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90' + 4'
S. Jamieson
Yellow Card
90' + 3'
T. Glover
Yellow Card
A. Le Fondre
2 - 1
J. Lolley
P. Retre
1 - 1
J. Maclaren
Penalty Goal
0 - 1

Match Stats

44% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 3
Total Passes 424 525
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Sydney FC have come from behind and then held off the late challenge of Melbourne City to record a 2-1 win and inflict upon their opponents their first loss of the season. The win takes Sydney into the top six.
S. Jamieson
Yellow Card
90' + 4' YELLOW CARD - Jamieson is booked for dissent late in the game.
T. Glover
Yellow Card
90' + 3' YELLOW CARD - Glover is shown the yellow card after his clearance rebounds straight into him outside the box. He's lucky the card wasn't red!
90' + 1' Tilio with a dazzling run and he only has one thing on his mind. He gets through three players then shoots but he rattles the cross bar!
90' We will have four minutes of stoppage time.
J. Kucharski
A. Cáceres
90' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Caceres makes way for Kucharski who makes a late cameo.
T. Gomulka
T. Lam
88' SUBSTITUTION CITY - The visitors with a last ditch change hoping to turn things in their favour with Lam replaced by Gomulka.
86' Sydney are doing well to contain Melbourne City as they try to launch their attempts at an equaliser.
84' Sydney are looking comfortable in the lead despite the narrow one goal margin.
S. Galloway
C. Talbot
82' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Melbourne City make another change with Galloway coming on for Talbot.
A. Segecic
J. Lolley
81' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Lolley comes off after a good night at the office and he is replaced by Segecic.
78' The corner is sent in and Glover takes care of business and looks to build some urgency.
77' Sydney win another corner after some solid work by Burgess.
77' Time is beginning to be the enemy of City who need to attack but if they get caught out the other way the game is as good as over.
74' A bit of niggle is creeping into the game with the referee having to stop and start the game due to repeated fouling.
72' City are headed for their first loss of the season unless they can make amends over the next 20 or so minutes.
69' Burgess sends the corner towards the back post and it's well cleared by Tilio.
69' Sydney have the corner after Good comes in at the right time to send it out.
M. Tilio
A. Nabbout
67' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Part two of the double change sees Nabbout replaced by Tilio.
C. Good
M. Leckie
67' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Melbourne City make a double change with Good on for Leckie.
63' City have to chase the game and there is activity on the bench.
A. Le Fondre
61' GOAL SYDNEY - The free kick is sent into the box before it's initially cleared. The clearance goes to Lolley who shoots from outside the box and it's well saved by Glover. The rebound goes straight to that man Adam Le Fondre who tucks it away to put Sydney FC 2-1 in front.
60' As a result of the foul Sydney have the free kick in a very dangerous position.
T. Lam
Yellow Card
60' YELLOW CARD - Lam is booked for tugging the shirt of Caceres.
P. Wood
58' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - The home side make their second change with Le Fondre on to replace Wood.
J. Maclaren
Yellow Card
57' YELLOW CARD - Maclaren clips Brattan and brings him down and the issuing of the yellow card is an easy decision for the referee to make.
56' Sydney are well on top at the moment and look the more likely of the two teams to score.
54' Burgess with a chance inside the box but his shot is off target.
51' Lolley shoots from distance but he will have to do better than that to beat Glover.
49' It has been a slow start to the second half.
A. Gurd
J. Rodwell
46' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - The home side have made a change at the break with Gurd replacing Rodwell.
45' Melbourne City kick off to get the second half underway.
1' Jamieson crosses across the face of goal looking for Bos but he can't direct his header on target.
HALF TIME - We are all square at 1-1 after an action packed first half that saw Melbourne City's penalty cancelled out by an equaliser within two minutes. We cannot wait for the second half to start!
45' + 2' City counter down the other end with van der Venne taking a shot from outside the box but he shoots wide.
