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5 - 1
4 - 1
Penalty Goal
3 - 1
2 - 1
M. Talbi
A. Ben Slimane
1 - 1

Match Stats

64% 35%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 2
Total Passes 572 306
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Brazil fans hopeful of a first World Cup title since 2002 couldn't have asked for a better send-off ahead of the tournament, and the Selecao will head into the opening game against Serbia brimming with confidence. Any side would struggle to contain a front three of Raphinha, Richarlison and Neymar, who all proved far too much for Tunisia to handle in this game. The losing side, placed in a tough group alongside Australia, Denmark and France, will need to improve, and quickly, if they're to be within any chance of advancing into the knockouts.
Raphinha will rightly take home the plaudits for his two-goal display, but another exceptional standout for the Selecao was Neymar. He engaged at least two defenders almost every time he got the ball, and as well as scoring his 29th-minute penalty, completed 24 passes in the final third, creating three chances in the process. He was in the thick of it in midfield too, contesting 10 duels and winning three free-kicks, conceding two of the latter himself. Leader.
The full-time whistle goes, and Brazil record a resounding victory in their last game before heading to Qatar! The Selecao played some astonishing football, particularly in the first half, with Raphinha leading the way as they opened up a 4-1 advantage. The second half was a much calmer affair, both in terms of goals and cards, but Pedro's well-timed volley put the gloss on Brazil's 5-1 rout, scoring his first Canarinho goal in just his second cap.
90' + 2' OVER!!! After Danilo fouls Khenissi on the edge of the box, Khazri steps up to take the free-kick, and fires a curling effort beyond Alisson and over the crossbar!
90' + 1' We'll play two minutes of injury time to see out the rest of this game.
H. Mejbri
A. Laïdouni
90' Another change coming for Tunisia, who bring off Laidouni, with Hannibal Mejbri set to play out the rest of the game.
89' WIDE!!! Neymar crosses rather than shooting, and finds Silva on the run at the back post. He heads across goal, but sends his effort wide of the far post!
88' Vinicius attempts to dribble into the area but is stopped short of the 18-yard box by Ghandri's poor challenge. Brazil have a free-kick in prime shooting range for Neymar and anyone else who fancies it.
86' Casemiro has been the shield behind Brazil's swashbuckling attack throughout this game, contributing three clearances and two tackles and interceptions apiece to win the ball 12 times in total, as well as having 78 touches, contesting 10 duels, and setting up Raphinha's outrageous opener. Lynchpin.
84' Valery attempts to come out of defence with the ball, but he's scythed down by Vinicius and wins Tunisia a free-kick.
82' Brazil flood forward at pace and Rodrygo crosses from the right, but a good defensive header from Talbi denies Pedro of another shooting chance!
N. Sliti
M. Dräger
81' Drager comes off in another alteration to the Tunisian defence, and Naim Sliti takes his place at the back.
Y. Valery
A. Ben Slimane
81' Ben Slimane has been one of Tunisia's best in this game, and comes off now for another debutant in the form of Yan Valery.
79' Fred is also off for the side 5-1 ahead, and Rodrygo comes on for him.
78' Marquinhos comes off in Brazil's latest change, and Roger Ibanez will come on to make his debut for the Selecao.
77' SAVED!!! Antony tees up Casemiro, who is arriving late on the edge of the box, and the midfielder's low shot is held by Dahmen at his left post!
76' Khazri dispossesses Danilo before attempting to beat Alisson from distance, but play is brought back for the foul as the substitute's effort dribbles over the touchline.
74' GOOOOAAAALLL!!!! There's the fifth!!!! Vinicius heads from left to right in the box, looking to play a one-two with Antony. The return pass from Vinicius takes a big deflection off Talbi, skewing the ball into the path of Pedro. The substitute finishes superbly, volleying the ball low into the far corner, and making it 5-1 to Brazil in the process!
72' Fred finds Vinicius with time and space in the box, and the Real Madrid wideman stands up his marker before curling a decent effort high and wide of the top corner!
70' Antony crosses low from the right, but a block by Ben Ouanes takes the ball behind for a corner, Brazil's fifth of the match.
