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J. Muir
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
C. Nieuwenhof
Yellow Card
J. Forde
Yellow Card
K. Jelacic
D. Williams
1 - 0

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51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 405 387
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Keegan Jelacic's 59th minute goal was enough to give Perth a hard fought 1-0 win over their more fancied rivals in Western Sydney. The result sees Perth level with Melbourne Victory on points at the bottom of the ladder and remarkably they are only four points out from sixth position!
90' + 5' Wilmering sends it to the far post once again with the shot coming in low and hard at Cook who is equal to the task.
90' + 5' Wilmering sends it into the box with Marcelo denied by Duncan for another corner.
90' + 5' Sapsford looks to cross the ball in but it takes a deflection and goes out for a corner.
90' + 2' Wilmering with a run to the box but the final pass is far too close to Cook who claims it comfortably.
90' + 1' There will be five minutes of stoppage time with Perth holding on.
90' Wilmering takes the resulting free kick but he sends it high towards the far post and the wind takes it away.
J. Muir
Yellow Card
89' YELLOW CARD - Jacob Muir has been booked for an accidental trailing arm on Amalfitano.
86' The free kick is taken short before it's pushed out for a throw in with Perth happy to run down the clock.
86' Perth have the free kick near the corner flag and they are in absolutely no hurry to take it.
Z. Sapsford
B. Borello
85' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Brandon Borrello has been replaced by Zachary Sapsford.
A. Badolato
R. Najjarine
85' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Ramy Najjarine has been replaced by Alexander Badolato.
85' Williams sends the long ball across to Zimarino but Thomas comes off his line to clear the ball to safety.
84' Time is running out for the Wanderers with Perth well organised at the back.
81' Najjarine goes down just inside the box under the challenge of Duncan but there is nothing coming. VAR did not take long to look at it.
Yellow Card
79' YELLOW CARD - Marcelo is booked for dissent.
C. Nieuwenhof
Yellow Card
78' YELLOW CARD - Calem Nieuwenhof is booked for his foul on Duncan.
G. Colli
K. Jelacic
77' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Keegan Jelacic has been replaced by Giordano Colli.
J. Forde
Yellow Card
76' Yellow Card Joseph Forde
Z. Duncan
L. Bodnar
76' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Luke Bodnar is unable to continue due to injury and he has been replaced by Zachary Duncan.
D. Wilmering
O. Bozanic
74' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Oliver Bozanic has been replaced by Daniel Wilmering.
74' Traore passes to Bozanic who once again sends the ball into the crowd.
72' Najjarine with a good run that forces Cook to come out and send the ball out for a throw in.
72' David Williams has come on and provided the spark that Perth needed.
70' Western Sydney have the corner and much like Perth's in the first half, it is sent to the far post and has too much on it.
68' Western Sydney would normally be looking to their bench but they don't have many options by way of experienced attackers.
66' Najjarine looks to flick the ball to the far post but it goes to nobody in particular and bounces out for a goal kick.
D. Williams
Yellow Card
65' YELLOW CARD - David Williams is booked for his sliding challenge from behind on Amalfitano.
G. Cléùr
Yellow Card
62' YELLOW CARD - Gabriel Cléùr is booked for his foul on Bodnar.
62' The free kick is initially cleared out of the box before it goes to Bozanic who sends it into the crowd.
61' Western Sydney have the free kick as they look for an instant reply.
K. Jelacic
59' GOAL GLORY - Perth were building and this moment was coming. Williams dances his way through traffic before laying it off for Keegan Jelacic who shoots past Thomas and it goes in off the post. Perth 1-0.
59' Zimarino shoots on the turn but it drifts agonisingly wide of the post and out for a goal kick.
58' Williams sends it into the box but it's cleared by the Wanderers.
A. Zimarino
J. Dowse
57' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Jacob Dowse has been replaced by Adam Zimarino.
D. Williams
L. Ivanovic
57' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Luke Ivanovic has been taken off to be replaced by David Williams.
57' Perth are electing to go with the double change to shake things up in attack.
55' The corner is sent in but once again it's easy work for the Wanderers defence.
54' Ivanovic with a low delivery into the box but it's sent out for a corner by Cleur.
51' Perth's defence has been under pressure at the start of this second half.
48' The corner is sent in but it has too much on it.
48' The Wanderers have the free kick and it's sent into the box where Koutroumbis heads it out for a corner.
47' Western Sydney have come out full of energy for the second half.
