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Key Events

90' + 3'
M. Tilio
M. Leckie
3 - 2
J. Maclaren
2 - 2
N. Milanovic
1 - 2
M. Tilio
Nuno Reis
1 - 1
B. Borello
A. Layouni
0 - 1

Match Stats

56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 5
Total Passes 599 459
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - A highly entertaining match comes to an end with Marco Tilio's stoppage time goal giving Melbourne City a 3-2 win. Melbourne City end their season on a high remaining unbeaten on home soil ahead of a week off in the first week of the finals series. The Wanderers will finish in fourth position but all is not lost as they are sure to be a chance to progress if they bring their best into the finals.
90' + 4' Bozanic breaks and shoots. He has Glover beaten but it hits the post and then goes straight back to Glover who is grateful for the return.
M. Tilio
90' + 3' GOAL CITY - Marco Tilio with another dazzling run inside the box. He goes one way then the other before sliding the shot past Thomas to win the game for Melbourne City who lead 3-2.
90' We will have four minutes of stoppage time.
S. Galloway
J. Bos
88' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Jordan Bos comes off for a cameo by Scott Galloway.
87' City are pressing for a winner.
84' With the Mariners in a strong position against Adelaide the best the Wanderers can finish is third.
N. Milanovic
Yellow Card
81' YELLOW CARD - Nicolas Milanovic is also booked for his part in the clash with Jamieson.
S. Jamieson
Yellow Card
81' YELLOW CARD - Scott Jamieson is shown the yellow card after a little skirmish with Milanovic.
T. Beadling
M. Schneiderlin
80' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Morgan Schneiderlin is off for Thomas Beadling.
Y. N'Gbakoto
A. Layouni
80' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Amor Layouni has been replaced by Yeni N'Gbakoto.
Penalty Miss
79' MISS - Nabbout has the ball tucked away under his arm and he places the ball on the spot. Nabbout strikes the ball low and hard and it's a magnificent save by Thomas who flies low to his right.
78' Tilio is brought down in the box by Simmons and Faghani has been very busy tonight! He points straight to the spot!
J. Maclaren
75' GOAL CITY - Nabbout slides it across to Leckie who forces a reflex save from Thomas, but it goes to Jamie Maclaren who tucks it away. We are all square again at 2-2.
N. Milanovic
74' GOAL WANDERERS - Borrello has his penalty saved by Glover but Nicolas Milanovic is there to take the rebound and slam it past a desperate Glover to put the Wanderers 2-1 in front.
73' Traore has his legs taken away from him in the box by Nabbout and referee Faghani has no hesitation in pointing to the spot.
S. Jamieson
A. O'Neill
72' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Aiden O'Neill is replaced by Scott Jamieson.
71' More changes are pending for Melbourne City with Jamieson warming up.
K. Yengi
R. Amalfitano
68' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Romain Amalfitano has been repleaced by Kusini Yengi.
N. Milanovic
M. Ninković
68' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Miloš Ninković is off for Nicolas Milanovic.
66' The Wanderers really haven't been in the game in this second half.
M. Leckie
R. van der Venne
63' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Richard van der Venne makes way for Socceroo Mathew Leckie.
T. Lam
Nuno Reis
62' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Nuno Reis comes off for Thomas Lam.
O. Bozanic
C. Nieuwenhof
61' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Calem Nieuwenhof has been replaced by Oliver Bozanic.
59' The corner is sent in but just as swiftly dealt with by the Wanderers defence.
57' Tilio runs into the box but the ball is taken out of play for a corner by Mrcela.
M. Schneiderlin
Yellow Card
56' YELLOW CARD - Morgan Schneiderlin is shown the yellow card for his foul on Berenguer.
52' Melbourne City have come out in the second half full of fire.
M. Tilio
49' GOAL CITY - Marco Tilio with a dazzling run into the box and he does it all himself with a deft little chip finish past Thomas to level the scores at 1-1.
48' Tilio lays it off to O'Neill and he is kept out by a flying Thomas.
47' O'Neill lays it off for Bos who beats Thomas but smacks the upright.
45' Melbourne City kick off to get the second half underway.
HALF TIME - Borrello's 13th goal of the season separates the sides at the break with Western Sydney leading Melbourne City 1-0.
B. Borello
Yellow Card
45' + 1' YELLOW CARD - Brandon Borrello is shown the yellow card for his foul on Talbot.
45' There will be two minutes of stoppage time.
A. Layouni
Yellow Card
45' YELLOW CARD - Amor Layouni is booked for delaying the restart.
44' Tilio gets into the box and shoots but he drags it across the face of goal and out for a goal kick.
B. Borello
41' GOAL WANDERERS - Layoumi lays it off for Brandon Borrello who gets into the box and shoots it past Glover inside the roof of the net. Western Sydney 1-0.
38' City continue to play the game on their terms.
37' Schneiderlin sends the free kick to the back post where it was headed in and it was a fine save by Glover to keep it away from Borrello who was ready to pounce.
J. Bos
Yellow Card
36' YELLOW CARD - Jordan Bos has been booked for handball.
34' This match is yet to reach any great heights.
32' Schneiderlin is dispossessed with van der Venne pouncing and looking to chip Thomas but isn't able to do so.
29' Berenguer sends it into the box and once again the Wanderers defence have it covered.
29' Nabbout wins another corner for City.
27' After being summoned to the screen referee Faghani cancels out the penalty decision.
25' Nabbout goes down under an untidy challenge by Schneiderlin and referee Faghani awards the penalty.
24' Berenguer with another outswinger and it's headed clear by Mrcela again.
23' City have another corner this time won by Talbot.
23' The corner is sent into the box and it's headed clear by Mrcela.
22' Nabbout wins the corner for City and it will be taken by Berenguer.
21' Borrello sees Glover off his line and shoots from the middle of the pitch and nearly catches him out. But Glover is just able to double back and grab the ball to save embarassment.
20' Nabbout shoots from distance but it's an easy save for Thomas to make.
18' Schneiderlin sends the corner in but it's headed out of danger by Maclaren for a throw in.
17' Ninkovic wins the corner for the Wanderers.
14' Melbourne City have had the better of the last five to ten minutes.
12' City with a good build up but Thomas denies Tilio to concede the corner.
10' Traore goes to ground just outside the box and looks at the referee but there is nothing coming.
7' City have had a sustained spell of possession with a keepings off style employed.
4' The match is being played in wet and cold conditions tonight.
2' The Wanderers have made a positive start.
1' We are off and underway.
Western Sydney (4-4-2): Thomas (GK); Traore, Marcelo, Mrcela, Simmons; Amalfitano, Schneiderlin, Nieuwenhof, Layouni; Borrello, Ninkovic. Subs: Margush (GK), Beadling, Yengi, Bozanic, Milanovic, N'Gbakoto, Wilmering.
Melbourne City (4-3-3): Glover (GK); Bos, Good, Reis, Talbot; van der Venne, Berenguer, O'Neill; Nabbout, Maclaren, Tilio. Subs: Sutton (GK), Rodrigues, Galloway, Jamieson, Hall, Lam, Leckie.
Western Sydney need to win to have a chance of finishing second.
Melbourne City have the Premiers Plate all wrapped up. They are in fine tuning mode ahead of yet another finals campaign.
Good evening and welcome to AAMI Park for tonight's match between Melbourne City and Western Sydney.