68' SAVED!!! Fred finds his Manchester United teammate Antony to his right, who cuts inside and shoots, but the low effort is easily held by Dahmen!
67' Neymar drives forward and attempts to chip over the top for Antony, but the ball is smothered by Dahmen.
Renan Lodi
Alex Telles
65' Telles is next off for Brazil, replaced at left-back by Renan Lodi.
65' That missed effort denies Raphinha a hat-trick, and the winger comes off now for Antony to play the rest of the game.
65' WIDE!!! Brazil counter at pace from the Tunisia corner, and eventually Vinicius sets up Raphinha. He chests the ball down before firing a low shot towards the same corner he scored his second goal in, but the ball flies to the wrong side of the post on this occasion!
64' WIDE!!! From a free-kick 25 yards out, Ben Slimane steps up and smashes a good shot towards goal. It takes a nick off Pedro in the wall, and fizzes just wide of Alisson's right post!
T. Khenissi
Y. Msakni
63' Captain Msakni also comes off for the losing side, with Taha Khenissi replacing him up front.
W. Khazri
G. Chaalali
62' More changes coming for Tunisia, who bring off Chaalali for ex-Sunderland playmaker Wahbi Khazri.
60' BALL IN THE NET!!! Laidouni races down the left and cuts the ball back from the byline for Ben Slimane, who slots the ball beyond Alisson and into the net, but it's ruled out as Laidouni's cross came from outside the field of play!
58' Fred is found on the edge of the box, and looks to fire a shot on goal, but drags his left-footed effort well wide of the target!
57' Vinicius whips a ball towards the back post, but it's punched away by Dahmen before anyone can latch onto the cross!
55' SAVED!!! Telles whips a cross in from the left, and Pedro glances a header towards goal, but the downward effort is stopped and held by Dahmen at his near post!
Y. Msakni
Yellow Card
54' Vinicius cuts the ball back to Casemiro on the edge of the box, but he's caught late by Msakni as he attempts to cross, and the Tunisia captain is booked by the referee.
52' Neymar sticks out a leg attempting to dispossess Msakni, but catches the Tunisia captain late and concedes the free-kick.
50' The half hasn't started with the frenetic pace with which the first ended, but Brazil are firmly on top of this game and have no need to rush things.
48' Danilo tries a throughball for Neymar to run onto, but it's in the gloves of Dahmen before he can pounce!
46' Tunisia get the game back up and running, as the second half kicks off!
N. Ghandri
S. Jaziri
46' Jaziri comes off at half-time for Tunisia, and Nader Ghandri takes his place in the side.
46' Brazil's second goalscorer Richarlison also comes off, replaced up front by young Flamengo forward Pedro.
Vinícius Júnior
Lucas Paquetá
46' Brazil make two half-time changes, the first of which seeing Paqueta come off for Vinicius Junior.
The teams are back on the pitch, and after four goals and a red card in the first-half, let's see what the second can serve up!
It was Raphinha's pitch in the first half, with the Barcelona winger kindly inviting another 21 players to share it with him. He was unplayable, scoring two world-class goals, and setting up another, all from just three entries into the final third. He finished the half with four shots on goal, 10 final-third passes and two crosses. He also helped out in defence, winning the ball via an interception, and also winning a free-kick in his own half. Monstro.
Well, where to start with a half of football as eventful as that one!! Raphinha's stroke of genius saw him open the scoring with an early header, but Tunisia soon equalised through Talbi's equally impressive goal. Richarlison put Brazil back ahead within a minute, before a Neymar penalty put Brazil 3-1 up. Raphinha popped up again to smash in a fourth, and a moment of madness from Bronn saw Tunisia end the half with 10 men. It's been a game high in quality and short in temper, with the frequent clashes between both sets of players no doubt contributing to Bronn's sending off!
45' CHANCE!!! Shaping to shoot from the free-kick, Neymar instead chips the ball to the back post, where Casemiro's header towards the top corner is parried away by Dahmen!
Yellow Card
44' Richarlison is booked also by the referee, presumably for his part in the scuffle that ensued following Bronn's tackle.
