The Sky Blues have started the game off well as they retain possession of the ball around the ground.
1' FIRST HALF - The Jets kick off and we are under way.
NEWCASTLE JETS SUBS - Noah James (GK), Jason Hoffman, Trent Buhagiar, Beka Mikeltadze, Reno Piscopo, Daniel Stynes, Angus Thurgate.
NEWCASTLE JETS (4-1-3-2) STARTING XI - Jack Duncan (GK); Mark Natta, Matthew Jurman (c), Phillip Cancar, Thomas Aquilina; Callum Timmins; Dane Ingham, Mohamed Al-Taay, Kosta Grozos; Archie Goodwin, Jaushua Sotirio.
SYDNEY FC SUBS - Thomas Heward-Belle (GK), Paulo Retre, Patrick Wood, Diego Caballo, Jaiden Kucharski, Jake Girdwood-Reich, Aaron Gurd.
SYDNEY FC (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Andrew Redmayne (GK); Joel King, Alex Wilkinson (c), James Donachie, Rhyan Grant; Luke Brattan, Max Burgess, Anthony Cáceres; Adrian Segecic, Adam Le Fondre, Joe Lolley.
In league matches away from home this season, Newcastle have three wins, three draws, and six losses. The Jets currently find themselves on a three-match away winless streak (W0 D1 L2). They haven't earned a win away since February 18 against Macarthur. Newcastle Jets are in eighth place on 29 points and can still mathematically qualify for the finals should they win. Newcastle have won one, drawn two and lost three in their last six. Beka Mikeltadze and Trent Buhagiar are Newcastle Jets' leading scorers, scoring six and five times, respectively.
On home soil this season, Sydney have four wins, three draws, and five losses in 12 A-League Men contests. Sydney sit in fifth place on 35 points through 25 matches and have qualified for the A-League finals. In their last six league matches, Sydney have won two, drawn two and lost two. Two players who have caught the eye for Sydney this season are Mak and Le Fondre. They are the team's joint top scorers with nine goals. Le Fondre has scored the crucial first goal of the match on two occasions.
Welcome to Allianz Stadium for the match between Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets. The last time these two teams met was on New Years Day 2023, with the Sky Blues running out 2-0 winners over the Jets.