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Key Events

F. Chiesa
Alex Sandro
2 - 1
N. Rovella
Yellow Card
V. Antov
Yellow Card
M. Valoti
A. Colpani
1 - 1
M. Kean
W. McKennie
1 - 0

Match Stats

38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 363 561
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Up next, both teams will turn their attention to the league, with Juve taking on Atalanta while Monza host Sampdoria.
Juventus advance to the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia! It was a strong start, with Kean's goal setting the tone, but Monza responded quickly with a header from Valoti. The second half was largely stagnant from both sides until Chiesa came on and worked his magic, with a curling shot putting his side ahead again.
90' + 5' An argument breaks out between players after Izzo isn't happy with the referee's decision to call a foul. The tension dissipates quickly, and play resumes without any cards being dished out.
90' + 3' Monza are still struggling to find a breakthrough as Juve continue to clear before they can get a shot off.
90' We're getting at least five minutes of added time.
90' Di Maria tries his luck at a shot, but his effort is save, and Monza travel up the pitch again.
88' BIG BLOCK! Somehow the ball has not gone in after Milik fires one from close range. Let's see if Monza can make it count.
85' Monza hanging onto the ball now as they try to find a way through Juve's deep block. They win a corner and opt to take it short to keep possession of the ball, but they are not having much luck finding an opening.
A. Milik
M. Kean
82' Kean, Juve's first goalscorer, makes way for Milik.
S. Sensi
V. Antov
82' Antov, who is on a yellow, makes way for Sensi, as Monza look for a late equaliser.
81' Monza's corner comes in, and the low cross is cleared immediately. Juve won't want to lose this lead with less than 10 minutes of normal time to go.
Alex Sandro
78' Sandro gets the assist, but the goal was all Chiesa. What a finish!
F. Chiesa
78' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL! And this one will definitely count! It's Chiesa, the man they were all here to see, who leaves Antov for dead despite the defender tugging on his shirt, cuts inside and shoots a curler that hits the inside of the post and clatters in. What a goal! Juventus 2-1 Monza.
75' GOOOALLLLLL! Wait, maybe not? Kean fires it in from close range and dances away as he celebrates, but he was in an offside position, and the goal won't count.
Á. Di María
N. Fagioli
74' Fagioli also comes off, making way for Di Maria.
Alex Sandro
S. Iling-Junior
74' Iling-Junior's night is over, as he comes off for Sandro.
71' An ambitious shot from Colpani grazes the top of the crossbar, nearly going in.
70' There has been some good play from both sides in the second half, but overall it has been a frustrating 25 minutes, with neither side creating any clear-cut chances.
A. Izzo
M. D'Alessandro
67' D'Alessandro makes way for Izzo.
S. Vignato
M. Valoti
67' Valoti comes off for Vignato.
65' Monza had 67.2 per cent possession over the opening 15 minutes of the second half.
N. Rovella
Yellow Card
62' Rovella is booked for a sliding tackle from behind.
F. Chiesa
M. Soulé
61' Soule also makes way for Chiesa, who receives a huge cheer from the Juve supporters as he runs onto the pitch.
M. Locatelli
F. Miretti
60' It's Juventus' turn to make some changes as Miretti comes off for Locatelli.
V. Antov
Yellow Card
59' Anotv blocks Iling-Junior from dribbling past him, and he's swiftly booked by the referee. He isn't too bothered, though, as he high-fives his teammates for stopping the attack. Juventus' subsequent free-kick from the foul is cleared rather quickly.
Carlos Augusto
A. Carboni
57' Carboni also comes off for Augusto. Ranocchia remains on for now.
N. Rovella
M. Pessina
57' Monza make the first changes of the match, as Pessina makes way for Rovella.
54' Monza are playing with ten at the minute as the medics take a look at Ranocchia's shoulder. It looks like he might be substituted as a precaution.
52' It's getting tense here at the Allianz Stadium, with both sides persistently fouling each other.
49' CLOSE! Kean bounds forward and takes a shot, but Cragno makes himself big at the edge of the box and prevents the ball from landing into the back of the net.
48' Monza win a corner early in the half, and it falls into a cluster of white shirts that try to crowd around the ball. The away team are unable to get a shot off, though, and eventually, it's cleared.
47' Monza had only two touches in the opposition box in the first half, five less than Juventus.
46' We are back underway for the second half!
As it stands, this match will head to extra-time before it goes to penalties to decide who advances to the quarter-finals, a scenario which both teams would likely want to avoid. Expect some attacking play in the second half as both teams search for a possible winner.
