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B. Dieng
1 - 3
D. Yongwa
1 - 2
K. Mbappé
1 - 1
A. Hakimi
Yellow 2nd/RC
E. Le Fée
R. Faivre
0 - 1

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 7
Total Passes 606 523
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 PSG PSG PSG 38 27 4 7 89 40 +49 85 L D W W W
2 Lens RCL Lens 38 25 9 4 68 29 +39 84 W W W W W
3 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 38 22 7 9 67 40 +27 73 L L L W L
4 Rennes REN Rennes 38 21 5 12 69 39 +30 68 W W W W L
5 Lille LIL Lille 38 19 10 9 65 44 +21 67 D W W D L
6 Monaco ASM Monaco 38 19 8 11 70 58 +12 65 L L L D W
7 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 38 18 8 12 65 47 +18 62 L W W L W
8 Clermont CLE Clermont 38 17 8 13 45 49 -4 59 W W L W D
9 Nice NIC Nice 38 15 13 10 48 37 +11 58 W W D L W
10 Lorient FCL Lorient 38 15 10 13 52 53 -1 55 W L L D W
11 Reims SR Reims 38 12 15 11 45 45 0 51 L L D L W
12 Montpellier MON Montpellier 38 15 5 18 65 62 +3 50 W L W D L
13 Toulouse TFC Toulouse 38 13 9 16 51 57 -6 48 W D D D D
14 Brest BRE Brest 38 11 11 16 44 54 -10 44 L W W W L
15 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 38 9 13 16 51 59 -8 40 L D D W W
16 Nantes NAN Nantes 38 7 15 16 37 55 -18 36 W L L D L
17 Auxerre AJA Auxerre 38 8 11 19 35 63 -28 35 L D L L D
18 Ajaccio ACA Ajaccio 38 7 5 26 23 74 -51 26 W L L L D
19 Troyes TRO Troyes 38 4 12 22 45 81 -36 24 D L D L L
20 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 38 4 6 28 33 81 -48 18 L W D L L


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That's all for today, goodbye!
PSG miss the chance to go 11 points clear at the top of Ligue 1, with Marseille having the chance to close the gap when they play later today. Next up for them is Troyes away. It's a win that moves Lorient up into the top half of the table as they go 10th. They host Brest next Sunday.
10-man PSG are booed off the field after a 3-1 defeat by Lorient. The visitors started brightly and took an early lead through Le Fee before Hakimi was sent off for a second yellow just 20 minutes in. Mbappe pulled one back, capitalising on Mvogo's confusion over a not-given free-kick. Yongwa restored their lead just before the break and though PSG pushed for another equaliser in the second half they couldn't find one. Dieng came off the bench and thought he'd scored their third only for VAR to rule it out for a tight offside, but two minutes later, he did get it after a quick break.
90' + 3' Mendes is down holding his hamstring, and it doesn't look good for him after just returning from injury today. He's led off the pitch by the medical team, and he's not going to be able to continue. PSG will finish the game with nine men.
J. Ponceau
E. Le Fée
90' + 2' Final change for Lorient now as Ponceau comes on in place of Le Fee.
90' PSG have been stunned by that third Lorient goal. Just when they'd been given hope by the other goal being overturned, they find themselves two down anyway. They're moving it slower, and can't get upfield.
B. Dieng
88' DIENG SCORES! And this one will stand! PSG win a corner which is played short to Ruiz, who tries to switch it to the far side. It's cut out and Lorient break quickly on the counter, with Dieng leading it through the middle. He's one-on-one with Donnarumma, who saves it, but it bounces under him and Dieng follows in to head it over the line. 3-1 Lorient!
87' NO GOAL! After checking all the angles, it shows that Dieng set off just before Kari played the ball across the box. It's a tight one, but it won't count! Still 2-1!
86' DIENG SCORES... But will it count? Mendes leans into Cathline in midfield, and while he's saying that he didn't foul the player, Lorient continue playing. He touches it into Kari, who gets around Ramos to square it to the far post where Dieng is waiting. He doesn't miss the empty net this time as he slides in with the ball, but was he offside?