45' + 1' Caceres with a run inside the box that is timed to perfection. His initial effort is blocked but he gets the rebound. He shoots again and Glover makes another fine save. The rebound falls to Burgess who should simply score but it's cleared off the line by Reis! Unbelievable!
45' There will be three minutes of stoppage time.
42' The battle between Leckie and Brattan has been intense to say the least with Brattan already on the receiving end of a yellow card.
40' Melbourne City have welcomed the return of World Cup players Maclaren, Leckie and Tilio into their squad tonight with Tilio on the bench.
37' Nabbout passes to Maclaren who shoots aiming for the top corner forcing Redmayne to make a magnificent save but he does so before the offside flag comes up! What a shame that save stands for nothing because it was absolutely brilliant!
35' Leckie with a good run and pass into the box but Caceres is there to mop it up.
32' This match is red hot and neither team is willing to give an inch.
30' Lam with a firm low shot that is spotted late by Redmayne but he gets down low to make the save.
28' Melbourne City have the corner and play is stopped to allow Leckie treatment after he fell heavily.
27' Sydney FC have four former Melbourne City players in their starting line up in Redmayne, Caceres, Brattan and Retre tonight.
25' Two goals in two minutes and we need a breather here!
J. Lolley
24' GOAL SYDNEY - Burgess with a chance to make it 1-1 but it's a brilliant save by Glover! Melbourne City aren't able to clear their line and Lolley pounces on the scraps and drives it home! We are all square at 1-1 and Lolley's goal is oh so sweet for the Sydney FC supporters!
J. Maclaren
Penalty Goal
22' PENALTY GOAL CITY - Redmayne guesses the right way but Maclaren's penalty to the left was far too powerful. Melbourne City lead 1-0.
21' PENALTY! The ball comes back in and bounces up in front of Leckie where Brattan handballs in the box! The referee points to the spot and the Grey Wiggle will be called into action!
21' The corner is cleared by the Sydney defence.
20' City have the corner after Leckie is successfully challenged for the ball.
17' The Sydney fans are full of song and they are jumping up and down in the stands.
15' Leckie with a good run but his shot is stabbing shot is deflected straight to Redmayne.
14' Lolley with a good strong run before passing to Burgess who shoots straight at Glover off a tight angle.
12' Sydney have another corner and it's sent in by Lolley but the City defence finally earn a reprieve with a throw in conceded.
11' Sydney have made a very positive attacking start to the game.
11' The corner is sent to the near post but Glover has it covered.
10' Sydney win the corner after Talbot elected to head out for safety.
V. Berisha
Yellow Card
10' YELLOW CARD - Berish has been shown the yellow card for his foul on Caceres.
7' Melbourne City are in their familiar red and white striped away strip which was once their home strip in the days of Melbourne Heart.
5' Melbourne City win the corner off Grant.
3' Burgess finds Wood inside the box and Wood does a lovely sharp turn to create room for the shot and he hits the post! An early let off for Melbourne City.
L. Brattan
Yellow Card
1' YELLOW CARD - Brattan is booked for his foul on Leckie.
1' The corner is taken short and then sent into the box but the Sydney defence wins out.
1' We are off and underway with Sydney kicking off.
Sydney (4-3-3): Redmayne (GK), Caballo, Rodwell, Donachie, Grant; Caceres, Brattan, Retre, Burgess, Wood, Lolley. Subs: Heward-Belle (GK), Girdwood-Reich, Gurd, Kucharski, Le Fondre, Segecic, Vlastelica.
Melbourne City (4-5-1): Glover (GK); Bos, Jamieson, Reis, Talbot; Leckie, van der Venne, Berisha, Lam, Nabbout; Maclaren. Subs: Sutton (GK), Rodrigues, Galloway, Good, Gomulka, Sulemani, Tilio.
Sydney have won just two of their six matches to date but a win today will put them right inside the top six. They will have to do it against an undefeated Melbourne City who have won five from their first six matches.
Good evening and welcome to Allianz Stadium for tonight's match between Sydney FC and Melbourne City.