47' An early chance for the Wanderers but Krpic sends his header straight at Cook.
45' Perth kick off to commence proceedings in the second half.
HALF TIME - An entertaining first half comes to an end and surprisingly we are still scoreless at the break. Lawrence Thomas made two massive saves late in the first half to keep the scoreline at half-time 0-0.
45' + 1' There will be one minute of stoppage time.
45' Dowse sends it in towards the far post but it's headed clear by Mrcela.
45' Perth continue to attack and they win their tenth corner of the half.
J. Forde
S. Khelifi
44' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Salim Khelifi cannot continue with what appears to be a groin injury and his place has been taken by Joseph Forde.
43' Khelifi is down and requires treatment.
42' Some rare action down the other end with Borrello shooting from distance but it just bends wide.
41' Another corner comes in and this time the Wanderers can relieve after it goes off Dowse and out for a goal kick.
41' The following corner is headed out of the box before it comes back with a fantastic strike from Clisby, forcing Thomas into another save!
40' The ball comes out to Khelifi who shoots from outside the box with power, forcing Thomas into making a magnificent save!
40' The next corner is flicked dangerously on from the near post but it's cleared out.
39' The corner is sent to the far post but it's headed out for another one.
S. Krpić
K. Yengi
39' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Kusini Yengi is injured and unable to continue and he has been replaced by Sulejman Krpić.
39' Khelifi wins the corner for Perth.
36' Clisby takes the free kick by taking the shot but the wind takes hold of it and sends it into the crowd.
35' Khelifi has been brought down by Traore at the edge of the box and once again he can count himself lucky that the yellow card has not been produced.
33' Ivanovic shoots on the turn but Thomas is able to make an easy save.
30' Cleur crosses looking for Yengi but he sends it over his head and the chance is gone for the Wanderers.
28' The Wanderers continue to absorb the pressure from Perth.
26' Jelacic puts way too much on the corner and it goes straight out for a goal kick.
25' Amini catches them out on the break but his shot from outside the box is pushed out for a corner by Thomas.
24' Jelacic sends the next one in towards the far post but it gets past everyone and goes out for a goal kick.
24' The corner went to the far post but it's headed out of the box. It comes back in and it goes out for another corner.
23' Perth are beginning to take control of the game as they win another corner.
20' Najjarine has his initial shot blocked before it comes out to Cleur who shoots, but Cook gets down low to make the save.
18' Macedonia Park is quite a picture with the sun setting in the background.
16' Amini is barking out the instructions in the middle as he tries to direct traffic.
13' This time the corner drifts past the far post and out for a goal kick.
13' Perth move it swiftly and earn another corner.
11' The corner is sent in where Cook comes through with a decisive punch before the referee spots an infringement and gives Perth the free kick.
11' The free kick is looped into the box and it's out for a corner.
11' Western Sydney have the free kick in a dangerous position.
9' Nieuwenhof with a chance from inside the box, but his shot is immediately blocked before the offside flag goes up.
8' Khelifi with another good run but this time Traore is able to cut off the cross.
8' The corner is well dealt with by the Wanderers defence.
7' Clisby sends the free kick into the box and it's headed out for a corner.
6' Khelifi with a dangerous run and he is fouled by Traore who is lucky to escape any further punishment.
4' The match is being played in windy conditions.
2' The free kick is played short with Jelacic shooting from distance but sending it wide.
2' Perth have an early free kick to the left side of the box.
1' We are off and underway with Western Sydney kicking off.
Western Sydney (4-4-1-1): Thomas (GK); Traore, Mrcela, Marcelo, Cleur; Najjarine, Nieuwenhof, Bozanic, Borrello; Amalfitano; Yengi. Subs: Margush (GK), Badolato, Krpic, Tongyik, Lopane, Sapsford, Wilmering.
Perth (4-5-1): Cook (GK); Clisby, Lachman, Muir, Koutroumbis; Jelacic, Bodnar, Dowse, Amini, Khelifi; Ivanovic. Subs: Reddy (GK), Colli, Duncan, Forde, Hatch, David Williams, Zimarino.
Western Sydney are currently second and they can close the gap behind Melbourne City to just one point should they, as expected, record a win on the road tonight.
Perth have had a nightmare start to the season and find themselves at the bottom of the ladder. They can be equal on points with the 11th placed Melbourne Victory should they discover their form and win tonight.
Good evening and welcome to Macedonia Park for tonight's match between Perth and Western Sydney.