D. Bronn
Red Card
42' RED CARD!!! Bronn leaves a late challenge on Neymar after he passes, and the absolutely needless challenge results in another melee and another card. This time however, it's a red one, as the tensions between these two sides finally boil over, and Bronn is sent marching from the field!
40' It was a fantastic lay-off from Richarlison, giving Raphinha time and space to pick his spot. He could've done this by taking a few touches, but alas, only needed the one.
40' GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!! He's got another one!!! Neymar cuts inside and races into the box before finding Richarlison in the centre. He tees up Raphinha to shoot, and he does so from the edge of the box, smashing a low effort off the post and into the opposite corner!! Dahmen no chance, and the man they call "O'Monstro" is having one hell of a first half as he makes it 4-1 to Brazil!
38' Brazil attempt a counter-attack but Raphinha is held up by Talbi, who wrestles the Selecao winger to ground and concedes the free-kick.
37' SAVED!!! A handball by Casemiro grants Tunisia a free-kick right on the edge of Brazil's box, and from the right-hand side, Ben Ouanes goes for goal, but the well-hit, curling shot is punched away by Alisson at his near post!
35' Neymar bursts down the left and takes on Shkiri again, but help arrives in the form of Chaalali and Drager, who win the ball back before Richarlison fouls Shkiri by his own corner flag!
33' Neymar's on the deck after being caught later by Shkiri, but the referee again has to calm tempers between a crowd of shirts both red and blue!
31' Brazil's two-goal cushion will go some way towards subduing Tunisia's fightback. After scoring so soon after the Eagles of Carthage equalised, and then scoring a penalty, Brazil will now have more license to attack freely, despite the threat of Tunisia on the break.
Penalty Goal
29' GOOOOAAALLL!!! Up steps Neymar to calmly stroke the penalty home, and the PSG striker sends Dahmen the wrong way as the ball rolls into the bottom-right corner, putting Brazil 3-1 up!
A. Laïdouni
Yellow Card
27' Neymar will step up, but not before the referee books the perpetrator, Laidouni.
27' PENALTY!!! There's more pushing and shoving as Casemiro hits the deck in the box prior to Brazil's corner, and the referee is quick to point to the spot!!!
27' SAVED!!! Paqueta skilfully brings down a lobbed pass before dragging the ball past Drager. He shoots low from a tight angle, but a good save from Dahmen sees him tip it inches around the far post!
25' After some pushing and shoving in the box prior to the corner, the referee stops play and heads over to the dugouts, appearing to warn both coaches about their respective players' conduct on the field.
23' Tunisia look for success down the left again, and Ben Ouanes floats a cross into the area, but the ball is headed up and over by Marquinhos, landing on top of Alisson's net for a corner!
Yellow Card
21' Neymar leaves a leg on Bronn as he attempts a tackle, and the nasty challenge sparks a melee between the two teams before the PSG forward is booked inside his home stadium!
S. Jaziri
Yellow Card
20' Jaziri was convinced Richarlison was offside, and tells the referee as much, but his dissent goes too far and he's booked by the official.
19' The ball from Raphinha was perfect, beating Tunisia's offside trap and giving Richarlison a glorious chance to beat Dahmen one-on-one!
19' GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!! Right back at you!!!! Almost straight from kick-off, Raphinha puts Richarlison in behind the defence. Dahmen makes himself big, but the Tottenham striker lashes a low shot beneath his reach and into the back of the net!!! 2-1 inside 20 minutes, and what a crazy game we have on our hands here!
A. Ben Slimane
18' That was some ball from Ben Slimane, catching Brazil's defence napping and giving Talbi a glorious chance to head home!
M. Talbi
18' GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! That wasn't in the script. From the free-kick, Ben Slimane smashes a great cross into the area, and the centre-back Talbi rises above the rest to thump in another beauty of a header, that glances past Alisson and nestles in the bottom corner!!! A great header opened the scoring, and another one brings us level, and it's 1-1!
17' Tunisia look to spark an attack up the left, until Danilo flies in on Laidouni and sends the midfielder flying into the air. Rightly a free-kick is given, with the right-back lucky to avoid a card for that!