Yellow Card
85' Verratti gives away another foul, much to his frustration. Galtier can't contain his own anger on the sidelines, and he talks himself into a booking.
83' PSG are slower to get out to the visitors now. Their high press has been causing problems for most of the second half, but they seem to be running out of steam a little here.
81' It's better from Lorient here as they look to have regained some control. They're keeping possession well in their own half and aren't letting PSG get close to them.
W. Zaïre-Emery
Danilo Pereira
78' Pereira needed treatment following that tackle from Dieng, and he's now going off. It's an attacking change for PSG, as Zaire-Emery replaces him.
B. Dieng
Yellow Card
77' Dieng's frustration after that last miss is clear as he slides in to stop Pereira from breaking forward. He can have no complaints about that booking.
76' WHAT A CHANCE! Lorient break quickly upfield, with Le Fee driving forward down the right before squaring it to Dieng in the box. He meets it first time as Donnarumma rushes out, and he fires it high over the bar despite having an empty net ahead of him.
75' PSG are still pushing for an equaliser here and are intricately trying to pass their way through Lorient's backline. It looks like Ekitike has picked out Mbappe, but Le Goff sticks out a foot just in time to take it away from him.
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
73' Verratti catches Abergel with a late challenge. He's protesting his innocence, but it won't stop the referee from showing him a yellow card.
72' It's crowded on the edge of Lorient's box, but Ruiz plays a one-two with Mbappe as he pushes his way through it. He takes a tumble just inside the area with Talbi, but the referee quickly waves away the penalty claims.
70' There's a nervy moment at the back for Lorient, who are knocking it around PSG confidently until it's loosely played back towards Mvogo. He wasn't ready for it and Messi is hovering in the box, but Meite just manages to clear his lines in time.
68' SO CLOSE! Lorient go straight up the other end and the space opens up for Le Fee on the edge of the D. He tries to curl his shot into the top right corner, and Donnarumma is beaten, but he hits the side netting.
67' GREAT SAVE! Another PSG free-kick causes problems for Lorient and they half-clear it out to the right where Mbappe is waiting. He whips a brilliant cross into the middle for Pereira to turn towards goal, and Mvogo rushes out, blocking it with his face.
B. Dieng
I. Koné
65' Lorient are making a double change here. Kone is the first to go off, with Dieng on in his place.
H. Ekitike
65' PSG are also using the opportunity to make a change as Ekitike comes on for Vitinha.
Y. Cathline
G. Kalulu
65' And Kalulu is slowly helped back to his feet before going off with the medical team. Cathline replaces him.
63' Kalulu is down in need of treatment on his ankle after a coming together with Mbappe. The medical team are on to see to him now, but he's not going to be able to carry on.
61' PSG have failed to keep a clean sheet in each of their last eight home games in Ligue 1, their longest run in the top-flight since August-November 1989 (also eight).
A. Kari
B. Innocent
59' Lorient are making their first change now as Kari comes on in place of Innocent.
58' GOOD CHANCE! Messi's free-kick deflected out for a corner, and he goes across to take it. He whips a delightful cross onto the edge of the six-yard box where Ramos meets it, but he thumps his header just over the bar.
Nuno Mendes
Juan Bernat
56' PSG are making their second change now as Mendes comes on to replace Bernat.
55' Messi curls a free-kick into the box, but it's too close to Meite. His clearance is poor though and it bounces up for Ruiz, who goes for a half-volley. He gets it all wrong though and slices it well wide of the near post.
E. Le Fée
Yellow Card
53' Le Fee slid in on Mbappe, and when the referee didn't see an advantage playing out, he pulled it back. The winger is also booked.
Yellow Card
51' Marquinhos gets in a tangle with Yongwa and a free-kick goes against him. There wasn't much in it, but his angry reaction towards the linesman means he's talked himself into a booking.
50' It's better from PSG, with Vitinha knocking it past Kalulu to get away down the left. He pulls it back into a dangerous area, but nobody's there for the hosts and Talbi hooks it away.
