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D. Sikan
Yellow Card
V. Bondar
Own Goal
0 - 4
D. Szoboszlai
C. Nkunku
0 - 3
André Silva
M. Simakan
0 - 2
C. Nkunku
0 - 1

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 7
Total Passes 502 533
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Real Madrid RMA Real Madrid 6 4 1 1 15 6 +9 13 W L D W W
2 RB Leipzig RBL RB Leipzig 6 4 0 2 13 9 +4 12 W W W W L
3 Shakhtar Donetsk SHK Shakhtar Donetsk 6 1 3 2 8 10 -2 6 L D D L D
4 Celtic CEL Celtic 6 0 2 4 4 15 -11 2 L D L L D


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Leipzig finish as runners-up in Group F, with Madrid beating Celtic in the other game to top the group. They go into the draw for the knockout rounds, but for now, their attention turns to Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga. Shakhtar drop into the Europa League play-offs after finishing third. They host Inhulets in the league at the weekend.
Leipzig are through to the round of 16 after a 4-0 win over Shakhtar. It was a tight first half, but Leipzig went into the break 1-0 up through Nkunku who slotted home the rebound after Werner's effort was saved. Leipzig came out for the second half with a purpose though and just five minutes in, Silva snuck the ball over the line from close range at the near post. Szoboszlai then curled a third into the empty net before Olmo's deflected strike was helped past Trubin by Bondar to wrap things up.
D. Sikan
Yellow Card
89' Gvardiol was waiting to pick out a pass, so Sikan decided to rush him. The forward slides in on him just after the ball is played, and he's booked for the late challenge.
87' Petryak is still causing Leipzig problems here as he sets off on the counter again. He works it across field to Kryskiv on the left, but a loose touch from him goes straight out for a throw-in.
85' Shakhtar are trying to pass it out of their own half, but can't find a way through Leipzig's high press. The visitors quickly win it back and they up the pressure again.
83' Leipzig are still looking for another goal here and Kampl fizzes it through to Forsberg. He gets between the Shakhtar defenders, but he set off too early and the flag goes up.
D. Kryskiv
A. Bondarenko
81' Shakhtar's final change sees Kryskiv come on in place of Bondarenko.
80' BLOCK! Taylor plays a great throughball down the right for Petryak and he drives forward down the right before squaring it into Bondarenko. He gets it out of his feet before drilling his shot on goal, but Kampl makes the block.
78' Olmo's corner is just too high for Silva in the middle, but Kampl recycles it on the edge of the box by squaring it to Forsberg. He hooks it back into the middle, but can only pick out Stepanenko.
76' CLOSE! Leipzig have another set piece, this time just outside the box and Nkunku stands over it. He's looking for the near top corner and he whips his shot around the outside of the wall, but it's just too high.
A. Totovytskyi
M. Mudryk
74' And Shakhtar's latest change sees Totovytskyi coming on for Mudryk.
A. Diallo
X. Schlager
74' Final change for Leipzig now and it's Schlager that's making way for Diallo.
73' CLOSE! Mudryk decides to take matters into his own hands as he weaves past two Leipzig defenders to get to the edge of the D before he takes his shot. It's swerving through the air and it sails just over the crossbar.
72' Three of Leipzig's goals in this season's Champions League have been scored by substitutes - only Napoli (five) and Liverpool (four) have scored more.
70' Shakhtar are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're in no hurry to push upfield. The wind has been knocked out of their sails by that last goal and they're starting to look tired.
V. Bondar
Own Goal
68' OLMO SCORES! He's only been on the pitch for a matter of seconds, but he's made it 4-0! Olmo takes the free-kick short to Kampl before getting it back on the left side of the box. He cuts back inside, and he whips his shot through the crowd, with a deflection off Bondar sending it bouncing against the post and over the line!
M. Halstenberg
D. Raum
67' And Raum's last involvement was winning the free-kick for the visitors as Halstenberg comes on in his place.
Dani Olmo
D. Szoboszlai
67' Szoboszlai is also making way, with Olmo replacing him.
B. Henrichs
M. Simakan
67' Leipzig are making a triple change here. Simakan is the first to go off, with Henrichs on for him.
Lucas Taylor
Yellow Card
66' Taylor knew that he wasn't going to catch Raum, so he just dragged him back by his shoulder to stop the run. He can have no complaints with that yellow card.
64' Shakhtar's frustration is starting to show here as Mudryk catches Simakan with a needless foul when the right-back was going nowhere. The hosts just can't get a touch at the moment.
C. Nkunku
62' Nkunku had time to get his head up and he now has an assist to add to his earlier goal.
D. Szoboszlai
62' SZOBOSZLAI SCORES! And that should do it for Leipzig! Kampl slides it through to Nkunku, and once again, he spins away from his defender with ease to knock it out to Szoboszlai on the right. He drags it into the box and Trubin rushes out to close him down, but he misses. The winger takes it around him before curling his shot into the empty net. 3-0 Leipzig!