15' As they did against Ghana, Brazil take an early lead here, and given that they've had the overwhelming majority of the ball, as well as a few half-chances prior to the goal, it could well be a long remaining 75 minutes for Tunisia.
13' Raphinha's belter of a headed goal is his fourth in just 11 appearances for the Selecao. What a start to life as an international football it's been for the ex-Leeds United forward.
11' Casemiro's lofted pass into the danger area was a good one, but not even he would have anticipated Raphinha trying, and scoring, a header as audacious as that!
11' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!! What a header!!! There's nothing much happening for Brazil, until Casemiro's long ball finds Raphinha running into the box. With Dahmen rushing out, the Barcelona winger loops a header over the goalkeeper from the edge of the box, and it's an absolutely sensational effort that flies into the top corner!!!! What a superb piece of skill from the Selecao winger, and Brazil lead 1-0!!
9' BLOCKED!!! Neymar's corner is headed half-clear before Fred's attempted shot bobbles out to Raphinha. He whips a low effort towards goal, but this too is blocked, and Fred smashes the rebound into the back of Talbi!
7' WIDE!!! Neymar puts Paqueta into space in the box, but the West Ham midfielder can only find the side netting with his left-footed shot!
6' Neymar finds Paqueta running down the byline, but his attempted cut back is blocked by Bronn and Tunisia clear!
4' Tunisia break and the ball comes wide to Ben Ouanes down the left. His cross into the box is headed away as far as Shkiri, who shanks a volley well wide of the target!
2' Some one-touch passing from Brazil culminates in Fred attempting to play in Richarlison, but it's a poor final ball and rolls through to Dahmen.
1' Richarlison kicks off for Brazil, and we're underway in Paris!
The two sides are on the pitch, and following the respective national anthems, we'll be ready to go at the Parc des Princes!
Taha Khenissi’s second-half goal edged Tunisia past the Comoros in their last outing, but the 30-year-old forward can only make the bench for this game, with head coach Jalel Kadri, playing a front three of Anis Ben Slimane, Seifeddine Jaziri and captain Youssef Msakni.
Marquinhos’ bullet header sent Brazil on their way to victory over Ghana, with Richarlison adding a first-half brace to put Brazil in a commanding lead. Both start again for the Selecao in this game, with Richarlison flanked by Raphinha and Neymar in attack.
TUNISIA SUBS: Sedki Debchi, Bechir Ben Said, Bilel Ifa, Nader Ghandri, Saif-Eddine Khaoui, Wahbi Khazri, Taha Khenissi, Ali Maaloul, Ferjani Sassi, Hannibal Mejbri, Omar Rekik, Rami Kaib, Chaim El Djebali, Issam Jebali, Sayfallah Ltaief.
TUNISIA (4-3-3): Aymen Dahmen; Mohamed Drager, Montassar Talbi, Dylan Bronn, Mortadha Ben Ouanes; Ellyes Shkiri, Ghilane Chaalali, Aissa Laidouni; Anis Ben Slimane, Seifeddine Jaziri, Youssef Msakni.
BRAZIL SUBS: Weverton, Ederson, Everton Ribiero, Roger Ibanez, Eder Militao, Fabinho, Renan Lodi, Antony, Vinicius Junior, Matheus Cunha, Bremer, Roberto Firmino, Pedro, Rodrygo.
BRAZIL (4-2-3-1): Alisson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Telles; Casemiro, Fred; Raphinha, Lucas Paqueta, Neymar; Richarlison.
Having qualified for a second successive World Cup finals, Tunisia are also playing their final match before the tournament begins. They’re also on a winning streak, of three matches, and the Eagles of Carthage haven’t lost in seven since being knocked out of the Africa Cup of Nations by Burkina Faso in the last eight.
Ahead of their final match before heading to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, Brazil have won their last six matches in a row and are 14 unbeaten since 2021. After beating Ghana 3-0 in Le Havre, they’ll be looking to close out their tournament preparations with another big win in the French capital.
Hello, and welcome to live coverage of this international friendly, as Brazil face Tunisia in Paris.