48' Lorient are patiently playing it out from the back again, trying to draw PSG out. They get it to Le Fee in the box, who goes down under a challenge from Ramos, but the referee waves him back to his feet.
46' PSG get us back underway for the second half!
Fabián Ruiz
Carlos Soler
46' PSG are making their first change at the back. Soler is taken off, with Ruiz on in his place.
Galtier was not happy with that first half, and despite his side pulling themselves back level, they haven't created too much themselves, which he'll want to improve on. Lorient have the wind in their sails though, and reacted well after the anger to the equaliser. Le Bris will be looking for more of the same.
10-man PSG go off to boos at half-time, with Lorient beating them 2-1. The visitors started brightly and took the lead just 15 minutes in when Le Fee fired in a first-time shot from the middle of the box. Hakimi was sent off not long after for his second yellow card - his first came within the first six minutes - for two late challenges. Mbappe equalised in strange circumstances, with Mvogo thinking he had a free-kick when he didn't, and the Frenchman capitalised. Yongwa restored the visitors' lead though.
45' Messi weaves his way through another compact crowd on the edge of the box and is setting himself to shoot from a tight angle when Meite gets across. The defender stands his ground and clears the danger.
43' Messi wriggles his way into a bit of space on the edge of the D and is instantly urged to shoot by the home fans. He listens, firing towards the near post, but a deflection takes the pace off it, and it's an easy collection from Mvogo.
41' WIDE! Lorient are on the attack again, and Abergel slides a great throughball in behind Marquinhos to pick out Kone's run. The defender quickly gets back to put him under pressure, and he fires his shot wide.
D. Yongwa
39' YONGWA SCORES! It's rolled out to Faivre down the right and he dribbles past Verratti and Bernat to take it to the byline before he drills it into the middle. It's just behind Kone, but it doesn't matter as Yongwa is following in and fires it into the empty net first time. 2-1 Lorient!
38' Lorient are back to keeping PSG penned back in their own half at the moment. It's patient play from the visitors, but they can't find a way through just yet.
36' PSG's latest attack down the right fizzles out and Lorient break quickly on the counter. Yongwa leads the attack down the left before pulling it back to Innocent, but his shot is blocked by Pereira.
34' Lorient's frustration is getting the better of them here and they're not moving it upfield with as much freedom as before. Abergel tries to switch it out to Le Fee, but Pereira, who has slotted into right-back, cuts it out.
B. Innocent
Yellow Card
32' It's a late challenge from Innocent on Soler, and he goes into the referee's book.
31' Still, arguments are ongoing from the Lorient players, but the referee isn't having any of it. VAR checks the incident, and since the whistle didn't go, Mbappe was entitled to go for it.
K. Mbappé
29' MBAPPE EQUALISES! In the most bizarre of circumstances! The referee was calling for the game to carry on as Mbappe went down, but the referee didn't blow his whistle. Mvogo ushers the Frenchman back up before rolling the ball out in front of him. When the keeper doesn't immediately send it upfield, Mbappe nicks it off him and fires into the net. Lorient are furious that it stands, but the whistle didn't go. 1-1!
28' Verratti lifts a long ball over the top to Mbappe, who drags it away from Le Goff. Mvogo rushes out to close him down, but he rounds the goalkeeper before Talbi slides in and takes it off his toe.
26' PSG are still patiently pushing forward here and they win a free-kick in the left of midfield. Messi swings a wonderful free-kick onto the penalty spot, but Pereira is just ahead of it and can only loop his header onto the roof of the net.
24' Le Fee's corner is floated out to Innocent on the edge of the box, but the training ground move doesn't come off for the visitors. PSG quickly move out of their box and force them to play it backwards.
22' The PSG players are surrounding the referee and trying to argue against the decision, but both of Hakimi's tackles were late. Yongwa stays down receiving treatment the whole time, but it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
20' HAKIMI IS SENT OFF! It gets worse for PSG! It's another late challenge from Hakimi as he lunged to try and nick the ball off Yongwa. He didn't get near the ball but did catch the wing-back on the ankle with his studs. The referee goes straight to his pocket for a second yellow card and he's off! PSG are down to 10 men!