61' Leipzig are back to dominating possession here, with Shakhtar not in any hurry to close them down. The hosts are dropping deep into their own half to stop them from finding a way through.
N. Đurasek
H. Sudakov
59' And Sudakov is the other player going off, with Durasek on in his place.
Lucas Taylor
Y. Konoplya
59' Konoplya is also taken off, with Taylor on for him.
D. Sikan
L. Traoré
59' Triple change for Shakhtar now as they try to find a way back into this game. Traore is the first to make way, with Sikan replacing him.
58' Shakhtar win a free-kick on the right and it's a good delivery from Mudryk. Traore rises highest in the middle, but it skims over his head and Orban is waiting behind him to clear his lines.
56' Shakhtar break quickly on the counter with Petryak squaring it to Traore on the halfway line. He bursts forward, but Kampl recovers brilliantly to slide in and prevent him from having a shot when he gets into the box. VAR checks it for a penalty, but nothing's given.
54' BLOCK! Leipzig break quickly on the counter through Szoboszlai and he touches it onto Nkunku on the edge of the box. He spins past Bondar before teeing up Forsberg to his right, but a deflection sends his shot sailing over the bar.
52' Shakhtar are pushing upfield to try and get themselves back into this game, with Mudryk working it well down the left again. He tries to curl an early cross into Traore, but it's straight into Blaswich's gloves.
M. Simakan
50' The cross wasn't meant for Simakan, but he outmuscled Matviyenko to get on the end of it and pick out Silva with his header.
André Silva
50' SILVA SCORES! And how he snuck it in is anyone's guess! Raum played a one-two with Silva before lifting a cross into the box and Simakan did well to head it back into the danger zone. None of the Shakhtar defenders spot the forward's late run, and he sneaks in to tap it past Trubin from a very tight angle at the near post. 2-0 Leipzig!
48' Traore holds off Orban well again and volleys it out to Mykhailichenko on the left. He whips a dangerous cross into the near post to try and pick out the forward's run, but Simakan glances it away just ahead of him.
46' Leipzig get us back underway for the second half!
If things stay as they are, Leipzig are through to the round of 16 as group runners-up due to Real Madrid beating Celtic in the other game. Shakhtar will be dropping into the Europa League, but Jovicevic will be expecting a reaction in the second half, as their place in the Champions League will only be sealed with a win.
Nkunku's early goal separates the sides at the break, with Leipzig beating Shakhtar 1-0. The visitors showed the bigger threat in the first half - Werner saw an early shot saved, and his second attempt was pushed into Nkunku's path and he coolly slotted it home. Forsberg was also denied by Trubin, but Shakhtar grew into the game without threatening the goalkeeper.
45' + 1' It's another great run from Petryak down the right and he plays a dangerous low cross into the middle. Mykhailichenko finds himself furthest forward on the edge of the six-yard box but leaves it when he gets a shout from Mudryk. He can't control it and the left-back had the better chance!
44' CHANCE! It's brilliant hold-up play by Traore at the byline as he holds off two Leipzig defenders and keeps it in play to tee up Petryak. He has to take the shot quickly and scoops it towards the far post, but it's always heading wide.
42' Another long ball, this time from Bondar, causes Leipzig all sorts of problems as Blaswich rushes out of his box and then doesn't get any distance on his header. Sudakov knocks it through to Mudryk, but luckily for the visitors, it bounces away off his heel.
40' Matviyenko decides to go for a more direct route this time when he spots Traore peeling off the back of Orban. The forward set off a second too early though and the offside flag goes up.
38' Raum plays an early cross into Forsberg on the edge of the box, and he spins away from Matvyenko before scuffing it towards Silva. There isn't enough on the pass though and Shakhtar hook it away.
36' Shakhtar break quickly on the counter through Mudryk again as he surges forward down the right. Traore is unmarked in the middle, but the winger holds onto it too long and then sees his cross blocked by Gvardiol.
34' Leipzig move it quickly upfield again, and Simakan finds space down the right to square it into Szobszlai. He has time, but chooses to take the shot first time instead, and blazes it over the bar.
32' Schlager chips a great pass over Shakhtar's compact shape to pick out Nkunku's run from the left. He timed his run perfectly, but then scuffs at the attempted cross, giving Bondar an easy clearance.
30' A loose touch from Silva when he tries to keep the ball in play gifts it to Mudryk and he knocks it past Szoboszlai before driving down the left. He switches it to Petryak, who cuts inside before firing his shot well wide of the near post.
28' SAVE! Two simple throughballs, first from Gvardiol and the second from Kampl, cut Shakhtar's midfield wide open and Forsberg has space on the edge of the D. He drills a low shot on goal, but it's a comfortable save for Trubin.
26' Shakhtar are dropping deeper into their own half to try and close down the space ahead of Leipzig. The visitors are staying patient though, looking for their moment to break forward.