It was a bright start for Juventus, and their efforts for their fast attacking play paid off in the eighth minute when Kean headed home a cross from McKennie. Monza struggled to create much after conceding but managed an equaliser in the 24th minute after Valoti attacked a corner that came in from Colpani, heading it into the roof of the net.
45' + 1' Juventus fans whistle at the referee because they want a penalty, but he says play on after Valoti trips Miretti in the box while sliding into a tackle.
45' We're getting one minute of added time before the break.
41' Monza win two corners in quick succession, but nothing comes from either of them.
38' After a good spell for Juventus, Monza win the ball back and venture forward, but they are unable to hang onto it for long.
35' SAVE! Juve are on the attack again, and after some good passing, Soule goes for goal, but his shot is saved.
34' Juventus counter, and it's four against four. Iling-Junior cuts in to give himself space on the left and shoots, but his shot goes just wide.
31' The away team have grown into the game since their goal, and are looking better on the ball, but Juve's 5-3-2 block has been tough for them to bypass.
30' Monza have had 65.7 per cent possession over the last 15 minutes.
28' Monza's goal was their only shot in the game thus far.
A. Colpani
24' It was an impressive corner taken by Colpani, who saw the space and took it quickly.
M. Valoti
24' GOOOOOOOAAAAAL!!!! And we're level from a corner. Valoti sees immediately where the ball is going and attacks it, flicking it with his head into the top of the net before any Juve player can react. Juventus 1-1 Monza.
23' Gatti breezes by on the right and attempts a cross in, but it's caught by Cragno.
18' Monza are attempting to press Juve to win the ball, but it isn't working in their favour, and they are not seeing much of the ball as a result.
15' Juve win a free-kick on the right-hand side, and the ball gets into the box, but Monza manage to clear it away.
14' Another chance for Juventus! It's a long ball, and Kean races to get on the end of it, but Cragno comes out and boots it away, and out for a throw in.
11' Kean scored after just 7:43, the fastest goal in the Coppa Italia (round of 16 onwards) this season.
W. McKennie
8' It's a great ball in by the American, who spotted that Monza's defensive line were not marking Kean as well as they should have.
M. Kean
8' GOOOOALLLLLLLLL!!!! That didn't take long! Juve win the ball back, and perfect cross comes in from McKennie on the right-hand side. It has just enough pace and height on it for Kean to rise above and head it home. Juventus 1-0 Monza.
5' BIG CHANCE FOR JUVE! A cross falls perfectly to Fagioli, but his right-footed shot from inside the box is wide.
5' Juventus string a few good passes together leading up to the final third, but Kean's touch is too heavy, and Monza clear.
2' Juventus start us off with some simple passes around the back. They'll want to avoid the blitz they faced against Napoli at all costs.
1' The referee has blown the whistle, and we are underway!
The teams are out, and we are moments away from kick-off!
Against Napoli, Juventus conceded five goals, a feat that had not happened in a Serie A since 30 May 1993. They'll be hoping to avoid the same fate against today's opponents.
Dany Mota is out due to a muscular injury, which means that Christian Gytkjaer, who scored the winner against Juve in their league match in the fall, takes his spot up top. Summer signing Alessio Cragno also starts ahead of Monza's current number one keeper Michele Di Gregorio.
Allegri has heavily rotated his side today, as expected with youngsters such as Fabio Miretti, Nicolo Fagioli, Matias Soule and English prospect Samuel Iling-Junior all in the starting eleven. Despite a return to training after injuries, neither Dusan Vlahovic and Juan Cuadrado are in the squad.
SUBS: Eugenio Lamanna, Luca Caldirola, Nicolo Rovella, Jose Machín, Andrea Barberis, Stefano Sensi, Carlos Augusto, Andrea Petagna, Warren Bondo, Armando Izzo, Leonardo Colombo, Andrea Ferraris, Samuele Vignato, Patrick Ciurria, Alessandro Sorrentino
MONZA (3-5-1-1): Alessio Cragno; Pablo MarI, Andrea Carboni, Marlon Santos; Marco D'Alessandro, Andrea Colpani, Matteo Pessina, Filippo Ranocchia, Valentin Antov; Mattia Valoti; Christian Gytkjaer
SUBS: Wojciech Szczesny, Gleison Bremer, Manuel Locatelli, Federico Chiesa, Alex Sandro, Arkadiusz Milik, Filip Kostic, Angel Di Maria, Carlo Pinsoglio, Tommaso Barbieri
JUVENTUS (3-5-1-1): Mattia Perin; Daniele Rugani, Federico Gatti, Danilo; Samuel Iling-Junior, Weston McKennie, Leandro Paredes, Nicolo Fagioli, Matias Soule; Fabio Miretti; Moise Kean
Juventus will be hoping that they avoid a repeat of their humbling defeat against Napoli last week. With their chances of winning the Scudetto quite low, they will now turn to the Copa Italia for a chance to win some silverware. Monza won't go out without a fight though. The mid-table team managed to beat Juventus a few months ago when they met in the league, and they'll be up for the task of doing it again.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Coppa Italia fixture between Juventus and Monza at the Allianz Stadium.