19' PSG are still patiently trying to pass their way through, but Lorient aren't leaving a lot of space in behind. It's switched from left to right and back again, only for Bernat's cross to be cleared.
17' PSG are looking to make an instant response to going behind here as Hakimi charges down the right. He curls an early cross into the box where Mbappe is waiting, but Talbi clears his lines.
R. Faivre
15' Faivre has been bright in the opening exchanges here, and he was in the right place to help Kalulu out of a tight spot before setting up the goal.
E. Le Fée
15' LE FEE SCORES! It's great work from Kalulu to lose Bernat on the right before touching it through for Faivre in a better position. He fizzes his low cross into the middle of the box where Le Fee is waiting and he stretches to fire a first-time shot into the roof of the net. 1-0 Lorient!
13' It's a wonderful switch of play from Messi out to Bernat, who has acres of space on the left. He volleys a cross in from the byline, but Mbappe can't get in front of Meite to meet it.
11' GREAT SAVE! PSG intricately pass their way through Lorient's compact shape and Messi cushions it into Mbappe inside the D. He spins away from Le Goff to get one-on-one with Mvogo, who spreads himself wide to smother it.
9' BLOCK! Lorient have made a bright start to this game, and Yongwa makes a good run down the left before squaring it to Le Fee. He picks out Kone on the edge of the box, and his first-time shot loops into Donnarumma's gloves off Marquinhos.
7' Faivre flicks it past Verratti only to run straight into Ramos, who was also holding off Kone. All three go to ground, with the Spaniard holding his shoulder, but they can carry on without treatment.
A. Hakimi
Yellow Card
5' Hakimi slides in with a very late tackle on Faivre, getting nowhere near the ball. He picks up an early yellow card.
4' It's neatly worked through the middle until Vitinha's heavy touch gifts it to Talbi. The midfielder chases it back to Mvogo, putting him under pressure, but Lorient manage to clear their lines.
2' It's Lorient with the early possession here, but it's all in front of PSG. The visitors are patiently playing out from the back, currently unable to find a way over the halfway line.
1' Kone gets the game underway for Lorient!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
PSG are the only club to have won all of their games against teams currently sitting in the bottom half of the table this season (15/15).
Regis Le Bris makes two changes to his side after their loss to Toulouse last weekend. Kalulu and Innocent are both brought in. Ponceau starts on the bench after recovering from illness, but Igor Silva is out after picking up a thigh injury in that game.
Christophe Galtier makes just one change from the win over Angers last time out. Verratti starts in place of Ruiz in midfield, with the Spaniard dropping to the bench. They are boosted by the return of Mendes, who is back among the substitutes after recovering from a muscle injury.
LORIENT SUBS: Teddy Bartouche, Adil Aouchiche, Ayman Kari, Julien Ponceau, Stephane Diarra, Bamba Dieng, Yoann Cathline, Maxime Wackers, Sirine Doucoure.
LORIENT STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Yvon Mvogo; Barno Meite, Montassar Talbi, Vincent Le Goff; Gedeon Kalulu, Bonke Innocent, Laurent Abergel, Darline Yongwa; Romain Faivre, Enzo Le Fee; Ibrahima Kone.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Sergio Rico, Alexandre Letellier, Fabian Ruiz, Nuno Mendes, El Chadille Bitshiabu, Warren Zaire-Emery, Ilyes Housni, Ismael Gharbi, Hugo Ekitike.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (3-5-2): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Danilo Pereira; Achraf Hakimi, Carlos Soler, Marco Verratti, Vitinha, Juan Bernat; Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe.
PSG currently sit eight points above Marseille at the top of the table and are looking to take another big step towards the Ligue 1 title with a win today. After losing a game at home on either side of the international break against Rennes and Lyon, PSG have responded by winning their last three on the bounce in the competition. As for Lorient, they sit in mid-table but are in the middle of a bit of a slump at the moment. They've won just one of their last eight matches (D3 L4), and are winless in their last seven on the road in the league (D2 L5), last winning on New Year's Day against Angers (2-1).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and Lorient at the Parc des Princes!