B. Mykhailichenko
Yellow Card
24' Simakan stepped in front of Mudryk to nick the ball and set off on a darting run down the right. Mykhailichenko slides in to cut him off and clips him to be shown the first yellow card of the game.
23' Petryak is providing all of the width down the right for Shakhtar, and he's picked out by Konoplya. He decides to go long, looking for Traore through the middle, but Orban does well to hold his ground to stop the forward from reaching it.
21' Shakhtar are enjoying a good spell of possession after soaking up the pressure from Leipzig, but it's all in their own half. They're patiently trying to work it upfield, but can't find a way through at the moment.
E. Forsberg
T. Werner
19' Werner is slowly making his way around the side of the pitch with the physio as Forsberg comes on to replace him.
17' Werner peeled out to the left, but after playing a pass, he started limping again, and this time, he gestures to the bench that he can't carry on. The medical team come on to look at his ankle, but his game is done.
16' Stepanenko slid in to win the ball off Werner a few minutes ago, and he caught the German with the follow-through. Werner initially got back to his feet, but he's gone down with no one around him. He's going to try and carry on after treatment though.
14' Leipzig are keeping Shakhtar penned back in their own half here as they search for a second goal. They're switching it from left to right and back again, but the hosts are staying compact at the moment.
12' Kampl has acres of space in the middle of the field and he has time to get his head up before going long for Raum. He's through on goal, but he set off too early, and the offside flag ends Leipzig's attack.
C. Nkunku
10' NKUNKU SCORES! Sudakov loses the ball under pressure from Schlager and the loose ball rolls through to Werner. He gets his head down as he surges into the box and Trubin makes a good save to keep him out. The rebound falls straight to Nkunku though, and he coolly slots it into the back of the net. 1-0 Leipzig!
8' GOOD SAVE! It's a wonderful long ball over the top from Gvardiol to pick out Nkunku's driving run into the box and he brings it down with a good first touch. He flicks it onto Werner, who made the overlapping run, but Trubin stretches out a leg to save his low shot.
6' Petryak is already causing Leipzig a lot of problems down their left as he gets around Raum again. He drills a dangerous low ball onto the penalty spot, Traore isn't on the same wavelength and he makes the run too early.
4' It's better from Leipzig here as Kampl and Werner link up down the left. The midfielder slots it through for Nkunku, but he can't stop it from rolling out of play before he pulls back a cross.
2' Shakhtar have made a bright start to the game and put Leipzig under some early pressure as Petryak carries it down the right. He squares it into Bondarenko, but he can't spin away fro Kampl.
1' Traore gets the game underway for Shakhtar!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Shakhtar have only won one of their previous 12 matches in the Champions League (D6 L5), though that lone victory was the 4-1 win over Leipzig in September at the Red Bull Arena.
Marco Rose makes just three changes to the side that beat Bayer Leverkusen last time out. Blaswich returns from a calf injury to start in goal, with Gvardiol and Silva also coming in. Diallo and Henrichs start on the bench.
Igor Jovicevic makes five changes from the draw with Oleksandriya at the weekend. Konoplya, Matviyenko, Sudakov, Petryak and Traore are all brought in. Taylor, Kryvtsov and Sikan drop to the bench.
RB LEIPZIG SUBS: Benjamin Henrichs, Marcel Halstenberg, Jonas Nickisch, Timo Schlieck, Abdou Diallo, Dani Olmo, Emil Forsberg, Hugo Novoa, Amadou Haidara.
RB LEIPZIG STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Janis Blaswich; Mohamed Simakan, Willi Orban, Josko Gvardiol, David Raum; Xaver Schlager, Kevin Kampl; Dominik Szoboszlai, Christopher Nkunku, Timo Werner; Andre Silva.
SHAKHTAR DONETSK SUBS: Serhii Krivtsov, Andriy Totovytsky, Oleh Ocheretko, Oleksii Shevchenko, Lucas Taylor, Andrii Kulakov, Eduard Kozik, Andrii Pyatov, Dmytro Kryskiv, Danylo Sikan, Dmytro Topalov, Neven Durasek.
SHAKHTAR DONETSK STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Anatolii Trubin; Yukhym Konoplia, Valerii Bondar, Mykola Matviyenko, Bogdan Mykhailichenko; Taras Stepanenko; Mykhailo Mudryk, Artem Bondarenko, Heorhii Sudakov, Ivan Petryak; Lassina Traore.
Both teams are battling it out for the final qualification place in the group. After losing their first two games in the competition, Leipzig only need to avoid defeat to reach the knockout round, but if they win and Madrid lose, they'll go through as group winners. They're unbeaten in their last nine outings in all competitions (W7 D2). As for Shakhtar, they must win to reach the last 16. They've only won one of their Champions League games this season (D3 L1), but that was a 4-1 victory in the reverse fixture in September. They're unbeaten in their previous five matches (W2 D3).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group F meeting between Shakhtar Donetsk and RB Leipzig!